Beach Boulevard CA Appliance Installation Costs

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Plumbing Cover Photo
main shut off valve under kitchen sink continues to drip even when shut off. may just need to be tightened
Project Cost: $107
3/4 Bathroom Addition Cover Photo
3/4 bathroom addition approx 150sq. Ft Looking to install all new flooring, tile, vanity, area is around 150
Project Cost: $11645
Bath Faucet Repair  Cover Photo
I need a handyman to turn off my bathtub faucet. It must be an "O" rubber ring problem or to replace a new
Project Cost: $75
Roof Cover Photo
Snake drain on roof. We rented one and did a few years ago on our own but would like to see if a professional
Project Cost: $129
Carpenter Cabinet Work Cover Photo
Carpenter Cabinet Work I need an expert cabinet installer for a remodle job pro,s only please,must have
Project Cost: N/A
Handyman Cover Photo
Home needs 12 wooden steps leveled or replaced
Project Cost: $558
Toilet Leak Cover Photo
Toilet upstairs is leaking into the kitchen
Project Cost: $181
Kitchen And Bathroom Repair Cover Photo
We have a house we just sold and need a fix it person who can fix and replace a few valves under a kitchen and
Project Cost: $200
Licensed Plumber Needed Asap  Cover Photo
Licensed Plumber Needed Asap Licensed Plumber Needed Asap Plumber with License needed To install pipes
Project Cost: $100
Plumbing Cover Photo
Plumber Needed Snake Washer Line Plus Clogged Drain in Bathroom Please text with best quote, can be done
Project Cost: $166
Eplace Cast Iron With ABS Under House Cover Photo
I need a experienced plumber to replace all cast iron with abs. i can smell sewer gas Must have your own truck
Project Cost: $800
Need Help Installing Holiday Lighting Cover Photo
Need Help Installing Holiday Lighting Looking for help installing Holiday Lighting in Yorba Linda, Irvine and
Project Cost: $125
Repair Armoire Door  Cover Photo
Repair Armoire Door I need an armoire door repaired. The hinge has dislodged and needs to be repaired or
Project Cost: $106
Plumbing - Replace Cast Iron and Clay Drain Cover Photo
Plumbing - Replace Cast Iron and Clay Drain I need a experienced plumber to replace a section of main drain
Project Cost: $1593
Need Haulers for Bookshelves Cover Photo
Need some people (2-3 ppl) to haul away 6 big bookshelves to another location. Preferably someone with a big
Project Cost: $220
Move Furniture Cover Photo
Rearranging furniture in same bedroom. 1. Dresser 1 queen bed 2 night stand
Project Cost: $150
Unclog Bathtub Drain Cover Photo
Need to unclog drain of bathtub in upstairs bathroom
Project Cost: $267
Handyman Cover Photo
Hello I need handyman to help assist with installing shelves and other misc items please contact me Vik
Project Cost: $185
Security Gate Door Installation Cover Photo
I Need Door Installed I have a security gate that needs to be installed on front door & lock set as well.
Project Cost: $75
A Plumber Cover Photo
Project Cost: $142
A Plumber Cover Photo
Project Cost: $90
Stone Veneer Wall Repair  Cover Photo
Stone Veneer Wall Repair I have a stone veneer wall on top of stucco where a section (~3ft x 3ft) became
Project Cost: $525
Need A Leaky Valve Fixed Cover Photo
Need a Leaky Valve Fixed Hello. The water from my dishwasher has been leaking (gushing out) during a cycle
Project Cost: $160
Plumbing Cover Photo
Project Cost: $141
Plumber Cover Photo
Project Cost: $130
Plumber   Handyman fix Broken Floor Flange Cover Photo
In the process of taking the toilet off the floor it was evident that the floor flange is broken. This is a
Project Cost: $365
Replacing Grass With Cement Cover Photo
Replacing grass with cement. 20x20.
Project Cost: $3205
Fix Cracked Pipe In Drywall  Cover Photo
Need an experienced plumber to replace a crack in the plumbing in an upstairs bathroom. Locate the leak by op
Project Cost: $370
Handyman Cover Photo
The baseboard next to a shower needs repairing & the cause addressed
Project Cost: $147
Install Toilets Cover Photo
I need three new toilets installed in my home.
Project Cost: $279
Need Handyman W/ Electrician Experience Cover Photo
Need Handyman w Electrician Experience I'm looking for a handyman(or handywoman) to hang my professional
Project Cost: $435
Main Line Cover Photo
Main line snake/cleaning.
Project Cost: $123
Double Vanity Install Cover Photo
I have an 81'' space in my bathroom to fill with a vanity. This is a pretty non-standard size for pref
Project Cost: $783
Tankless Water Heater Install Cover Photo
Removing a water heater that's located in my kitchen and replacing it with a outdoor tankless water heater, in
Project Cost: $1500
Pipes Unclogged Cover Photo
Sewer Snake to Street Hi, Need a Sewer Snaking service to keep my pipes unclogged. Have had some tree roots
Project Cost: $138
Two Wall Removal To Kitchen Cover Photo
two wall removal or one wall removal and one opening to kitche
Project Cost: $9457
Hourly Handyman Cover Photo
Handyman: Touch up paint, install TP holder, hang pictures, move furniture, build IKEA cabinet
Project Cost: $300
Remove Rock Facade Cover Photo
Removal of interior rock facade including disposal of waste material. Please see pictures
Project Cost: $1205
Removal Of Rock Facade Cover Photo
Removal of interior rock facade including disposal of waste. Please see pictures
Project Cost: $5500
Plumber Cover Photo
Plumber Needed I am looking for a plumber to look at leak that might be coming from the shower.
Project Cost: $291
Handyman -plumber  Need to Finish Laundry Water Supply Lines Cover Photo
need to finish installing hot and cold water lines we'll supply copper pipe and fittings water lines need
Project Cost: $1200
Toilet Cover Photo
Toilet repair needed. looking for a good plumbe
Project Cost: $140
Install New Sink And Faucet In Kitchen. Cover Photo
install new sink and faucet in kitchen
Project Cost: $340
Minor Plumbing Jobs Cover Photo
Plumber or Handyman Needed for Minor Plumbing Jobs bathtub water valve leaking and need new stems kitchen
Project Cost: $425
Replace Door And Frame Cover Photo
Remove screen door and door with door frame. Install with new door and frame. Install security door. Install a
Project Cost: $350
Replace Tub Spouts And Fix Drain Cover Photo
I would like to have 2 tub spouts with diverters replaced and also the chrome piece for the tub drain, may als
Project Cost: $655
Shower Pressure Cover Photo
Plumbing. Low shower water pressure. Water pressure in shower is low, only output in the house with bad water
Project Cost: $106
Tasks Around House Doors, Gutters, Etc Cover Photo
Looking for a handyman who can do some minor repairs around the house - (e.g. repair a door, gutters).
Project Cost: $268
Shower Remodel Cover Photo
An existing shower needs a make over to enlarge and update it
Project Cost: $3363
Handyman Cover Photo
A front door needs to be repaired
Project Cost: $314
Plumber Licensed Needed Cover Photo
Plumber Licenced need a plumber to finish a plumbing job move the drain also to fix new repipe leak in
Project Cost: $7000
Downey to Whittier - Move 5ft Chandelier - Haul move Cover Photo
I have a light fixture in Downey that needs to come to Whittier. This will require a van. A pickup truck may w
Project Cost: $87
Remodel Cover Photo
Project Cost: $2277
Valve & Union Install Cover Photo
Need valve & union installed for water fountain
Project Cost: $278
Need Someone With Truck  Cover Photo
Looking for someone to help pick up and deliver couch from locations
Project Cost: $158
Gas Line Extention Cover Photo
Gas line extention for our stove. We have gas running behind our guesthouse, but it only goes to an old gas he
Project Cost: $285
Wood/Nails Cover Photo
Pulling nails out of wood and stack. The wood is 2x6 ranging in lengths from 3 to 20 feet. Approximately 900 s
Project Cost: $300
Room Addition Cover Photo
Room addition
Project Cost: $15885
Room Addition Cover Photo
Room addition
Project Cost: $31108
Room Add On Cover Photo
Add on , about 20x20 addition to home. Adding family room leading out to back yard. Relocating electrical pan
Project Cost: $34215
I Need Hydro Jet  Plumber Cover Photo
I need hydro jet the drain asap
Project Cost: $650
Plumber Cover Photo
Project Cost: $255
Plumber Cover Photo
Project Cost: $210
Replace Valve On Copper Fountain Wanted Cover Photo
I am looking for a copper craftsman to come replace the valve on this copper fountain. It's a simple job for t
Project Cost: $180
A/C Installation Cover Photo
A/C installation For a 1,200 sq ft home. Existing system is heat only.
