Old Vegas NV Garbage Disposal Costs

Over 167 local garbage disposal with cost data available.

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Home Maintenance Cover Photo
Hello, I need a handyman for regular maintenance around my 4plex. Must be able to perform all aspects of home
Project Cost: $100
Medicine Cabinet Cover Photo
Medicine Cabinet mirror is broke replace with new recessed medicine cabine
Project Cost: $71
Take Down Exercise Equipment Treadmill And A Cable Weight Set Cover Photo
Work out Equitmen
Project Cost: N/A
Home Project Cover Photo
Project Cost: N/A
Operations Tramp Repair Cover Photo
Trampoline - the edge has started to tear, and the clamps that hold the springs have come out of the fabric on
Project Cost: N/A
Back Splash Cover Photo
back splash installation
Project Cost: $640
Home Project Cover Photo
Project Cost: $808
Sinks  Cover Photo
Trying to get double sinks have everything for a hook up for the other sink
Project Cost: $335
Garbage Disposal Cover Photo
Replace A garbage disposal. Looking for someone to do thi
Project Cost: $147
Shower Leak Cover Photo
The shower on the second floor is leaking into the ceiling of the dining roo
Project Cost: $320
Sony Cover Photo
How much to take TV dow
Project Cost: N/A
Trampoline Cover Photo
trampoline assembly, I have purchased a 12' Outdoor Lighted Trampoline for grandsons birthday, I need it asse
Project Cost: $135
Seal Replacement Cover Photo
Replace seal on bottom of glass shower doo
Project Cost: $125
Handyman Cover Photo
Front of house water house water hose bibb broken. Needs replacement.
Project Cost: N/A
Plumbing Cover Photo
I need to replace a garage disposal; have the dishwasher line checked (draining from the valve on top of the s
Project Cost: $155
Build A Swing Set  Cover Photo
a simple sedar swing set
Project Cost: $450
Reroute The Water Lines Cover Photo
Rerouting hot water line from underground to above ground. Possibly the cold water lines as well. Include rep
Project Cost: N/A
Garbage Disposal Cover Photo
Garbage Disposa
Project Cost: $176
Trampoline Cover Photo
Project Cost: N/A
Home Project Cover Photo
Project Cost: N/A
Handyman Cover Photo
Requesting a quote for handyman services in 89148. Please provide rates and availability.
Project Cost: $76
Baseboard Installation  Cover Photo
favorite this post Installed baseboard labor only. hide this posting restore this
Project Cost: N/A
Mobile Home Handyman Needed by Owner Cover Photo
Need experienced handyman for mobile home repairs. Work includes new/repair flooring, wall repairs or paint,
Project Cost: N/A
Plumber Copper Work   new Bathrooms tub Cover Photo
I do not have much to spend. I had a house rented and the Tennant destroyed the house when they moved out. I
Project Cost: $691
Need Metal  To Repair Chair Cover Photo
Project Cost: $60
Plumber Experienced With Tools Cover Photo
Both issues are at the same location and the first is most important. We have two issues with drain pipes.
Project Cost: $500
Handyman Needed Cover Photo
We are moving and needing a handyman to fill a bunch of small homes in the walls from picture hanging- and
Project Cost: $100
Retile Fireplace Cover Photo
Need someone to retile a fireplace. I have the tile and grout, you just need to bring mastic/thin
Project Cost: $600
Handyman With Ladder Cover Photo
Need someone with an extension ladder to change light bulbs in two high fixtures and battery in smoke
Project Cost: $100
Handyman To Change Light Fixtures Cover Photo
Looking for a handyman who can replace some light fixtures in my home. 3 of the light fixtures (chandeliers
Project Cost: $191
Find the Water Leak And fix it Cover Photo
I received a notice from water co that I have a constant flow of water and my bill is super high. I am out of
Project Cost: $100
Handyman With Appliance Repair Experience Wanted Cover Photo
Hello, I have a small apt complex where I need occasional maintenance including appliance repair. if you have
Project Cost: $250
Need Plumber my Fridge is Leaking Toilet Leaking Cover Photo
NEED PLUMBER my fridge is leaking toilet leaking the hard wood floor started to bolt up i see some water
Project Cost: $200
Fix a House Cover Photo
Looking for a profesional worker to fix a house New Tiles Paint and fix the walls Fix a new bathroom Fix the
Project Cost: $1000
Toilet Remove And Install  Cover Photo
Toilet remove and install $25
Hello looking for someone experienced to remove my current toilet and
Project Cost: $119
Need Handyman For Some Misc Work  Cover Photo
Have some misc work needed that a handy person could do. Some related to plumbing, rest just typical house
Project Cost: $90
Paint A Shed And Yard Work Cover Photo
I have a shed to caulk and paint. Some random yard work. $12 an hour cash. I can keep you busy all day.
