Metal Roof Prices and Installation Costs

$1292 to purchase a new metal roof and $5500 to have it professionally installed

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Best Value Metal Roof


CV1 Classic Rib 3 ft. Foam Ridge Vent


The CV1 ridge vent is a patented single piece screened foam closure that allows hot air to circulate from the inside of your building out through the ridge cap, keeping your metal building ventilated and free of damaging condensation. Even small amounts of condensation can substantially reduce the R value of the insulation, creating faster heat loss into the attic space and eventually leading to mold, mildew, rot, ice damming, and loss of energy efficiency. CV1 is an affordable, easy to install, self-cleaning, totally concealed option to safely vent the hot air from your metal building. It provides a continuous line of ventilation down the entire ridge line. When used in conjunction with intake or soffit vents, air moves outward through the screened closure, allowing fresh air to flow while blocking debris. It is die cut to perfectly fit the classic rib panel profile and is a safe and affordable ventilation choice for higher pitched roofs.

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