Project Cost: $4631
Adjustable Bed Repair Cover Photo
My adjsstedustable bed just stopped. It was raised I put it down won't come up. dead!!! Can you help
Project Cost: $95
Home Remodel Cover Photo
Tile. Granite. Electrical plumbing remodel bathroom 1500 square feet of tile with new base boards. 100 squa
Project Cost: $48000
Need Windows Installed And Handles Put On Cabinets Cover Photo
need windows installed in bedroom(no window currently there, just a wall) and another window with frame
Project Cost: $200
Tile Installer to Remove Thin set Cover Photo
I have the tile floor removed and I am looking for someone to remove the thin set from the cement floor. The
Project Cost: $312
Toliet Repair Cover Photo
Leaky toilet... Water is coming from the bottom of toilet where I'm pointing at
Project Cost: $134
Plumbing Work Cover Photo
Need to replace 2 toilets and 1 garbage disposer and fix soap dispenser (it wiggles). Please let me know your
Project Cost: $316
Faucet Install Cover Photo
Install 2 faucets in bathroom
Project Cost: $1035
Waste Water Basement Removal  Cover Photo
Project Cost: $25543
New Construction Rough In Cover Photo
Plumber for new construction room addition with city code inspection experienc
Project Cost: $50
Plumber To Raise Water Heater Cover Photo
Looking for a Plumber to give a quote. Basically raise our water heater up about 3feet from the ground level
Project Cost: $560
Jacuzzi Installation  Cover Photo
Looking for an electrician with experience installing an Electric Jacuzzi You must have experience with Jacuz
Project Cost: $800
Handyman Plumbing Paint Clean-Up Tile  Cover Photo
Handyman Plumbing Paint Clean-up Tile Looking for a handyman or someone that has experience with
Project Cost: $16
Ceiling Repair Cover Photo
I changed out a 4 ft by 8 ft piece of plywood in my master bedroom and now there is a ripple in my freshly pai
Project Cost: $5583
Plumber Needed Cover Photo
Property Management Company hiring a plumber with a snake.
Project Cost: $69
Repair on Gas Pipe Leak Cover Photo
Repair needed on gas pipe leak under house, place bid.
Project Cost: $333
Installation Of  Water Line To The Refrigerator Cover Photo
Looking for someone in setting up ice and water lines for refrigerators. Bought a fridge with free installatio
Project Cost: $305
Quick Hole Patch Cover Photo
Got a few holes in wall, baseball six and then a basketball size that need repair ASAP. Must have all supplies
Project Cost: $210
Stucco Around Electric Panel Cover Photo
I had to replace my panel, and need to repair the surrounding stucco.
Project Cost: $250
Replace Closet Doors With Mirror Closet Doors  Cover Photo
I'm looking to replace my currently installed fold-out closet doors for new sliding mirror closet doors. I wan
Project Cost: $675
Door Installation Cover Photo
Need some one with truck and tool to install to doors thursday Dec 10 I will help need to pick up doors in
Project Cost: $375
Toilet Installation Cover Photo
Looking for someone to remove the old and installation of the new.toilet. Must be able to turn the water off
Project Cost: $166
Mount A TV On The Wall  Cover Photo
Need someone to hide wires in the wall on 1 tv(THIS TV IS ALREADY MOUNTED) and mount and hide wires on another
Project Cost: $312
Water Heater Leak Cover Photo
Leaking water heater - please provide quotes for repairing leaking water heater (not tankless) as well as repl
Project Cost: $631
Looking for a Handyman Cover Photo
I just recently moved into a standard one bedroom apartment. I need to replace the carpet with laminated
Project Cost: N/A
Bathroom Hanger Cover Photo
I need my towel hanger fixed. It was ripped off the wall so there are 2 large holes. The holes need to be fill
Project Cost: $120
Solar Attic Fan Cover Photo
Installation of solar attic fa
Project Cost: $495
Room Addition  Cover Photo
I want to make the outside patio with roof part of the house. Room addition
Project Cost: $17893
We Need Someone to Repair Some Damaged Hardwood Floor Section Cover Photo
Hi, it is a small 3 x 4' section, appox 10 sq. ft, 5-6 planks. Need to remove damaged planks and replace with
Project Cost: $350
Broken Door And Frame Needs To Be Fixed  Cover Photo
My door was kicked open by kids because I didn't let them into my party. Now I have to fix it. Give me a quote
Project Cost: $537
Leak Repair Cover Photo
Plumbing Leak at Lakewood Duplex Near Lakewood and South what would you charge to look under a raised
Project Cost: $188
Telephone Repair Man Cover Photo
I need a professional telephone repair man to install a line from the j-box to a telephone
Project Cost: $150
Pick Up Bath Vanity And Install  Cover Photo
I'm looking for someone who can both pick up and install bathroom vanity, remove and haul old one
Project Cost: $390
Water Heater Replace Cover Photo
Looking for someone to replace/install a 50 gallon water heater
Project Cost: $943
Ice Machine Installation Cover Photo
Looking for someone to install a Manitowoc SM-50A ice machine that I need installed right next to my sink.
Project Cost: $193
Repair Sliding Door  Cover Photo
Repairing the sliding glass door. What would you have to do to replace the lower threshold and fix the door so
Project Cost: $1216
Recasing Windows Cover Photo
Re-causing of 10 exterior windows. Old caulk would need to be scraped away and new caulking applied. I will b
Project Cost: $975
Ceiling Patch Cover Photo
Drywall ceiling patch, match texture and paint
Project Cost: $299
Plumber Hookup gas Dryer Cover Photo
Plumber Hookup gas Dryer Need a licensed plumber to connect my gas dryer. I have all the parts. Just need
Project Cost: $135
Ceiling Fans Cover Photo
install wiring for ceiling fans in 4 rooms
Project Cost: $733
Replace Fixtures Cover Photo
I need a plumber/ handyman to replace fixtures in my bathroom. I just moved into a new apartment and the tub s
Project Cost: $228
Install Doors  Cover Photo
Install Doors Hello. I'm looking to turn my den into a bedroom. I need double doors installed in the entry
Project Cost: $1633
Plumbing Cover Photo
Faucet leaking
Project Cost: $129
Restroom Repair remodel Cover Photo
Restroom Repairremodel Looking for someone to do restroom repair and remodel. There's wear and tear in the
Project Cost: $1600
Window Frame Replacement Cover Photo
Need quote to replace broken wooden window frame of a large front room window of home. Glass is intact, but wo
Project Cost: $250
Need to Have a Drain Installed Cover Photo
I have a property that needs a drain from a courtyard in back to the gutter in front. We need to hire someone
Project Cost: $185
Kitchen Drain System Cover Photo
kitchen sink of home I moved into doesn't drain.
Project Cost: $211
Ave 64 Leveling Cover Photo
Level my floors before installing hardwood flooring. Approx 600 sq ft
Project Cost: $2305
Replace Window With A Sliding Door  Cover Photo
I'm looking for someone to replace this window with a sliding glass door or some type of door. Open to suggest
Project Cost: $1746
New Wall And Door Install Cover Photo
a new wall 8'x5' including door drywall and glass door Casing doors Patching work primer and paint
Project Cost: $2138
I Need a Plumber in Altadena Cover Photo
I'm a contractor in Riverside and I have a rental house in Altadena at 370 E woodbury road behind Masters
Project Cost: $300
Home Remodel Cover Photo
remodeling 850 sqft cond
Project Cost: $25000
Plumbing Leak Cover Photo
Plumbing leak under kitchen sink. Bathroom shower valve water sometimes not turning on or water not to right
Project Cost: $551
Fix A Tile Cover Photo
Replacing a piece of stone in a water-wall fountian. It's one tile. It fell off. Put it back on please.