Project Cost: $163
Plumber Cover Photo
Main leading water valve from the wall to the toilet tank replacement.
Project Cost: $91
Yard Clean up - Every 2 Weeks Cover Photo
Project Cost: $80
Pool Deck Repair Cover Photo
Hello. I need someone to repair/patch some spots on my pool deck. One large area above the skimmer is
Project Cost: N/A
Fix Hyundai Accent Door Cover Photo
The driver outside door handle not working on my 2004 Hyundai Accent. There is nothing visibly wrong,
Project Cost: $100
Moving Cover Photo
Project Cost: $45
Home Project Cover Photo
I have a total 13 door openings that needs door jambs/post. 3 door openings has 8 9/16 thick and the rest is
Project Cost: $925
Need Handyman Cover Photo
I need to install some cabinets, clean some leaves out of the pool, and install one filter! I am a disabled
Project Cost: $165
Handyman Needed Westside Flamingo Cover Photo
Handyman needed to mount new light fixture in Bathroom... and fix two leaking shower supply handles.. see
Project Cost: $207
Handyman Needed Cover Photo
I am in need of a handyman that I can call on for various odd jobs who is reliable aND relatively timely. I
Project Cost: $167
need Interior Wall Installed Cover Photo
My house has a bedroom that is not enclosed. In some identical houses in the neighborhood this bedroom was enc
Project Cost: N/A
Plumber And Framer Cover Photo
Looking for both a good affordable person. My bathroom is already demoed out. Need someone that really knows
Project Cost: N/A
Need Baseboard Trim Installation Expert Cover Photo
I have laminate flooring installed in a 1100 square foot office. I need someone who is an expert in baseboard
Project Cost: N/A
I Need a Licensed Plumber Cover Photo
I am remodeling my kitchen. I need a licensed plumber to: Plumb my new sink and faucets with all new
Project Cost: N/A
Handyman Needed  Cover Photo
Looking for detail oriented handyman. Néed to install lighting fixtures, paint front door and assemble furni
Project Cost: N/A
Sliding Screen Door Repair Cover Photo
I need someone to replace the plastic screen in my patio screen door. Price is negotiable. Door is less
Project Cost: $100
Moving 2 Couches Cover Photo
I have two couches one needs to be dumped and the other needs to be taken to another location, which is only
Project Cost: $120
Looking For Portable Pipe Threader Cover Photo
Is there any plumbers or anyone with a portable pipe threader? I have to thread a pipe coming out of the
Project Cost: $185
Landscape Labor Cover Photo
I need two people for two days to help me get my yard ready for sod
Project Cost: $200
Need Plumber To Fix Water Heater Cover Photo
Need Plumber to fix Waterheater I have a 4 year old house and the water heater is fine but I need someone to
Project Cost: $350
Install Cat Door  Cover Photo
Install cat Door I am looking for someone who can install a cat door. Please send me your estimate thank you
Project Cost: $166
Handyman Tv Install Cover Photo
There's a wall mount that needs installing as well as hanging the TV on the mount. The old tv and wall mount w
Project Cost: $175
A Labor For Base Boards and Trim Cover Photo
We are currently looking for someone who specializes in base boards and trim. Please reply with experience
Project Cost: $300
Someone With Tall Ladder to Remove old Christmas Lights Cover Photo
Need Someone With Tall Ladder to Remove old Christmas Lights Just need someone with a 10 ft ladder to remove o
Project Cost: $93
Clogged Up Cold Water Cover Photo
I'd hire a state licensed Plummer for my clogged up cold water pipe from the wall into my washer. Please give
Project Cost: $220
Handyman Needed To Hang Paper in Room Cover Photo
I'm building a home photography studio and I need someone to hang some black paper on the white walls in a
Project Cost: $105
Sink Installed Cover Photo
Looking for someone to install a Sink for me
Project Cost: $162
Plumber Needed Cover Photo
I have a busted water heater under warranty. I just need someone to uninstall pick up/ drop off old one and
Project Cost: $237
Shower Repair Cover Photo
Project Cost: $267
520 Plumbing  Cover Photo
Three plumbing issues as follows: Fix leaking hot water heater Install basic bar sink faucet with good access
Project Cost: $1109
520 Stair Post Cover Photo
Replace Rotted Stair Pos
Project Cost: $238
Home Project Cover Photo
Project Cost: N/A
Toilet Install Cover Photo
installing toilets
Project Cost: $115
Looking For A Handyman Cover Photo
I'm looking for a handyman to assist me with things around the house.
