Queen Creek AZ Demolition Costs

Over 121 local demolition with cost data available.

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Trash Out And Landscaping  Cover Photo
Trash out home and landscaping. Deep clean not included.
Project Cost: $1503
Junk Removal Cover Photo
Hauling away two piles of debris and junk.
Project Cost: $156
Remove Office Wall Cover Photo
We would like for a wall to be removed in our office that ajoins our 1 car garage. We would like a wall put u
Project Cost: $2375
Patio Reclaim Cover Photo
Covered patio reclaim Want to fully remove two walls, raise patio pad to interior level, remove stucco and re
Project Cost: $5750
Haul Concrete Cover Photo
Quite a pile of old concrete cool decking hauled awa
Project Cost: N/A
Reverse Osmosis Installation Cover Photo
Reverse osmosis installation
Project Cost: $223
Remodel Cover Photo
Requesting a quote for general contractor
Project Cost: N/A
Hauling Heavy Items Away Cover Photo
We need 8 old school monitors, a few modems and printers removed with 8 pieces oak furniture removed from a lo
Project Cost: $350
Leak Repair  Cover Photo
Leak repair. Had a water leak over a window, and all the drywall has been torn out along with some of the wood
Project Cost: $2660
need Stone Removed Cover Photo
I have about 4 ton of small stone in my yard. I would like it removed and hauled away. I believe this is quart
Project Cost: $675
Chicken Coops Cleaned Cover Photo
Need Chicken Coops Cleaned Just bought a new house and the previous owners has chickens and left the coops
Project Cost: $628
Remove 600 sq ft of Concrete Cover Photo
Project Cost: $1650
I Need Trash Hauled off From a Remodel Cover Photo
I need some trash hauled from 2 bathroom remodels. Thanks
Project Cost: $350
Need Someone To Haul Away Large TV Cover Photo
Need Someone to Haul Away Large TV To: Household Hazardous Waste Facility. Need 2 people and a truc
Project Cost: $105
Install Backsplash Cover Photo
Project Cost: $32
Hot Tub Removed Cover Photo
In ground hot tub an pump control removal and take away as well as remove all appendage
Project Cost: $537
Living Room Cover Photo
living room. looking to install new flooring and paint. had a flood. pulled carpet and padding so far. See
Project Cost: $1599
Junk Removal Cover Photo
I need estimates for removing two sheds in the backyard
Project Cost: $370
Popcorn Ceiling Cover Photo
popcorn ceiling remova Living room and dining area
Project Cost: $507
Electrician Cover Photo
hanging light replacement,install new smoke detectors,tweak new toilets from running,Acoustic Ceiling
Project Cost: N/A
Demolition Cover Photo
Removing a wall between a dining room and kitchen with some electrical wiring that may at points be load beari
Project Cost: N/A
Need Junk Removed Cover Photo
Have trampoline, old pool, 2 mattresses, assorted wood and junk material. No concrete. Also would like back
Project Cost: $237
Remove Brackets And Lights In Our Condo Cover Photo
Hi! We're looking for someone to remove brackets and lights in our condo and replace it with track lighting
Project Cost: $322
Need Tile Hauled Off Cover Photo
I need about 400 square ft of tile, baseboards and some wood hauled off from a demo we did off greenfield and
Project Cost: N/A
Build A Wall Cover Photo
Building a wall about ten feet long 8 ft high. Seperate living area to make an office.
Project Cost: $935
Haul Away Dirt Cover Photo
I am looking for some one to haul away 8 wheelbarrow of dirt away. And a wheelbarrow full of broken concrete.
Project Cost: $175
Frosted Door Cover Photo
Replacing this door with a glass frosted door which will need to be purchased.
Project Cost: $425
General Contractor Cover Photo
Need a load bearing beam install in attic and ceiling drywal replacement.
Project Cost: N/A
Yard Clean up Cover Photo
Need Yard Clean up Need yard cleaned up. Grass cut. Weeds pulled. Trees trimmed. All hauled away. Plus some
Project Cost: $466
Haul Away Stuff Cover Photo
I need some odds and ends hauled away. 1 king bed 1 full size couch coffee table etc.