Project Cost: $214
Washer Valve Cover Photo
Washer valve replaced
Project Cost: $167
Plumber Cover Photo
I need an experienced plumber to install a new main drain. Must have a valid California plumbers license. I a
Project Cost: $3500
Chandelier Installation Cover Photo
Licensedinsured Contractor to Instal Outdoor Chandelier Hi! I am looking for a licensed/insured contractor to
Project Cost: $125
#131 Cover Photo
Convert a den to a bedroo
Project Cost: $25000
Shower Hot Water Cover Photo
Shower Faucet's hot water is not hot. Just warm. We believe the hot water valve needs to be replaced. This is
Project Cost: $294
Plumber Expert Water Heater Installation Cover Photo
Looking for a plumber to complete installation of 6 new GAS WATER HEATERS for a 6 unit apt. This project has
Project Cost: $4800
Picture Hang Cover Photo
Hanging picture - need someone to hang this and bring all necessary equipment. Probably 100 pounds
Project Cost: $127
Hot Water Shutoff Valve Cover Photo
Replacing a hot water shut off valve below my kitchen sink and tightening my faucet to the sink. The nut is a
Project Cost: $98
House Cover Photo
Looking for a good general contractor, interior designer, landscape
Project Cost: $562
Leaky House Cover Photo
I have one faucet, one shower, and the hookup to my dishwasher that is leaking. I need an estimate to come
Project Cost: $288
Drywall & Stucco Repair Cover Photo
I need a small hole in my kitchen wall to be repaired/ and also a small hole on one of my exterior walls to be
Project Cost: $438
Plumbing Cover Photo
Handyman: I need plumbing
Project Cost: $164
Light Bulb Cover Photo
Change light bulb in front of house about 15-20ft high
Project Cost: $77
Mount TV Onto Wall Cover Photo
Project Cost: $100
Copper Line Installation Cover Photo
Looking for someone who knows how to run copper and have all of your own tools.
Project Cost: $187
Can U Hang a Chandelier and Heavy Mirror Cover Photo
Can U Hang a Chandelier and Heavy Mirror I am Looking for a skilled Handyman to hang a Chandelier and a very
Project Cost: $266
Snake Clogged Toilet  Cover Photo
Snake Clogged Toilet Looking for someone who can snake a clogged toilet. Please email quote.
Project Cost: $124
Shower Is Leaking Cover Photo
Shower is Leaking hello. i need help with my shower that is leaking hot water from the knob. i have looked it
Project Cost: $231
Water Heater Cover Photo
Project Cost: $3390
Plaster,Drywall, Ceiling And Install Recessed Lights Cover Photo
Assembling a crew, scrape popcorn ceiling (no asbestos, easy removal). Refinish, repair, skim cote, patch
Project Cost: $2500
Fix AC Cover Photo
AC isn't cold and only one room has air blowing into the room.
Project Cost: $1178
Door Handle And Restain Cover Photo
Install new entry mortise door handle kit will provide) and restain door to a dark brow
Project Cost: $466
Side Gates Replacement  Cover Photo
Side gates need to be replaced
Project Cost: $750
Toilet Replacement  Cover Photo
Need an expert handyman experience with skills in drywall patch up and finishing, wood flooring removal re-sur
Project Cost: $875
Plumbing Cover Photo
Water leaking
Project Cost: $274
Light Fixture Cover Photo
Need light fixture repaired
Project Cost: $106
Remodel Kitchen Counters Cover Photo
Looking for quotes including labor and material. Quartz counter tops and stainless steel sink. 55 sq f
Project Cost: $6675
Handyman Needed to fix Leaking Water Heater Cover Photo
Need help to fix leaking water heater. Please refer to the picture. I would hope if you can give me a quote
Project Cost: $89
A Plumber to Move Kitchen Sink Cover Photo
Need a Plumber to Move Kitchen Sink I need a cost estimate/licensed/insured/bonded plumber that can move my
Project Cost: $800
Handyman w  wet Shop vac Needed Cover Photo
Seeking a handyman who owns their own wet/dry shop vac for assistance on Thursday in Tarzana. We have a swimmi
Project Cost: $175
Door Installer Wanted  Cover Photo
Door Installer Wanted General Contractor need to install hollow metal doors, siding and floor base. looking
Project Cost: $1000
Columbus Ave Cover Photo
Replace faucet and stems for bathroom sink. Causing restriction and mild leak when in use. Replace the non w
Project Cost: $400
Living Room Project Cover Photo
Expanding my living room by removing a wall and relocating gas chimney to the opposite corner.
Project Cost: $6440
Regalo Cover Photo
Completing Inspection Requirements and some foundation / drainage issues. We had the house that we're selling
Project Cost: $37800
New Construction in Covina CA Cover Photo
Pluming , Electrical , Footings , framing for new 1300. sq ft New Construction hous
Project Cost: $50551
Handyman With exp in Plumbing Cover Photo
Handyman needed for house flipper must be exp in plumbing. $15.00 per hr. 2 days work.
Project Cost: $100
Balcony/Patio Rebuild Cover Photo
Rebuild patio balcony so it's sealed from weather below and made to look nice Please see pictures
Project Cost: $5787
Remodel Cover Photo
house remode
Project Cost: $150000
Acoustic Ceiling Removal Cover Photo
Acoustic ceiling removal. It's only the family room. It's appropriately 300 sq. The
Project Cost: $982
Popcorn Ceiling Removal Cover Photo
Need Popcorn Ceilings Removed Need company to remove popcorn ceilings 500-700 square foot must be
Project Cost: $1100
Stucco Around Electrical Panel Cover Photo
Stucco patch work around elec panel. 12"x12"" .need put black paper, chicken wire and patch.
Project Cost: $526
A Rafter/Truss Needs To Be Fixed And/Or Replaced Cover Photo
A rafter/truss needs to be fixed and/or replaced. I want to look at estimates for both options. I've already r
Project Cost: $860
Nich For Plumbing Cover Photo
Add nich for plumbing behind the fridge. This would allow more space to push it back so it doesn't stick out
Project Cost: $276
Master Bedroom Addition Cover Photo
Master Bedroom Addition/ Closet
Project Cost: $13859
Replace Faucet Cartridge Cover Photo
Replace shower faucet cartridge
Project Cost: $158
Paint Exterior Trim Cover Photo
Painting exterior trim and garage door
Project Cost: $600
Home Project Cover Photo
Project Cost: $20
Loft Project Cover Photo
I want to change this bannister thing in my loft to a pony wall. Length is approx 160 inches long. The project
Project Cost: $1871
Plumber Cover Photo
Looking for a plumber who can seal pipe leak under the bathroom and the ceiling caved in to the garag
Project Cost: $166
Dog Door Cover Photo
Need a quote for installing a dog door on interior, exterior wall.
Project Cost: $250
Mount Tv Cover Photo
Mount a t
Project Cost: $200
New Home Cover Photo
Building a home on a flat land in Palmdale area. The house size should be anywhere from 1200-1500 sqft. Intere
Project Cost: $98000
Replace a Bathroom Vanity Cover Photo
Need a plumber or someone experienced with replacing a small bathroom vanity. I have the new vanity, must
Project Cost: $450
Need To Adjust Hansgrohe Showerhead Cover Photo
Immediate need - Hansgrohe Hand Shower Head which does hot get hot like faucets etc in house. I was told it
Project Cost: $165
Plumber Needed Immediate  Cover Photo
Plumber Needed Immediate need for residential plumber in North County on major home remodel. Must be
Project Cost: $300
Living Room Improvement Cover Photo
Give expertise regarding opening up our kitchen to our living room or removing wall
Project Cost: $4996
Microwave Install Cover Photo
Microwave installation. Looking for someone to do the instal
Project Cost: $225
Shorten Gas Line Cover Photo
Need my gas line to my stove shorten. Along with water line to refrigerator.
Project Cost: $371
Carpenter / Handyman Cover Photo
Carpenterhandyman I am looking for a carpenter or handyman to finish framing a cabinet, I had someone working
Project Cost: $350
Exper  Door Installer Cover Photo
I need an experience door installer to hang two side by side pantry doors on their hinges and install
Project Cost: $262
Apartment Need Repair Cover Photo
Handyman Needed for Apartment Repairs Must have tools and experience
Project Cost: $107
Wood Flooring And Baseboards  Cover Photo
Wood Flooring and Baseboards I'm looking for a qualified person to finish placing wood upstairs hall way and
Project Cost: $575
Leak Repair Cover Photo
Looking for someone to repair a small leak occurring at the anode rod on top of water heater.
Project Cost: $141
Gemini, Victorville - Wood & Window Cover Photo
1) Fix Wood Panel on Kitchen Cabinet 2) Fix Window and Screen
Project Cost: $214
Garbage Disposal Cover Photo
Garbage disposal removal/install. We already have new one that needs to be installed
Project Cost: $146
Hugo Cover Photo
Project Cost: $123
Building A 1Br House  Cover Photo
I am interested in possibly building a 1br house for mother in law on my lot
Project Cost: $108500
Beaumont Leak Cover Photo
There is a leak under the kitchen sink. Was told the garbage disposal needs to be replaced.