Project Cost: N/A
Home Project Cover Photo
Project Cost: N/A
Kitchen Faucet Cover Photo
Kitchen Fawcette change-out and/or repair. This one has the pull out sprayer cord jamming (tight) and just rec
Project Cost: $131
General Repair  Cover Photo
Looking for someone to do grouting tiles, minor painting, base board removal and installation, crown molding,
Project Cost: $478
Door Jamb  Cover Photo
We have a tenant who needs a door jamb repaired. See pictures for details. We manage several apartments and a
Project Cost: $189
Sheetrock Repair Cover Photo
Need Sheet Rock Repair Need some minor sheet rock repair preferred Wednesday or Thursday September 9 or 10.
Project Cost: $195
Handyman With Tools Needed  Cover Photo
I am looking for a handyman with tool to build a wall for me at my place of business.
Project Cost: $605
Repipe Mobile Cover Photo
I need a plumber to repipe my two bedroom, two bath motorhome. The galvanized pipes need to be replaced. Must
Project Cost: $3000
Replacement Of Galvanized Pipes  Cover Photo
Looking for someone to repipe a two bedroom, two bath motor home. The galvanized pipes need to be replaced.
Project Cost: $3500
House Basement Cover Photo
Update landscaping (cleaning up, weeding etc. and make it look nice again) You'll notice a few black pipes run
Project Cost: $256
Handyman Needed  Cover Photo
Project Cost: $121
Kitchen Sink Install Cover Photo
I am looking for someone to give me a free estimate on installing a stainless steel kitchen sink. don't bother
Project Cost: $167
Modify Patio Cover Cover Photo
My patio cover did not pass city codes, I need a person that now's how to modified the patio cover. Yes someon
Project Cost: $400
Drywall Cover Photo
I had a water leak in my ceiling and wall and I need the drywall removed and re-painted. I need to have a lice
Project Cost: $654
Home Repairs Cover Photo
I plan on putting my house on the market soon but I do have a few minor things around that house that need to
Project Cost: $503
Wall-Mount 2 Flat Screen Tvs  Cover Photo
I need 2 flat screen Tvs wall-mounted in my condo. My HOA is super pricky on who is allowed to do work inside
Project Cost: $400
Water Meter Cover Photo
Putting individual water meter on a fourplex.
Project Cost: $341
Bathroom Shower Cover Photo
Re-caulk bathroom shower
Project Cost: $117
Plumber Cover Photo
Sink Cut-Out (corian cut-out with new stainless sink installed)
Project Cost: N/A
Valve Repair Cover Photo
plumbing I have a simple job that requires repacking a water shut off valve for the hot water supply line for
Project Cost: $150
Any Licensed Plumbers Available Cover Photo
Hi I need 2 shut off vales replaced for the washer water supply. email, Text or call me if you can do
Project Cost: $211
Licensed Plumber To Replace two 1 4 Turn Valves For the Washer  Cover Photo
Must be licensed and insured. Small job for tomorrow or later this week the best bid under $50.00 that has a
Project Cost: $196
Guest Bath Sink Repair Cover Photo
Requesting a quote for plumbing
Project Cost: N/A
Kitchen Remodel  Cover Photo
Counters, lighting, backsplash and cabinets
Project Cost: N/A
Need Plumber Or Someone With Snake For Quick Job Cover Photo
Need someone good with plumbing / using a snake for a quick job to unclog a pipe / drain. Shouldn't take long
Project Cost: $91
New Bathtub Cover Photo
Remove and install tub and tile
Project Cost: $2166
Garage Plastic Sink Cover Photo
Garage plastic sink is leaking from behind the sink itself.