Project Cost: $135
Trash Hauling yard Cleaning Needed Cover Photo
Need A large pile of trash hauled away, as well as some light cleanup of green debris and other trash odds
Project Cost: N/A
Dirt gravel rock Removal Cover Photo
Got a large pile of gravel I need gone. It's mostly pink coral gravel with a lot of dirt and rock mixed in.
Project Cost: $250
Hauling Service Needed Cover Photo
Looking for someone to haul off concrete trash and cinder blocks
Project Cost: N/A
tree Limbs Hauled Off  Already cut And in a Pile Cover Photo
We cut a tree down and have a pile of limbs that need to be hauled off, the pile is about 7'x3' and 2 foot dee
Project Cost: N/A
tree Debris Haul Away Cover Photo
We cut our tree yesterday and want someone to haul away the branches. Contact me with your price. It will ne
Project Cost: N/A
Need A Fit Fellow To Move Cover Photo
I have a full storage unit I need to empty out so I can cancel my storage lease. I'm renting a U-Haul and
Project Cost: $100
Need Dirt Removed From Yard and Hauled Away Cover Photo
I have a few areas in my yard that need dirt removed and ground leveled. I need this done ASAP this weekend ev
Project Cost: $330
Dirt Removal Cover Photo
Haul away a yard and half of dirt that is in the back yard in a pile. Probably 30 yards from pile to street as
Project Cost: N/A
I Need Some Trash Hauled Away Today Cover Photo
I have some garbage along with some scrap metal I need hauled away today. Please let me know what your
Project Cost: $200
Hauling Services Cover Photo
I have some left over scrap I need removed from my garage. It is a pile of baseboards, drywall, cardboard,
Project Cost: $95
Carpet Haul Away Cover Photo
I have 1000 sqft of carpet and padding I need hauled away. Please quote. I will be removing it sometime in
Project Cost: $306
Home Project Cover Photo
Project Cost: N/A
Remodel Crew Cover Photo
Need a remodel crew to start tomorrow on a my rehab residential home please have tools and experience please
Project Cost: $60
Junk Removal Needed Cover Photo
I need one full size pickup's worth of junk removed on Thursday morning at 9am. It is all in my garage so
Project Cost: $239
Sofa Cover Photo
Haul away sof
Project Cost: $150
Remodel Cover Photo
Project Cost: $6000
Need new Shower Floor plumbing Cover Photo
I need a 3x5 old cement shower floor removed "jack hammered out," need p trap drain redone and attatched to
Project Cost: $500
Remove Wall Cover Photo
remove 3 pony walls in commercial office space
Project Cost: N/A
Patio Support  Cover Photo
Back patio cross beam and support beams replacement (support posts). The support posts are 4x6 (4ft) and the
Project Cost: $484
Remove Rocks From Front Yard Cover Photo
I need someone to remove and haul away the 3/4" rocks and black plastic between the fence and the road. See
Project Cost: N/A
General Contractor Cover Photo
home addition
Project Cost: N/A
Need A Realiable Persons To Mow And Clean Debris Cover Photo
Have a small front and back yard can usually do it myself in less then one hour mowing, edging, clean up. May
Project Cost: N/A
Haul Away Dirt Piles Cover Photo
Need 2 dirt piles hauled away from my front yard. You can back up a pickup truck right next to the piles of di
Project Cost: $70
Trash Pick Up Haul Away Cover Photo
Project Cost: $175
Restoration Cover Photo
handyman. kitchen plumbing. bathroom plumbing. light fixture installation. Dry wall patchin
Project Cost: $3366
Over 100 Tires to be Removed Cover Photo
200 tires off my property..... Hope to find someone who knows how and where to get rid of these.
Project Cost: $800
Truck Needed To Haul Drywall For Art Show Installation  Cover Photo
I'm in need of someone with a truck to help pick up drywall from Home Depot & haul it away after the show
Project Cost: $216
Small Dump Run trash Haul Away Cover Photo
Looking for somebody who can haul some misc trash from my house. Its mostly cardboard, but does have some hous
Project Cost: $130
Looking for Someone to Haul Away Yard Clippings Cover Photo
Looking to pay someone to haul away yard clippings - shrub cuttings etc from front yard right near road.
Project Cost: $125
Furniture Mover Cover Photo
I have some furniture and a little trash I need moved to a dumpster that's on site. I injured myself so I can'
Project Cost: $125
Yard Waste Haul Away Cover Photo
I trimmed a tree in my yard this weekend and now I need the branches gone. See pics attached for details.
