Whole House Fan Prices and Installation Costs

$799 to purchase a new whole house fan and $358 to have it professionally installed

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Energy Saver ES-1500 Advanced Direct Drive Whole House Fan with Dampers




The QuietCool brand of whole house fans has taken America by storm. The QC ES-1500 advanced whole house fan is a new take on the idea of whole house ventilation. Whole house ventilation allows you to bring the cooler outdoor air through your windows, home and attic space to thoroughly cool and ventilate both the home and attic. The process of thoroughly cooling the home and attic is called thermal mass cooling. This is what allows your home to stay cooler the next day and resist heating up as much as it would if you only ran the AC to cool the home. QuietCool uses a unique, patented design that uses an acoustical duct attached to an R5 damper box. The result is almost zero noise vibration and whisper quiet operation. As well, the QC ES-1500 uses the innovative ECM energy saver motor that uses hardly any power while moving extreme amounts of air. With the QuietCool QC ES-1500 installed in your bedroom, gone are the days of tossing and turning all night long due to the heat. Simply open a window, flip on the QuietCool and enjoy a peaceful and cool night of sleep. Better yet, QuietCool is proudly designed with a 98% customer satisfaction.

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