Project Cost: $120
Misters Cover Photo
Misting system for my patio area. Approx 5X14 of patio area. Looking for estimates on equipment and install.
Project Cost: $496
Bathroom Toilet Cover Photo
Bathroom toilet lean
Project Cost: $201
Hang Banners Cover Photo
Project Cost: N/A
Home Project Cover Photo
Project Cost: N/A
Wall Mount  Cover Photo
To install tv mount and take the other mount and tv down
Project Cost: $80
Door Repair Cover Photo
door fixes. need someone to fix my door
Project Cost: $89
Kitchen Sink  Cover Photo
Kitchen Sin
Project Cost: $108
Handyman Projects Cover Photo
Handyman with light electrical and Audio video hookups for 5 plasma tv's, unpacking, assembling furniture and
Project Cost: $300
Sprinkler Cover Photo
Water sprinkling- when on, it will leak to flood and waste water. Currently have to turn off.
Project Cost: $142
Redo Enclosed Patio Cover Photo
about $3000 tops we inclosed our patio years ago, but need a better job done.
Project Cost: N/A
Wall Repair Cover Photo
Wall repair/replace.
Project Cost: $268
Faucet Cover Photo
wwall faucet installed looking for someone to instal
Project Cost: $75
Fridge Delivery Cover Photo
Wanted someone to pick up Fridge from Alliante and deliver to Centenial Hills Approx 4 miles Its the freeze
Project Cost: $95
Fitness Equipment Install Cover Photo
fitness equipment installation of a treadmill. May have to move it to room of choice. Available most days duri
Project Cost: $134
Plumbing Repair Cover Photo
Project Cost: $146
Above Ground Pool Cover Photo
Above Ground Poo
Project Cost: N/A
Prune Trees & Add Gravel Cover Photo
A 12' tree needs removal, A 20' tree needs trimming, & add gravel
Project Cost: $895
Trampoline Cover Photo
We want someone experienced in installing a large trampoline.
Project Cost: $300
French Patio Doors Installation Cover Photo
Need to get french patio doors with enclosed blinds installed
Project Cost: $575
Fix Cracked Building Drain Cover Photo
A cracked drain needs to be located and fixed & a wc flange repaired
Project Cost: $246
Kitchen Facet Cover Photo
Kitchen Fauce
Project Cost: $80
Cabinet Touch Ups Cover Photo
Need kitchen cabinet doors touched up, total 35
Project Cost: $1021
Home Project Cover Photo
Project Cost: N/A
Home Project Cover Photo
Project Cost: N/A
Shelves Cover Photo
Need to cut a small window (where the mirror currently is shown) and add floating shelves above the bar to hol
Project Cost: $301
Clogged Toilet Cover Photo
Clogged toilet-has been clogging repeatedly for the past two months off and on. Been snaked by myself and prof
Project Cost: $150
Storage Cover Photo
Adding small storage to hold shoes. Could be a cabinet, drawer or shelving system
Project Cost: $343
Home Project Cover Photo
Project Cost: N/A
Painting Shutters Cover Photo
Painting plantation shutters whit
Project Cost: N/A
Bathroom Faucet Cover Photo
In need of a plumber for the bathroom sink, please provide rates and availability
Project Cost: $180
Plumber Cover Photo
,main water line replacement
Project Cost: $883
Install Trampoline   Cover Photo
Project Cost: N/A
TVS Cover Photo
To hang a 40 inch TV on the way. I have the wall mount already.