Project Cost: $225
Doggy Door Cover Photo
Dog doo
Project Cost: $231
Vent Dryer Cover Photo
Vent dryer to outside and create half wall to disguise vent tube
Project Cost: $581
Enriqez  Cover Photo
Need to fix a door and replace a screen door in the garage, see details
Project Cost: $262
Gas Line To Furnace  Cover Photo
Have a gas line that needs to be ran ten feet to a furnace in the addict. It should be about one or two hours.
Project Cost: $322
Reiman Repairs Mar 21 Cover Photo
1. Minor water leak underneath kitchen sink 2. Fix hole or add wood piece to bottom of cabinet
Project Cost: $325
Flooring And Stained Concrete Cover Photo
Flooring: CoreTec Plus flooring 7" planks in entire house except for bathrooms, one bedroom and office. This t
Project Cost: $5802
Handyman plumber Cover Photo
Looking for labor removing an existing toilet and replacing with new toilet. We will supply toilet, wax ring.
Project Cost: $400
Synthetic Lawn, Awning And Carpet Cover Photo
I have multiple things that need to be done in my house; ------- Synthetic Lawn Install -------- I want to in
Project Cost: $5876
70 SF Tile Backsplash and Fireplace Cover Photo
70 SF Tile Backsplash and Fireplace I have 70 sf of glass/aluminum backsplash to be installed as well at two
Project Cost: $2800
Handyman Cover Photo
Handyman Fix leaky faucet Help with garage door opener replace screen change lock for move in
Project Cost: $176
Patch Drywall Cover Photo
Patch 2 holes made by electrician for installing wall sconce. Paint the wall after patching. We have the paint
Project Cost: $222
Shower Fix Cover Photo
Fixing bath shower. There is a crack on the wall that holds the shower. I do not want it to break. Also, I wou
Project Cost: $74
Home Remodel Cover Photo
Remodel hom
Project Cost: $30000
Plumbing Cover Photo
kitchen sink plumbing
Project Cost: $324
Licensed Plumber to Install Double Sink Cover Photo
Licensed Plumber Needed to Install Double Sink I need an estimate by a licensed plumber to remove current
Project Cost: $390
Need Help With Gutters Drainage And Rain Barrel  Cover Photo
Need Help With Gutters Drainage and Rain Barrel I would like to fix up a few issues with my gutters, this is
Project Cost: $1022
Licensed Plumber to Install Double Sink Cover Photo
Licensed Plumber Needed to Install Double Sink I need an estimate by a licensed plumber to remove current
Project Cost: $487
Sink Rust Repair  Cover Photo
Looking for someone to fix the rust problem on the sink below the faucet. Clean the rust and reinstall the fa
Project Cost: $225
Remove Tile And Install New One Cover Photo
-remove and Cleanup old Tile amp Install new Tile in Small Bath- Ventura Looking for someone to remove old
Project Cost: $424
Water Heater Cover Photo
Plumbing: Water heater repair
Project Cost: $739
Need To Stop Water Leak/ Kitchen & Bathroom Faucets Cover Photo
I need tofix those leaks, they are not too big but waste a lot of water,which valves have to be kept off most
Project Cost: $202
Plumbing Cover Photo
water heater installation
Project Cost: $797
Looking for Plumber Cover Photo
Looking for Plumber Looking for Plumber for home improvement project. We need a plumber to replace shower
Project Cost: $1300
Toilet Installation Asap Cover Photo
Toilet Installation Needed Asap we need a new toilet installed in our mobilehome ASAP
Project Cost: $183
FIX GAS Leak  Cover Photo
Need Handymanplummer TO FIX GAS Leak I have a mobile home in Safari Park located in Palm Springs. The Gas
Project Cost: $275
Repair A Leaking Exterior Kitchen Drain Pipe Cover Photo
Looking for someone to repair an exterior kitchen drain pipe that is rusted (iron pipe) and has a small leak.
Project Cost: $422
Remodel Shower Cover Photo
Remodel our walk in shower it's starting to crack.
Project Cost: $3455
Closet Conversion Cover Photo
Conversion of reach in closet with sliding door to long, narrow walk in (approx 12' x 4') with two standard do
Project Cost: $900
General Home Installation Cover Photo
Looking for someone to do Drywall, Painting, Tile installation, Plumbing and Baseboard installation. Materials
Project Cost: $5000
Remove 2 Sinks And Replace With 2 New Vanities Cover Photo
I need Plumber to install 2 new toilets and remove old ones and dispose of them Remove 2 sinks and replace wi
Project Cost: $633
Retractable Screen Doors Installation Cover Photo
Retractable Screens for French Door We need someone to install 2 sets of retractable screen doors for French
Project Cost: $366
general Handyman or Plumber Wanted Cover Photo
General Handyman or Plumber Wanted Looking for no experienced general handyman or plumber familiar with PEX
Project Cost: $2596
Handyman Needed For Banner Placement On Wall Outside Store Cover Photo
Handyman needed to Hang Banners outside of store in La Jolla Village. Both Vinyl Banners are about 4' x 6' and
Project Cost: $200
Plumber Cover Photo
Plumber I woke up this morning to the hot water heater leaking, I had to turn off the water to stop the leak.
Project Cost: $433
Plumber for Gas Line Extension to Fire Pit Cover Photo
Need Plumber for Gas Line Extension to Fire Pit Taking bids from certified plumbers for a trench dig and line
Project Cost: $749
Replace Leaking Irrigation Valve Cover Photo
Replace Leaking Irrigation Valve Looking for someone WHO KNOWS lawn irrigation systems to come and replace
Project Cost: $142
Install Wall TV Mount Cover Photo
I need someone to install this TV mount and 32" flat screen on the wall in my garage.
Project Cost: $125
Handyman to Replace a Toilet Cover Photo
Handyman to Replace a Toilet Need help in replacing a toilet in a bathroom in Mira Mesa. Quote your price. In
Project Cost: $178
Need Old Sash Windows Repaired Cover Photo
Need someone familiar with old windows to replace rope and attach weights to balance sash windows in 1930s
Project Cost: $37
Various Tasks Cover Photo
Looking for experienced handyman for service work. Carpentry, electrical, plumbing, drywall, tile, etc
Project Cost: $1538
Custom Built Patio Cover Cover Photo
I am looking to have a patio cover custom built that looks like the one in the picture. I'd like to use a
Project Cost: $6000
Experienced Handyman  Cover Photo
Need person capable of installing door trims, door handles, hanging 2 exterior doors, making small cuts to 3 b
Project Cost: $500
Snake Toilet Cover Photo
Need apartment toilet snaked ASAP. Should be simple in-and-out. Drill powered will probably do the job, no
Project Cost: $77
Looking for Door Repair Services Cover Photo
Long story short I accidentally put a small hole in my door and I'm looking for anyone to come fix it. I don'
Project Cost: $179
Shelf Installation Cover Photo
We're looking for someone to install wire shelves within out office. The task shouldn't take more than two
Project Cost: $30
Qualified Plumber Needed Cover Photo
Qualified Plumber Needed Need Plumbing work various Plumbing issues in commercial establishment. Need someone
Project Cost: $61
Handyman in Liberty Station Cover Photo
Handyman in Liberty Station I need someone to hang towel racks, fix wall mounted lights, hang a wall mounted
Project Cost: $180
Licensed Plumber to fix Leak Cover Photo
bathtub is leaking into downstair's celling. Name of Condo is Waterbridge. email me with your availability
Project Cost: $94
General Plumbing And Repair Cover Photo
Handyman Wanted for Small Punch List looking for handyman for small punch list of items (plumbing,
Project Cost: $875
Handyman Needed Cover Photo
Handyman Needed I need a handyman for odd jobs around a house, which might include replacing a hot water
Project Cost: $400
Replace Outdoor Sump And Clear Drain Pipe  Cover Photo
Plumber Needed to Replace Outdoor Sump and Clear Drain Pipe The house sits below the wastewater pipes and has
Project Cost: $582
Plumbing Cover Photo
Need experienced plumbing person to fix clogs in kitchen and repair hot water heater valves.
Project Cost: $323
Faucet Replacement Cover Photo
Faucet installation
Project Cost: $160
Home Project Cover Photo
Project Cost: $1066
Plumbing Cover Photo
Project Cost: $132
Need TO Mount Wall Cabinets Cover Photo
Need TO Mount Wall Cabinets I am looking for someone that knows how to mount 2 small wall cabinets. I need it
Project Cost: $166
Wanted - Licensed Plumber Cover Photo
I have been told that my sewer lateral is in need of repair by City Of El Cajon and that a video inspection
Project Cost: $2150
Plumbing Repair  Cover Photo
Looking for someone to clean out the S pipe under the kitchen sink and bathroom sinks.
