Crestwood OR Gas Line Costs

Over 113 local gas line with cost data available.

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Plumber Cover Photo
leaking window/rotting wood repair. retaining wall wood slats replaced. drywall project.
Project Cost: N/A
Plumber Cover Photo
Got your name from Don Snedecor, editor of the SW Portland Post. I was notified by the water bureau that I
Project Cost: N/A
Plumber Cover Photo
Hi, I need the caulking replaced in my bathroom. Is that something you could do? Also, I asked my plumber
Project Cost: N/A
Plumber Cover Photo
Hi, I need the caulking replaced in my bathroom. Is that something you could do? Also, I asked my plumber
Project Cost: N/A
Hauling And Disposal Of 2 Toilet Bowls Cover Photo
Dispose (recycle) 2 toilets.
Project Cost: $100
Handyman   Plumbing Needed Cover Photo
need a handyman to fix some light plumbing light electrical and other carpentry work
Project Cost: N/A
Home Project Cover Photo
HVAC Inverter/Head Unit install in my shed
Project Cost: $1085
Leaky Bath Drain Cover Photo
Fixing a leaky bath drain. Replaced seal on drain plug and it didn't solve the issue. Drain is above kitchen
Project Cost: $541
Cant Connect The Washer And The Faucet Cover Photo
My new washer can not be used because I can not connect the pipe with the faucet
Project Cost: $161
Plumbing And  Electrical Installation Cover Photo
Need a spicket install on the outside of the house for the front yard, need minor repairs in the bathroom/show
Project Cost: N/A
I Need a Plumber Cover Photo
My hot water heater (Bradford White) is no longer producing hot water. It just started a couple days ago and
Project Cost: $200
Plumber Cover Photo
French Drain
Project Cost: N/A
Install Ductwork Cover Photo
Run ducting to heat/cool the second floor.
Project Cost: N/A
Need fix the Furnace - Code 31 Pressure Switch Cover Photo
I have a Carrier furnace model 59SC2B that puts out code 31 which is an issue with the Pressure switch or the
Project Cost: $125
Heating & Cooling Cover Photo
decommision and air conditioning unit
Project Cost: $4200
Ductless Ac Cover Photo
800 sq ft split AC ductless for living room and bedroom x
Project Cost: $3200
Hvac Specialist Needed Cover Photo
We need someone who is reasonably priced and can take responsability for his work. Our A/C is not working
Project Cost: $3500
Need Bathroom Faucet Replaced Cover Photo
Bathroom sink faucet broke. Have replacement, but need someone to remove the old one and install the new one.
Project Cost: N/A
Need New Hvac Guy Cover Photo
HVAC contractor pulled a MIA. I need someone to finish up the job. I think he left everything but the line
Project Cost: N/A
Refrigerator Water Line Installation Cover Photo
Refrigerator Water line Installation. The house does not a water line for the new ice-maker refrigerators and
Project Cost: $285
Plumbing Needed = Re-Pipe And Finishes Cover Photo
We have a few house flips coming up, and are in need of good/fair priced plumber to work with. Looking for a
Project Cost: $60000
Drainage Cover Photo
Drainage ditch
Project Cost: $1500
Home Project Cover Photo
Project Cost: N/A
Goodman Gas Furnace not Working Cover Photo
Almost new Goodman Gas Furnace, not heating, blinking red light inside? Blinks 3 times Experienced
Project Cost: $142
Need Furnace Help Cover Photo
Need reasonably priced help with fixing furnace, trane XL80. Blower runs continuously but no heat. Please
Project Cost: $109
Licensed Plumber Needed Leaking Pipe Cover Photo
LICENSED PLUMBER NEEDED LEAKING PIPE. 3" galvanized drain pipe is leaking at fitting in crawl space below
Project Cost: $250
Service Oil Furnace Cover Photo
An oil burning furnace has been installed and is not currently working. It will turn on for around 5 seconds
Project Cost: $90
Ac Install Cover Photo
Ac Install Need an AC unit installed and charged. Please provide a bid or plan to meet me on site. Thanks
Project Cost: $3600
Hvac Installation Cover Photo
We are in the process of framing a new home and need someone for the HVAC system. This is a 2 story and 3300
Project Cost: $12185
Heat Pump Installer Cover Photo
Replacing my old Heat Pump and Electric Forced Air Handler with same type system. I'm able to help but have
Project Cost: $1500
Hanging GAS Furnace NOT Working Cover Photo
LICENSED HVAC person needed to get hanging gas furnace working (shop heater style). Flame comes on, but fan
Project Cost: $181
Need Hvac Assistance and Installation Cover Photo
We have a 3,000 sqft building in need of HVAC services. We plan to purchase the unit through Vinje's and we
Project Cost: $2750
Need A Plumber Asap Cover Photo
Im trying to finish my basement next week ,need shower sink toilet plumbed into back wall , various other
Project Cost: $4200
Plumber Cover Photo
Kitchen sink with disposal is backed up
Project Cost: $150
AC Install Cover Photo
Installing AC. 3 beds 2 baths 1,529 sqf
Project Cost: $3484
Hook Up 275 Gallon Above Ground Oil Tankome Cleaning Cover Photo
Installing a 275 gallon above ground oil tank I am looking for someone to hook up an above ground 275 gallon o
Project Cost: $320
Air Conditioning Cover Photo
Looking to add a 3 ton air conditioning to a 2500 new construction home that already has central heat. I'd lik
Project Cost: $3000
Bathroom Fan Cover Photo
Our bathroom exhaust fan doesn't seem to be working properly and because of the type of fan that it is, we wer
Project Cost: N/A
Plumber Cover Photo
Install fridge water line to pipe in basement.