Project Cost: $86
Repair Clogged Toilet Cover Photo
Clogged toilet
Project Cost: $87
Chandelier Installation Cover Photo
Looking for someone who can help hubby take down ugly chandelier and re- hang the new one. Not heavy- just
Project Cost: $118
Swing Set Install Cover Photo
Swing Set Installation Needed. Looking for a good handyman to do this instal
Project Cost: $140
Swing Set Install Cover Photo
Swing Set Installatio
Project Cost: $100
Outdoor Patio Cleaning  Cover Photo
Patio cleaning : eed some help w cleaning our patio and moving a 4 piece wicker furniture set for a dinner par
Project Cost: $75
Stair Case  Cover Photo
staining and simple repair of stair case trim
Project Cost: N/A
Move Toilet Over Cover Photo
Move toilet over 2-3 inches. Would require breaking concrete. Toilet and flooring are already removed and con
Project Cost: $775
Home Project Cover Photo
Project Cost: N/A
Handyman Cover Photo
Patio Cover
Project Cost: N/A
Plumber Needed Cover Photo
We are looking for someone that has basic plumbing knowledge and tools to repair a few faucets, sinks and
Project Cost: $300
Plumber Cover Photo
Dipping well cabinet. I need a hole cut on the top of the cabinet and just the drap to a slow drip.
Project Cost: N/A
Mount TV Cover Photo
Requesting a quote for tv mount
Project Cost: N/A
Show Replacement With Tub Cover Photo
Shower And Tub Door replace 60 inch tub with shower. Remove existing shower and place toilet where the shower
Project Cost: $3550
Handyman Cover Photo
Water damage in utility room. I need approximately 16 square feet of sub-floor replaced at time of new water
Project Cost: N/A
Replace Toilet Cover Photo
Toilet replacement
Project Cost: $166
Trampoline Installation Cover Photo
Project Cost: N/A
Plumber  Cover Photo
Plumber needed quick $50
Hello, I am a DIYer that needs an honest plumber to inspect some plumbing
Project Cost: N/A
Masten Attic Ladder Install Cover Photo
installation of attic ladder in garag
Project Cost: N/A
Handyman Cover Photo
Project Cost: N/A
Door Cover Photo
Slab Doo
Project Cost: N/A
Needed Handman    pipe Cover Photo
I have a busted water pipe that is outdoors easy fix. It the one you put your hose onto during tbe summer to
Project Cost: $185
Demo Replace Shower Cover Photo
Seeking an experienced person to remove old tub & shower, replace walls, relocate drain, tile pan & walls.
Project Cost: N/A
Quality Handyman Needed Cover Photo
We have a Condominium Building that periodically needs handyman services and we need someone willing to
Project Cost: $108
Plumber Cover Photo
Pasture gate needs to be removed by cutting wire and cutting small iron pipe. Welder?
Project Cost: N/A
Mini Ac Install Cover Photo
Mini split ac systems- downstairs 1100 sq ft.
Project Cost: N/A
Commercial Building Cover Photo
In the basement I'd like to have a Saniflo toilet installed with sink. Upstairs bathroom toilet moved 4'feet
Project Cost: N/A
Handyman Cover Photo
Backsplash sticky tile for kitchen.
Project Cost: $424
Garbage Disposal Installation Cover Photo
All I need is a simple garbage disposal installed. The old one has already been removed and the new one is
Project Cost: $68
New Doors  Vent For Fan Cover Photo
Looking for handyman who can hang 7 new doors in my house. Currently jam is only setup for 2 hinges so there
Project Cost: $626
Fence And Gate Installation Cover Photo
Project Cost: $400
Need Pedestal Sink and Toilet Installed Cover Photo
Need pedestal sink installed, P-trap is wrong size so will need to be changed out. Also install toilet. Hope
Project Cost: $115
Fix Hand Rail Cover Photo
I moved into a house and the rail for the pool handle is wobbly. I took off the rail and discovered that a bol
Project Cost: $100
Handyman Wanted Cover Photo
Wanted: handyman to fix up a house that is going on the market. House needs cleaning, repairs, appliance
Project Cost: N/A
Headache Cover Photo
I am just needing a new basketball rim and the rim installed.
Project Cost: N/A
Re Model Cover Photo
Installed two lav facets with new supply lines and angle stops. I also need a new moen single handle shower
Project Cost: $396
Build A Door For A Video Setstage Cover Photo
I need to have a door built for on set usage during video shoots. This is for demonstrating exercises that
Project Cost: $250
Plumber  Cover Photo
I need some 1 1/2 inch pipe ran under house for new drain system.
Project Cost: N/A
Replace Grundfos Cover Photo
Looking for someone to replace hot water recirc pump with 15-18 pump.
Project Cost: $450
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