2 Bedroom Apartment Cleaning Product Prices and Deep Cleaning Costs

$215 to have it professionally deep cleaned

Where do you need
the cleaning work done?


Budget 2 Bedroom Apartment Cleaning Product


1 Gal. Natural Orange Heavy-Duty Cleaner/Degreaser

Rating: 5 (6 reviews)


Trewax Natural Orange is the perfect heavy-duty cleaner and degreaser. Using the natural grease cutting power of citrus, Natural Orange makes even the toughest cleaning jobs a breeze. It has a superior grease cutting power.

Best Value 2 Bedroom Apartment Cleaning Product


55 Gal. Eucalyptus Odor Eliminator and Disinfectant Multi-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate



Kill germs and freshen the air with the OdoBan 55 Gal. Eucalyptus Multi-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate. This cleaning solution neutralizes and gets rid of bad odors from your home, while leaving a fresh scent. It makes up to 1760 Gal. and is safe to use on any porous or non-porous surface.

High End 2 Bedroom Apartment Cleaning Product


1 Gal. Jug Organic All-Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser (at 50% Concentrate) (48-Pack)



MC-10 1 Gal. is an organic cleaner and degreaser for the removal of food and mechanical grease. Cleans all surfaces and laundry. No petrochemicals, no toxins and no citrus.

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