Project Cost: $181
Swap out Toilet Cover Photo
I want to swap out my toilet. It is loose and wobbly and their is a bad odor coming from it. Since I'm sure
Project Cost: $150
Bathroom Vents Installation Cover Photo
Need 2 Bathroom Vents Installed One vent has the bulb in the middle. Looking for an estimate. I believe the
Project Cost: $500
Leons Room Cover Photo
I need to replace my shower knob
Project Cost: $172
Looking For A Certified Plumber Cover Photo
Looking for a Certified Plumber Looking for a certified plumber for a special project. Please contact me if
Project Cost: $500
Ploumbing Cover Photo
3/4 pressure regulator is leaking and needs to be replac
Project Cost: $277
Replace A Water Valve Cover Photo
I need a water valve that goes to the dishwasher replaced. The valve is frozen and can't turn it on. I had to
Project Cost: $154
Avenida Martinez  Cover Photo
Plumbing , Replace Both Hot and Cold Stems for leaking Bath Tu
Project Cost: $274
House Upgrade  Cover Photo
House upgrade. I would like tile and wood floor.. I need pro advise
Project Cost: $2020
Plumber Cover Photo
Putting in a new faucet
Project Cost: $105
Can You Build Me A Tree House Cover Photo
Looking for someone with experience in building a simple tree house for my kids. Nothing fancy, maybe 8x8 with
Project Cost: $900
Renovation Cover Photo
Cabinet Installer - Granite Installer - Drywall - Framing
I just bought a house i need to refurb
Project Cost: $50000
Bathroom Flooring Cover Photo
I need flooring in the bathroom, plus the toilet leaks around the base.
Project Cost: $478
Replace Plubming Cover Photo
Project Cost: $108
Replace Toilet Cover Photo
Replace toilet flange
Project Cost: $181
Leaking Ceiling Cover Photo
leaking ceiling coming from upstairs bathroom when showers are on.
Project Cost: $793
Plumbing Help  Cover Photo
Plumbing Help Needed We need the shower casing replaced in our home. ASAP Experienced only please.
Project Cost: $65
General Home Installations Cover Photo
Handyman Needed I need someone who can hang lamps, hang heavy mirrors, curtain rods, replace faucets, and lay
Project Cost: $92
Plumbing And Electrical Work Needed Cover Photo
Finish Contractors and Plumbing and Electrical Work Needed Commercial job. Install drop ceiling, finish work
Project Cost: $12000
Siding Glass Installation And Repair  Cover Photo
Finished Carpenter - Install Sliding Glass Door Looking for experienced sliding glass door installer. Must
Project Cost: $650
RO System Installation Cover Photo
Looking for someone to install reverse osmosis system to the apartment.
Project Cost: $266
Mobilehome Repairs Cover Photo
Mobilehome Repairs Needed Mobile home repairs needed. Install awning, repair skirting, and ceiling seam repa
Project Cost: $3900
Filter Installation Cover Photo
We need a professional installer to hook up our under counter water filter and install the digital faucet
Project Cost: $350
Clean A Drain Cover Photo
clean a drain
Project Cost: $81
Install Water Heater And Ductless AC Cover Photo
I am looking for someone or 2 people to do two jobs. The first is I need someone to install a water heater in
Project Cost: $740
Remodeling Project Cover Photo
Need an Extra Hand in a Remodel Project need an all around person to help in a remodel
Project Cost: $520
Handyman Cover Photo
Project Cost: $500
Plumbing Repair And Installation Cover Photo
Plumber Needed Looking for a plumber for sinks bath tubs toilet shower. Please call
Project Cost: $225
Stucco Patch Cover Photo
Range hood vent installation and stucco patc
Project Cost: $400
Roof/Trim Cover Photo
House trim replaced for one sectio
Project Cost: $575
Install New Microwave Cover Photo
Microwave installation over the range. Need someone to remove old microwave and install new microwave
Project Cost: $125
Base Trim Installation Cover Photo
Base Trim Installation Need base trim installed. It's in living and dining area. We have trim. Must have prope
Project Cost: $217
Brick Bbq Pit Cover Photo
Brick barbecue pit 3'by 5
Project Cost: $1000
New Toilet Cover Photo
Install a toilet
Project Cost: $101
Labor/ Plumbing Cover Photo
Labor Plumbing Help HI. I run a small plumbing business. On a project need extra help. If you can get up in a
Project Cost: $200
Walmart Repair Cover Photo
Walmart Repair Odd Job I am looking for someone to do some repair work for a company that does demonstrations
Project Cost: $205
TRG Cover Photo
Toilet inspection
Project Cost: $141
Plumber Needed to Finish Rough-in Cover Photo
I am looking for a plumber to finish plumbing my cafe
Project Cost: $92
Replace Faucet Cover Photo
Replace faucet, customer has already purchased new faucet
Project Cost: $950
Plumber Needed  Cover Photo
I need a licensed plumber for a small job. I have a leaking pipe below my sink
Project Cost: $350
Plumber-handyman Needed - Aromas Cover Photo
Plumber needed for installation of new fiberglass tub/shower and toilet in existing washroom...Copper hot and
Project Cost: $900
Sewer Line Replacemment  Cover Photo
Project Cost: $4118
Plumber Needed for Ongoing Work Cover Photo
I'm doing some remodeling on a house and need a plumber. I'm looking for someone who is professional at this,
Project Cost: $501
Bathroom Wall Cover Photo
Bathroom wal
Project Cost: $153
Home Project Cover Photo
Project Cost: $110
Remodel Cover Photo
Project Cost: $7000
Paint Front Stairs Cover Photo
Clean and paint stairs
Project Cost: $128
Fireplace Remodel Cover Photo
Removing fireplace, building fitted living room cabinets, wall is about 20ft long. Open to styles and ideas.
Project Cost: $5884
Soil Removal Cover Photo
Removing 2 inch of top soil from a 6 ft x 28 ft stretch. Solid needs to be removed and any sprinkler system da
Project Cost: $651
Plumbing Cover Photo
Repipe house
Project Cost: $4498
Handyman Cover Photo
Ceiling Light installation in the family room
Project Cost: $998
Ezie # 1 Cover Photo
Replace main water galvanized pipe for copper pipe from water meter to 40'. Need to removed driveway concrete
Project Cost: $2730
Glengrove Cover Photo
Kitchen, bathrooms living room and garage repair.
Project Cost: $17891
Facia Board Replacement Cover Photo
Facia board replacement. Have about a 12-15 foot section of the facia that has twisted and pull away from the
Project Cost: $666
Install Hardwood Floor Cover Photo
500sft nail down 3/4" pre-finished Hrdwd floor needs to be installed
Project Cost: $2500
Drainage Problem Cover Photo
Fix 2 slow drains...washing machine drain and bathroom sin
Project Cost: $311
Slow Drain Cover Photo
Fixing slow drain in bathroom and washing machine drai
Project Cost: $120
Handyman Cover Photo
A hole in the ceiling needs to be patched
Project Cost: $698
Need Toilet Snaked Cover Photo
I need a toilet snaked does flow...but seems to drain slowly....I have tried plunging it, but it
Project Cost: $149
Metal Storm Collar Cover Photo
metal storm collar to secure connection between the metal flue pipe
Project Cost: $236
Seal/Replace Tile In Shower Cover Photo
Seal or replace tile in shower stall.
Project Cost: $761
Replacing Molded Wood  Cover Photo
Replacing molded wood beneath my bathroom and kitchen sinks
Project Cost: $583
Drywall Cover Photo
Patching a 1x3 feet hole on the drywall
Project Cost: $284
Addition Cover Photo
hi, I want build a room actually is like a studio, the exterior i want stucco, how much is all the work, I
Project Cost: $41926
Plumbing Cover Photo
Rerun washer draining pipe
Project Cost: $248
2000 Saturn Sw2 Leaking Water Cover Photo
Need Service 2000 Saturn Sw2 Leaking Water My 2000 Saturn having leaking water. Broken one end where the hose
Project Cost: $50
Sump pump cover replacement Cover Photo
The sump pump cover is rusted and need replaced I need the sump pump cover replaced.
Project Cost: $475
Kitchen Disposal Replacement Cover Photo
Kitchen disposal replacemen
Project Cost: $237
Measuring Service Cover Photo
I am looking for someone take home measurements and create a draft for future renovation projects
Project Cost: $1000
Gutter Cleaning Cover Photo
Gutter cleaning. 1 story house, around 1500 sq ft.