Project Cost: $110
Old Concrete Haul Away Clean Up Cover Photo
We have a small pile of concrete debris from a stone chimney facade that needs to be hauled off. It's recycla
Project Cost: $300
Home Upgrades Remodel Additions Cover Photo
Home Upgrades Remodel Additions Needed Looking for someone to do upgrades, additions, remodel, etc. For new
Project Cost: $5500
Junk Clean up Cover Photo
I'm looking to get some trash cleaned up on my side yards. Large items include water heater, broken down
Project Cost: $695
Remodel Cover Photo
looking for someone to help remodel a restaurant. currently has a walk way into the restroom, looking to turn
Project Cost: $5000
Room Addition - Must Be Licenced Cover Photo
I am looking for a licenced building contractor that does to code, room additions and has reffereals. You
Project Cost: $5000
Hauling Services Cover Photo
HI have a large stack of boxes I need hauled away. Most are in good condition and sellable. Willing to pay
Project Cost: $135
Looking FOR Plumbing  Gas  Electrical Specialist  Cover Photo
Project Cost: $100
Install Ceiling Beams Cover Photo
faux ceiling beams installed
Project Cost: N/A
Truck Full of Stuff Hauled Away by Tonight Cover Photo
Need Truck Full of Stuff Hauled Away by Tonight I have a truck load or so- pile of branches and some
Project Cost: $135
Investor Needs Specialist in Board Formed Architectural Concrete Walls Cover Photo
High volume real estate investor looking for someone long term that specializes in interior Board Formed
Project Cost: $3500
Haul Away Drywall and Insulation Cover Photo
I have a small load that I need taken to the dump asap. Its drywall and insulation so you'll need a truck or
Project Cost: $200
Need Trash Removed Cover Photo
Project Cost: $233
Home Project Cover Photo
I cut down a large ficus tree. I need to have the tree trimmings hauled away. You can back right up to the
Project Cost: $175
Hauling Cardboard Cover Photo
Cardboard (recycling) need remove
Project Cost: N/A
Wanted Hauler Cover Photo
I have a full size mattress that needs hauled away. Taking offers
Project Cost: $85
Remodel Retail Space Cover Photo
I am remodeling a retail space. The space needs the floor plan reconfigured. Must be able to do drywall, door
Project Cost: $6000
Hauling Dirt And Gravel Cover Photo
Hello, looking to have dirt and old land scaping rock hauled away, approximate around 2 to 3 tons, would like
Project Cost: N/A
Haul Various Items Cover Photo
I have various items, mostly junk wood, shelving, totes, cinder blocks and tree trimmings and maybe some weeds
Project Cost: $125
Yard Cleaning Cover Photo
Looking for someone to raked up and hauled away front and back yard , It's a typical 1/4 acre land
Project Cost: $206
Home Project Cover Photo
Signage for reception area. Logo. Referred by "Lash". Requesting a quote for signag
Project Cost: N/A
Install Gas line for new gas range Cover Photo
gas line - Installing gas stove where there was an electric cooktop. There is a gas line outside within 12'
Project Cost: N/A
Fence Removed Cover Photo
gate removal Removal of fence, Remove white metal fence from around pool and haul away
Project Cost: $35
Home Project Cover Photo
Removal of remodeling debris and disassembly and removal of 2 100sf metal sheds
Project Cost: $1100
Renovation Debris Haul-away Cover Photo
Renovation Debris to haul away. Contents: 1 Waste management Bagster 30 cardboard flooring boxes - broken
Project Cost: $250
Junk Removal Cover Photo
Need someone that can remove the following items and haul away: -Small entertainment center (see pic) -Old
Project Cost: $181
I Need a Rock dirt Pile Moved This Morning Cover Photo
A fairly small mixed rock and dirt pile I need moved this morning. Must have your own wheelbarrow and shovel.
Project Cost: $140
C Pereira Wall Project Cover Photo
Put down a wall between my kitchen and dining room.
Project Cost: $1300
Removal Of Load Bearing Wall Cover Photo
Removal of load bearing wall. No demo or painting needed. No floor repair needed.
