Point Of Use Water Heater Prices and Repair Costs in Katy, TX

$180 to purchase a new point of use water heater and $90 to have it professionally repaired

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Budget Point Of Use Water Heater


7 kW Real-Time Modulating 1.5 GPM Electric Tankless Water Heater

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The IHeat S-7 electric tankless water heater is the perfect product for point of use applications. The S-7 has been manufactured in to handle 2 hand sinks in the warmer climates. FL, GA, TX, LA and AZ. Its small enough to be installed underneath a kitchen sink, or bathroom vanity, and since its electric you do not need to install costly exhaust pipes. The M series comes equipped with a digital display allowing you to choose a range of temperatures from 80 degree F to 140 degree F, (DOE recommends setting heaters at 120 degree F).

Best Value Point Of Use Water Heater


202 4.0 GPM 85,000 BTU Propane Gas Portable Tankless Water Heater


EZ Tankless

The EZ 202 is a portable propane powered tankless water heater that allows for quick and easy hot water anywhere. With its ability to heat a continuous water flow, RV and camp site users rave about the ability to take shower, after shower, after shower. No longer will RVers be plagued by the short shower times permitted when using a small tank type water heater. Featuring easy to use dials on the front of the heater, most users can have the unit up and running in less than 15 minutes. This unit is designed for outdoor installations, but if installed indoors, it must be installed in a room containing at least 4000 cu. ft. of combustion air. When installed outdoors a vent pipe is not needed nor required unless otherwise specified by local codes.

High End Point Of Use Water Heater


Tempra 20 Plus 19.2 kW 2.91 GPM Whole House Tankless Electric Water Heater



Stiebel Eltron

Stiebel Eltron developed tankless electric water heating technology 90 years ago and continues as the industry pioneer and world leader. Our engineering and manufacturing tradition of excellence means you can depend on the performance and reliability of our products. Our Tempra models are whole house tankless electric water heaters, never wasting energy storing hot water, but delivering it as you need it, for as long as you need it. The compact design needs no venting, allowing installation close to your draw off points, making your wait for hot water as short as possible and maximizing your energy savings. Tempra tankless water heaters are sized based on the number of bathrooms and your climate. Refer to the Tempra Sizing Guide under More Views to determine which model you need. Call Stiebel Eltron at 800.582.8423 if you have high flow showers, or any sizing questions. Tempra water heaters supply water at a constant temperature from 86 to 140 degrees F that is settable on the front panel. We recommend setting the actual highest temperature you use, typically 107 degrees for a shower. Tempra Plus models incorporate an Advanced Flow Control that automatically reduces flow to deliver water at the set point if demand exceeds capacity. Regular Tempra models do not have this feature and should be considered if this is not of concern. Tempra 20 models provide hot water for 1 or 2 bathrooms in warm climates, or 1 bathroom in cool climates.

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