Project Cost: $425
Home Remodel Cover Photo
1. Structural calculations for replacing Load bearing wall with beam (approx. 10-12 feet, single story home) 2
Project Cost: $3166
Gate And Door Sweepers Installation Cover Photo
Need Someone to Install Gatedoor Door Sweepers I need someone to install my new gate/door - it needs
Project Cost: $620
P1 Cover Photo
Project Cost: $2891
Holiday Lights Installation Cover Photo
Need a electrical handy-man for installing holiday lights this week. This is for the exterior of the house. Re
Project Cost: $141
Handyman Cover Photo
Some tiles need to be taken out below a dishwasher
Project Cost: $344
Re-Pipe Cover Photo
Partial copper repipe. I have new copper running in the walls of the house currently tied to the galvanized wi
Project Cost: N/A
Fix Shower Head  Cover Photo
Fix leaky shower head by replacing cartridge. Hansgrohe cartridge is availabl
Project Cost: $512
Bath Cover Photo
Bathroom Clogge
Project Cost: $85
Plumbing Job Where Water Cover Photo
Plumbing job where water drainage is very slow from a bath tub.
Project Cost: $645
Misc Construction-Frame-Paint-Electrical  Cover Photo
I need licensed contractor to do the minor framing, drywall, electrical. I am adding the closet. I will end up
Project Cost: $2516
Patio Cover  Cover Photo
Patio Cover Need to install Patio Cover - size approx 230 square foot - Slope is not too large, open to
Project Cost: $10650
Small Plumbing job Cover Photo
Looking to hire someone to do a partial copper repipe on a house. Just need the shut off valve outside the
Project Cost: $666
Exterior Window Trim Replacement Cover Photo
Handymancarpenter Needed for Exterior Window Trim Replacement I need a licensed handyman/carpenter to replace
Project Cost: $1427
Granite Cut And Install Cover Photo
Need granite cut & installed for bathroom counter and tub enclosure
Project Cost: $2820
Sunnyvale Exterior Cover Photo
There was a small beam here that was torn out. I need the hole filled.
Project Cost: $523
Plumber Needed Cover Photo
Need a Plumber in City of Sunnyvale. I'm building an addition with bathroom and full kitchen and will need to
Project Cost: $6000
Fridge Waterline Plumbing Cover Photo
Need to run a waterline from the kitchen sink to the refrigerator through the crawl space. The kitchen sink an
Project Cost: $296
Installing In Ground Basketball System. Cover Photo
Installing in ground basketball system. I will purchase the hoop at amazon. I need installation quotes to inst
Project Cost: $675
Replace Shower Diverter Cover Photo
Replace shower diverter and cartridge
Project Cost: $487
Master Bath Remodel Cover Photo
master bath remodel
Project Cost: $7511
Small Remodels Cover Photo
Need Experienced Licensed Contractor for Remodels For several small remodels for our clients. this includes
Project Cost: $1251
Shower Valve Installation Cover Photo
Plumber Needed Install Shower Valve I need a shower valve installed in a bath remodel ... Tub is removed
Project Cost: $410
Major House Remodelling Cover Photo
Project Cost: $86666
Fence Addition Cover Photo
Need addition built on to existing fence
Project Cost: $1553
Fixer Upper Cover Photo
Need a full estimate for repairs on a fixer upper
Project Cost: $41475
Shower Wall Repair  Cover Photo
Shower Wall Repair We have the supplies, but need someone more skilled then us to do the installation.
Project Cost: $550
House Remodelling Cover Photo
Wanted I've got a remodel job and need some help. I'm looking for licensed contractors to do the work. I can
Project Cost: $51666
Tile Work Cover Photo
Tilework needed
Project Cost: $6750
Need Experience Handyman Cover Photo
Need experienced HANDYMAN. Need some holes in wall patched up. Need curtain rod installed. Need dutchman
Project Cost: $65
Sliding Door Replacement Cover Photo
Looking for estimate on installation of 80x96 sliding door replacement and haul away. Please provide
Project Cost: $1000
Reattach my Vent Hose to Vent in Crawl Space Cover Photo
I am looking for someone to go down into my crawl down space, locate my loose vent hose, reattach to vent, pos
Project Cost: $400
Help Needed Around The House Cover Photo
I am looking for someone to help me with odd jobs around the house. Including light lifting, help with my com
Project Cost: $35
Engineered Hardwood Flooring Cover Photo
500 - 600 SQFT of engineered hardwood flooring needs to be installed
Project Cost: $3767
Remodel Cover Photo
Project Cost: $6405
Install Kitchen Backsplash Cover Photo
Backsplash for kitchen. It's 100sq ft. Need to get steel tiles installed.
Project Cost: $1300
Directv Dish Removed From Roof  Cover Photo
I converted to Comcast and no longer want the directv dish on my roof. Need someone with a couple of ladders
Project Cost: $151
Help With Xmas Lights In A Tall Tree  Cover Photo
Help With Xmas Lights in a Tall Tree I am looking for someone with tree climbing experience to help with
Project Cost: $175
Carpet Removal Install Flooring Cover Photo
Remove carpet, install laminate flooring, install tiles in kitchen and install headboard - 1850 sq. ft.
Project Cost: $8683
Replace Kitchen Sink Pump Cover Photo
Replace kitchen sink pump
Project Cost: $178
Door Lock & Gate Cover Photo
Replace front door lock and replace security gate
Project Cost: $338
Popcorn Ceiling Removal Cover Photo
A 1398sqft house w 4 bed / 2 bath needs its popcorn ceiling removed
Project Cost: $3225
Clogged Drain Repair Cover Photo
Clogged drain kitchen
Project Cost: $172
Gas For Kitchen  Cover Photo
Run gas to kitchen for gas range. There is a gas water heater plumbed through attic and there is attic crawl
Project Cost: $879
Changing Out Faucets  Cover Photo
I would like to change out my faucets. The bathtub faucets have been leaking and it is hard to shut them off c
Project Cost: $510
New Water Heater Cover Photo
Replace old leaking water heater. Type : Gas with storage tank. Home : Single family with 3 bathrooms Current
Project Cost: $3397
Electrical Work Cover Photo
A couple of hours handy man / electrical work Need install simple timer switch that controls led lights Extern
Project Cost: $213
Handyman Cover Photo
Change covering for all closets
Project Cost: $700
Under Sink Leak Cover Photo
Fixing a leak under sink. Believe it is the drain hose to garbage disposal. Just replaced garbage disposal but
Project Cost: $160
Unclog Bathroom Sink Cover Photo
Need bathroom sink unclogged. Must be located in area, experienced with local references. Please call with
Project Cost: $500
Plumbing Repair  Cover Photo
Handyman - Plumbing May need to have washer replaced on 2-handle bath tub hot water faucet (hot water leaks)
Project Cost: $50
Av Equipment Installer Cover Photo
Looking for AV equipment installer assistant for a small project. General knowledge of AV equipment installati
Project Cost: $99
Upstairs Bathroom Remodel Cover Photo
Need plumbing for bathroom. Please contact me ONLY IF you are a certified licensed plumber.
Project Cost: $350
Pour Cement And Set Up Shed Cover Photo
Put cement on the triangle area like the photo and set up the shed
Project Cost: $2000
Fix Ceiling Cover Photo
New ceiling 1600 square feet
Project Cost: $1860
Assembly of Kitchen Pantry  Shelves  Cover Photo
best bid for project all or one.
Project Cost: $100
Plumber Cover Photo
Reroute plumbing to abandon all underslab supply lines
Project Cost: $2850
We Need Remodel House Estimate Cover Photo
Need Estimate Remodeling house Must have License contractor .... Please E-mail me
Project Cost: $35050
Looking for a Plumber Cover Photo
I am a plumber myself looking for additional help pls call
Project Cost: $39
Electric Or Crank Snake To Unclog Toilet Cover Photo
Looking for someone with an electric or crank snake to unclog a toilet drain.
Project Cost: $156
Leak Repair Cover Photo
Need a handyman to fix leak
Project Cost: $150
Leak Repair Cover Photo
Need a handyman to fix leak
Project Cost: $175
Adding 500 Sq Ft Cover Photo
Adding on 500 square feet. Yes it's a crawl space house I would want to expand on the living space so it would
Project Cost: $51176
Bathroom Fan Cover Photo
I've a 2nd floor bathroom fan needs to be changed out. This person will need to know how to patch up the hole
Project Cost: $100
Need Help Installing Space Pro Relax  Cover Photo
Need Help Installing Space Pro Relax We need someone with experience installing SpacePro to come and install
Project Cost: $250
Bottom Floor Bathroom fan Cover Photo
Bottom Floor Bathroom fan I need bathroom fan changed how much would you charge me for whole job. I'll buy
Project Cost: $139
Floor Refinishing Cover Photo
Floor refinishing Indoor painting Cabinet makeover??