Project Cost: N/A
Rock Removel Needed Fast Cover Photo
Hello, I need this rock removed quickly. You must have the ability to haul it away. The color is Madison
Project Cost: $506
Renovation Cover Photo
Need separate break-up for each of the following: 1. For wood flooring: Total area - 11x18 sq ft family roo
Project Cost: $18201
Home Cover Photo
Touch up painting inside the house: utility room, pantry, bathrooms x2, as well as baseboard in garage. Need s
Project Cost: $478
Remove Popcorn Ceiling Cover Photo
I need to remove popcorn ceiling and repainted house 2 rooms must've
Project Cost: $644
Bedroom Project - Per Hour Cover Photo
Project Cost: $950
Home Remodeling Cover Photo
Taking out a wall between my kitchen and living room and moving my laundry from the garage to inside the
Project Cost: $2925
Interior Paint Cover Photo
Paint buckets haul off
Project Cost: N/A
Hauling Service Cover Photo
Requesting a quote for debris removal
Project Cost: N/A
Install Wine Room Cover Photo
Looking to do a glass enclosed wine storage unit in living room. 13' wide, 10' high, 1.5' deep? Backs to soli
Project Cost: $3000
General Contractor Cover Photo
center load bearing post removal on patio
Project Cost: N/A
Muddling Walls Cover Photo
Muddling floating walls Roughly 2100 sq ft
Project Cost: $4500
Haul Away Asap Cover Photo
In Need of a Haul Away Asap I need to have some stuff hauled away to the dump. 3 doors 2 large boxes 1 roll
Project Cost: $467
Need 3 NEW Posts And A NEW Beam For Patio Cover Cover Photo
Project Cost: $2500
Landscaping Cover Photo
French drain installed in backyard
Project Cost: N/A
Branch Haul Away Cover Photo
I need some to hauled away the branche
Project Cost: N/A
Hauling Service Cover Photo
Requesting a quote for hauling servicesremove sand/dirt from curb and street at 80 s 225th Ave. Buckeye Az 853
Project Cost: N/A
Cut Down And Haul Away 3 Tall Palm Trees Cover Photo
Cut Down and Haul Away 3 Tall Palm Trees Looking for someone to cut down 3 tall palm trees for a good price.
Project Cost: $925
Leaf Removal Cover Photo
Weed Trimming and Haul Away $60 to cut and rake up all the weeds on the property. Monsoons left a lot of
Project Cost: $183
Haul Away Tree Trimmings - Quick Cash Job... <Br/> Cover Photo
Haul away tree trimmings - Quick cash job...
I have a small amount of tree trimmings I need hauled
Project Cost: $126
Dirt Hauling Cover Photo
we need a pile of dirt hauled
Project Cost: N/A
Pantry Installation  Cover Photo
I'm looking for some quotes on removing the door from my kitchen to my back patio and installing a pantry in i
Project Cost: $1150
Home Project Cover Photo
Project Cost: N/A
Tree Branch Removal Cover Photo
I trimmed about 5-6 mesquite trees. I need someone with a trailer to gather up the branches and haul them away
Project Cost: $25
Hauling Service Cover Photo
Requesting a quote for hauling services
Project Cost: N/A
Need Recycling Hauled Away Cover Photo
I have quite a few bags of recycling. It is glass, cans, cardboard, etc. The only place I know that recycles a
Project Cost: $50
Ledgstone Wall Cover Photo
Floor to Ceiling Ledgstone Install surrounding fireplace and cabinetry. Natural Stone, Split-Faced, 6"x25"
Project Cost: $450
electrician   Drywall - Handyman Cover Photo
Need someone moving an outlet and dry walling the old location. - pulling tv wires behind drywall. Tv already
Project Cost: N/A
Home Project Cover Photo
Project Cost: N/A
Dirt And Rock Hauling Cover Photo
I have a large pile of dirt and rock that I am needing hauled away. We put in an above ground pool and have pr
Project Cost: $195
Set Up Cover Photo
set up on the electric and plumbing and tie downs
Project Cost: N/A
Seeking Repairman Cover Photo
Seeking handyman to do minor repairs which include: Initial job consist of installing 2 door knobs and 2
Project Cost: $107
Living Room Expansion  Cover Photo
Living room expansion, will require knocking down exterior wall and building out. Goal is to have larger
Project Cost: $17914
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