Project Cost: $10258
Water Lines Cover Photo
To replace water lines for bathroom faucet.
Project Cost: $165
Change out Kitchen Faucet Cover Photo
Change out Kitchen Faucet I need someone who knows a bit about plumbing to change out a leaky kitchen faucet
Project Cost: $181
Dog Door Installation Cover Photo
Dog Door Installation We'd like to have a pet door installed on the back door of our house for a medium-size
Project Cost: $308
Shower Faucet Cover Photo
I need a plumber to fix my shower faucet.
Project Cost: $207
Fixing A Door - The Cover Photo
Fixing a door - the hinges came off. The holes are now to big for the screws,
Project Cost: $161
Wall Repair Cover Photo
I need someone to repair a wall in my backyard.. Details in this picture..
Project Cost: $129
Dry Rot Removal Of 3 Windows  Cover Photo
Dry Rot Removal of 3 Windows We are General Contractors that specialize in Solar Systems. We have a client
Project Cost: $267
Install Toilet Cover Photo
install a new toilet
Project Cost: $249
Install 2 New Toilets Cover Photo
Install 2 new toilets back to back of wall.
Project Cost: $1910
Maintenance Needed Cover Photo
Needed handyman/ property maintenance needed for tenant occupied properties must have general liability insur
Project Cost: $87
Fixing Kitchen Sink Leakage Cover Photo
Need Help in Fixing Kitchen Sink Leakage in Pittsburg Please let us know how quickly you can fix the problem a
Project Cost: $157
Installation Of An Additional Room Cover Photo
Carpenter With Pick-up Truck for 1-day Job Needed ASAP a CARPENTER who can build a small room (or enclosure)
Project Cost: $612
8Th Ave Clawfoot Cover Photo
Plumbing for installing plumbing for claw foot tub. Plumbing is floor mount, crawl space access is decent. cl
Project Cost: $353
Interior Painting Cover Photo
Painting and crown molding
Project Cost: $5304
Remove Bar  no Stairs Cover Photo
Remove bar no Stairs There is a bar in my basement I would like taken out. Please bid on reasonable clean up
Project Cost: $1500
Experienced Plumber Cover Photo
Looking to hire a plumber that is looking for extra work or hours. Maybe it's slow with your employer. Will
Project Cost: $50
Plumbing Project Cover Photo
Plumbing jobs: 1) Fix Corroded connection under house between new copper piping and old 4 foot section of gal
Project Cost: $24432
Closet Doors Cover Photo
Taking down closet doors. No replacement needed.
Project Cost: $120
Replace Sink/Faucet Cover Photo
Project Cost: $233
Looking for Creative Plumber Cover Photo
Looking for Creative Plumber I'm replacing a poorly executed bathroom in my warehouse. My plan was to use a
Project Cost: $65
Plumber And Water Heater Installation Cover Photo
Plumber Project I am working on a gallery space for local artist in Oakland. I cant afford for a plumber to
Project Cost: $733
Fix Wooden Cabinet Door Cover Photo
The side Wooden cabinet wall under my sink area is moving a little every time I close or open the cabinet doo
Project Cost: $55
Plumbing Cover Photo
Experience in plumbing and texturing needed ASAP! I have a 8x8 ft kitchen and a 4x6 bathroom that needs to be
Project Cost: $1766
I Installed a new Fill Valve  Need Help  Not Working  Cover Photo
Changing a fill valve seems incredibly basic. I seriously think I am just screwing in my water line
Project Cost: $104
Two Bedroom Apartment Remodel Cover Photo
Help remodel two bedroom apartment. We just had a tenant move out and the place is in bad shape. Would like
Project Cost: $10000
Leaking Sink Cover Photo
Looking to have leaking kitchen sink repaired asap. Should be a simple fix its leaking from pipes in photos. I
Project Cost: $141
Sofa Cover Photo
Project Cost: $212
General Installations Cover Photo
Light Office Remodel Paint Lighting etc I have a two room office with a small kitchen area and a bathroom. It
Project Cost: $600
Install New Toilet Cover Photo
Project Cost: $137
Leaking Sink Cover Photo
Sink is leaking all of the sudden. This morning my sink was leaking and got everything wet. This has not hap
Project Cost: $186
Parking Lot Drain Cover Photo
Need to clear drain in parking lot at our apartment building
Project Cost: $301
Experienced Plumber  Clear Sewer Drain Clogged Cover Photo
Experienced Plumber Clear Sewer Drain Clogged Looking for an experience plumber to help maintain properties.
Project Cost: $220
Kitchen Basic Remodel Cover Photo
An 11x11 kitchen needs an basic remodel
Project Cost: $16490
Remodel Cover Photo
complete remodel
Project Cost: N/A
Ceiling Drywall Repair Needed Cover Photo
Ceiling Drywall Repair Needed- Give me a Quote Due to a leak, I need someone with experience to repair the
Project Cost: $1957
Lamps installation Cover Photo
Project Cost: $74
Leaking Pipes Cover Photo
How much to fix/replace the pipes needed to stop the dripping
Project Cost: $598
Plumber Needed ASAP  Cover Photo
Hello, we have a strange issue with our plumbing. Need a plumber to come out asap tomorrow/fri. to diagnose
Project Cost: $145
Garage Renovation Cover Photo
Garage remodel
Project Cost: $6438
Moving Job Cover Photo
Moving job Need help to unload my moving truck On 11-11-15 at 12 pm or
Project Cost: $300
Handyman Needed For Heating Repair Cover Photo
Hello, I need someone to diagnose and fix a heating issue asap, it's a wall heater unit. Please reply with
Project Cost: $95
Shower Leakage Cover Photo
Water was leaking from the shower into the adjoining wall
Project Cost: $1169
General Home Installations Cover Photo
Odd Handyman Jobs Hello, I'm looking for someone to take care of some odd jobs around the house: -Take door
Project Cost: $366
Gate Repair And Slat Replacement  Cover Photo
Fixing front gate and replacing rotted slat
Project Cost: $285
Front Door Repair Cover Photo
Front door swollen from rain, screw missing from hinge as well. Doesn't close smoothly.
Project Cost: $241
Home Project Cover Photo
Touch up all baseboards in apartment and paint one wall in kitchen.
Project Cost: $1080
Home Project Cover Photo
Replace one 6/4 and one 10/4 redwood
Project Cost: $331
Handyman Or Contractor Wanted  Cover Photo
I'm looking for either a handyman or general contractor that is looking for a quick job. I need someone that
Project Cost: $1131
Bedroom Light Fixture Cover Photo
I need a light fixture replaced in my bedroom
Project Cost: $125
Toilet Paper Holder Cover Photo
Replace toilet paper holder
Project Cost: $138
Classic Garage Door Repair Cover Photo
Hinge repair to classic garage door jam.
Project Cost: $452
Plumber Wanted   Cover Photo
Plumber Wanted Sunday Morning 7 -9am Need a exp Plumber to come by and take off my stuck compression sleeve
Project Cost: $141
Help Building  wall  Cover Photo
I am wanting to divide my living room and kitchen into two separate rooms. I currently rent the apartment I
Project Cost: $2500
Wall Heater Installation Cover Photo
I am a property manager for a small complex and I am in need of a licensed handyman that can install a wall he
Project Cost: $1075
Table And Tv Cover Photo
This involves two projects: Build a table; and install a TV wall mount and 39" TV on it. The table top is abo
Project Cost: $500
Bath Drain Cover Photo
need a drain replace
Project Cost: $350
Plumber Cover Photo
Assessing and fixing an interior leak and replacing an exterior entry step (rotted and broken wood at back
Project Cost: $638
Plumber Cover Photo
Needed Experienced Plumber to fix Leaking Faucet in Bathroom My tenant reported problem in bathroom with hot w
Project Cost: $99
Toilet Conversion Cover Photo
I have an old John Douglas Toilet that I would like to convert to dual flush. I know the parts should be $30-5
Project Cost: $168
Handyman Cover Photo
Handyman - a few minor projects 1. Re-hang shutter on front door that fell off. Needs new hardware 2. Hang 3
Project Cost: $363
Plumber for a Half day to Help Install a new tub Cover Photo
I'm putting a new acrylic tub (70 lbs) where an old one had been. I'll do the carpentry involved and help put
Project Cost: $600
Handyman Cover Photo
Handyman services. I will only work with someone who lives and works in San Francisco. I've recently restored
Project Cost: $50
Fillmore Ground Floor Plumbing  Cover Photo
Looking for San Francisco licensed plumbing contractor. Ground floor and backyard addition consisting of 1,400
Project Cost: $14000
Fillmore ground floor electrical Cover Photo
San Francisco licensed electrical contractor bids for 1,200 sq ft ground floor living room, den, and laundry
Project Cost: $12500
Chandelier Cover Photo
Installing a chandelie
Project Cost: $800
Water Leak Cover Photo
We have some sort of leak in our yard. We don't know how to fix it.
Project Cost: $161
Plumber Needed Cover Photo
Need a Plumber for Small job I own a salon and need an independent plumber that can fix the sinks from time
Project Cost: $500
Water Filter Leak Cover Photo
water leakag
Project Cost: $2000
Med Cab & Light Cover Photo
Install 2 Medicine Cabinets, 1 Bath light fixture and 1 light switch for ceiling fan in living.
Project Cost: $120
Flooring And Plumbing Help Needed  Cover Photo
Flooring and Plumbing Help Needed Need estimate for leaking toilet and new floor in bathroom. Would like to
Project Cost: $3475
Flooring And Plumbing Help Needed Cover Photo
Flooring and Plumbing Help Needed Need estimate for leaking toilet and new floor in bathroom. Would like to
Project Cost: $850
Exhaust Fan Cover Photo
Install Exhaust fan Install 10" exhaust fan in kitchen ceiling (old one removed). Please send bid and experie
Project Cost: $550
Plumbing Emergency Cover Photo
Plumber needed to replace existing broken water heater. $100 flat fee plus materials and $25 for transport of
Project Cost: $1100
Need 2 Sheds Demo And Removed Cover Photo
Need 2 Sheds Demo and Removed I need 2 sheds demoed and removed from my backyard 8x12 and 4x12
Project Cost: $858
Anza Cover Photo
New toile
Project Cost: $204
Faucet Cover Photo
I need to get my faucet to be replace, and also run a pipe to my dog kennels. Thank You
Project Cost: $116
Hot Water Pipe Cover Photo
shorten pipe so a hot water recirculation pump can be installed.
Project Cost: $178
Home Project Cover Photo
Need experienced Handyman to make minor repairs such as caulking various areas and securing existing vents
Project Cost: $149
Install A Doorway Cover Photo
Install doorway between bedrooms Wall is 118" non-load bearing Door way is pre-fabricated famed pre-hung 56"
Project Cost: $1423
Plumbing Cover Photo
Water heater
Project Cost: $371
Plumber to Install Kitchen Sink and Faucet Cover Photo
Need Plumber to Install Kitchen Sink and Faucet Need licensed plumber to install sink and faucet on
Project Cost: $399
General Handyman Wanted Cover Photo
General Handyman Wanted I am in need of a few quality vendor more so in the East San Francisco Bay Area.
Project Cost: $75
Install In-Ground Basketball Hoop Cover Photo
installation of in-ground basketball pole and rim and hoop assembl
Project Cost: $571
Plumber Needed Cover Photo
I need to hire a plumber to reroute some vent pipe, add vent pipe, and add 1/2" and 3/4" copper lines in a
Project Cost: $50
Small House Renovation Cover Photo
needs drywall, small carpentry, painting the house, flooring,small small jobs.
Project Cost: $100
Handyman Needed Cover Photo
small small odd jobs including painting the house some drywall, flooring, minor plumbing repair.
Project Cost: $1800
Salon Linoleum Floor Cleaning Cover Photo
Linoleum cleaned and waxed. Needs to be a Sunday.
Project Cost: $800
Handyman Needed  Cover Photo
Handyman Needed Handyman needed to complete unfinished work in home: Replacing a few broken floorboards
Project Cost: $641
Handyman Needed Cover Photo
I need a Handyman as soon as possible...Must posses a Sole Proprietor License ....5 hours a day possible
Project Cost: $35
Multiple Project Cover Photo
Looking for Good Handyman for Multiple Projects now and in the Future **Had to repost as my email was
Project Cost: $2000
Need Handyman for Small Warehouse Project Asap Cover Photo
I am looking for a Handyman that can take care of a few things in our warehouse. Let us know costs of
Project Cost: $45
House Plumbing Leak Cover Photo
I have a bath vanity and toilet that are leaking water (very small). I need help fixing the water leaks. You
Project Cost: $157
Plumber Help Needed Cover Photo
Need a plumber to help me to change cartrige In a shower valve. Valve is appropriately couple of years old and
Project Cost: $200
Cast Iron Repair Cover Photo
Plumber Needed I need my cast iron pipe to my toilet replaced as the floor is dry rot. Must know what your
Project Cost: $1600
Door Lock Installation Cover Photo
I have 2 doors and I have all the locks, keypads, power supplies, etc. I need you to install them for me.
Project Cost: $50
Christmas Lights Cover Photo
Christmas light disco decor. Looking for someone to put up the light
Project Cost: $166
Door Installation  Cover Photo
Door installation. I have a speak through castle style door with a rounded top that is 36" wide 81" tall that
Project Cost: $375
Dry Rott house Repair Cover Photo
Dry Rotthouse Repair Looking to remove dry rott and replace missing shingles. Originally was behind a flower
Project Cost: N/A
Dryrot Repair   Other Cover Photo
Dryrot Repair amp Other Looking for licensed contractor/pest company to repair dryrot (mostly around house,
Project Cost: $100
Plumber for Small clean job Cover Photo
Plumber Needed for Smallclean job I have a Delta tub/shower combo that has been leaking for some time. Had my
Project Cost: $219
Need Bathroom Tile Removed  Cover Photo
Need Bathroom Tile Removed Granite Bay Need to have all tile removed from bathroom for remodel. Bid job,
Project Cost: $1283
Plumbing Cover Photo
Install toilet
Project Cost: $164
Wood Rot Cover Photo
Wood rot
Project Cost: $345
Install Dimmer Switch for Light fan Combo Cover Photo
Need someone to install a dimmer switch for light fan combo. The light fan combo is already installed. See
Project Cost: $75
Build Cabinet  Experienced Carpenter Only Cover Photo
Build Cabinet Experienced Carpenter Only I need a cabinet custom built with doors, to be installed as show to
Project Cost: $550
Plumbing  Carpentry  and Electrical Handyman Cover Photo
Homeowner needs someone with plumbing, carpentry, and electrical skills to install bathroom vanity & faucet,
Project Cost: $50
A French Drain Installed Cover Photo
Need a French Drain Installed I need a French drain trench dug and installed from back yard to front. About
Project Cost: $2450
Installation Of Child Lock And Nest Thermostat Cover Photo
Looking for someone to install child locks on the kitchen cabinets and nest thermostat
Project Cost: $222
Living Room Crown Molding Cover Photo
living room crown molding about 90 linear ft.
Project Cost: $511
Leak Detection Cover Photo
Need Leak Detection Leak out of slab to water heater. Need to detect location and repair. Text Only
Project Cost: $375
Plumber Cover Photo
Minor plumbing repair: replace valve and hose under sink.
Project Cost: $153
Ikea Shelves Installation Cover Photo
Place Shelves etc I'm looking for someone to help me put Ikea shelves and furniture up and together
Project Cost: $600
Clear Drain  Cover Photo
Use your power auger to clear drain. Reasonably priced please Block is in an 8 ft section of drain - between
Project Cost: $250
Install 2 Toilets  Cover Photo
Install 2 Toilets Looking to replace 2 existing toilets. Looking for someone with experience. I Will buy
Project Cost: $229
Handyman Needed  Cover Photo
I need someone to help replace 2 support beams/posts on my carport. I also need an able plumber, my shower fix
Project Cost: $750
Safe Room Cover Photo
Looking to build a concrete/cinder block in-ground wine cellar/fallout shelter/safe room. We want to keep it
Project Cost: $24902
Handyman   Contractor Cover Photo
Hey guys, I need someone to come cut a hole in my wall for a pre hung door I have an office in Roseville and
Project Cost: $250
Carpet Removal Cover Photo
Looking for bids to remove approximately 1500 sq. ft. of carpeting.
Project Cost: $400
Repair My Deck  Cover Photo
Repair my Deck - Tuesday I have a smaller redwood deck that was hit by a tree. Most of the stout 2x12 PT
Project Cost: $1500
Studio Cover Photo
Cleaning and painting interior of peek-roof garage/art studio (approx. 1000 sq ft.). Project would include:
Project Cost: N/A
Cleaning  Painting  Repairs on Rental Houses Cover Photo
Cleaning Painting Repairs on Rental Houses Help needed to work on rental houses in Chico, Ca. Paid daily as wo
Project Cost: $35
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