Project Cost: N/A
Throne Repair Cover Photo
Plumbing: leaking toilet
Project Cost: $217
Hvac Work Needed Cover Photo
Hello, Do you have a reference to a good HVAC company or yourself looking for some work? I have a 1950s era
Project Cost: $2503
Toilet Install Cover Photo
We have three toilets that need need to be replaced. One is already disconnected. We have purchased the toile
Project Cost: $353
Ac Repair Cover Photo
Needed for home system my central AC, unit needs to be charged up. Was blowing cold last summer, but wasn't so
Project Cost: $183
Plumbing Installation Cover Photo
Looking for someone to run a new water main line about 30 feet about 4'deep.
Project Cost: $1362
Leak Repair Cover Photo
I am in need of a plumber to fix leak under bathtub. I need this work done asap.
Project Cost: $218
Home AC Unit  Cover Photo
Need refrigerant added to home AC unit. If you're licensed, please let me know what your cost would be to add
Project Cost: $213
Valve System Cover Photo
Installing double check valve system from house underground water pipe for home irrigation purposes
Project Cost: N/A
Install Heating/Cooling Cover Photo
heating/ coolin
Project Cost: $4000
need Someone To fix Noisy Window AC Unit Cover Photo
I have a small window AC unit that works well but is making a lot of noise. I believe the fan is making the no
Project Cost: N/A
Furnace Install Cover Photo
Install replacement furnace into new duct system. Ducting is being installed currently. Furnace is Goodman GMV
Project Cost: $2650
Irrigation Drainage Help Cover Photo
It's that time again. Looking for someone to dig up a French drain, clean it out and set it back in place, to
Project Cost: N/A
Commercial HVAC Repair  Cover Photo
Do you know Commercial HVAC? One of my units isn't working and I need some help.
Project Cost: $285
Basement 900Sq  Bath Cover Photo
Basement 900sq bath 150sq rough in plumbing
Project Cost: $17171
Need Plumber - Clogged 4  Sewer Line Cover Photo
Near Heisson. Have a 4" clogged sewer line. Run has clean out access to main house from cottage. Need
Project Cost: $125
Terra Cotta Pot Repair Cover Photo
terra cotta pot repair. Looking for someone to replace an old terra cotta drain
Project Cost: N/A
Kitchen Sink Install Cover Photo
Having concrete countertops poured next week. Will need a new undermount Blanco Silgranit sink installed.
Project Cost: $407
Need fix the Furnace - Code 31 Pressure Switch Cover Photo
I have a Carrier furnace model 59SC2B that puts out code 31 which is an issue with the Pressure switch or the
Project Cost: N/A
A c Unit Install Cover Photo
I Need someone to hook-up my Air Conditioning Unit. I have a Goodman High Efficiency Propane Furnace that I
Project Cost: N/A
Central Air Conditioning Cover Photo
I had central air conditioning installed in my house last year. I went to turn it on last week and it won't bl
Project Cost: $176
Install Back Flow Device Cover Photo
I am in need of a plumber to install a back flow device in basement plumbing / toilet. Basement is remodeled a
Project Cost: $200
Plumbing Cover Photo
Plumber Needed - Licensed Insured Preferred Need a plumber to install a toilet and sink vanity (small) in bath
Project Cost: $800
Install 2 In-Wall Air Conditioners  Cover Photo
I am replacing two in-wall air conditioners and need the two new units installed. Also, please take the two ol
Project Cost: $1112
Licensed Plumber Needed For Re-Pipe Cover Photo
Project Cost: $6825
AC Repair Cover Photo
Air conditioner repair. The air conditioner turns on for 5 minutes. Turns off. Won't turn back on. It's a comm
Project Cost: $142
Seeking Licensed Plumber Cover Photo
Looking for some plumbing help with updating some washer boxes and moving some plumbing. If this is
Project Cost: $350
Hvac Air Conditioner Tune-up Cover Photo
It's now Spring and it's getting hot. How much to have my Air conditioner tuned up to run great for the
Project Cost: $113
Furnace Maintenance Check Cover Photo
Looking for someone to check the furnace/heat.
Project Cost: $109
Stall Shower Cover Photo
Hi, I need to have a stall shower hot mopped soon. Does your company do eork in portland ? If not can you reco
Project Cost: N/A
Plumber Cover Photo
Hello - I'm in the processing of buying a house that I think had polybutylene piping (the inspector saw pipes
Project Cost: $3700
HVAC Installation  Cover Photo
Looking for an experience HVAC individual to install a home condenser
Project Cost: $1475
Remove Tub And Toilet Cover Photo
We want to remove the bathtub and toilet in our bathroom. The rest of the work we will probably do ourselves.
Project Cost: $362
Remove Gas Range / Electrical Cover Photo
Remove gas range from kitchen, cap line, if possible move to basement & connect to unused water heater pipe
Project Cost: $331
Leaking Shower Cover Photo
Leaking shower around the base. It has been recaulked 4 times in the last 3 years and continues to leak
Project Cost: $107
Bathroom Ventilation Cover Photo
Adding a vent space and fan to an existing bathroom. House was built in 1938 and has no ventilation
Project Cost: $1165
Home Project Cover Photo
Project Cost: N/A
Ac Cover Photo
I would like to have a general qoute for you to install a 2 ton AC in a home already wired for AC in a 1500 sq
Project Cost: $2666
Garage Pipe Leak Cover Photo
Pipe leakin
Project Cost: $213
Garbage Disposal Repair Cover Photo
Garbage Disposa
Project Cost: N/A
Vaccum My Heating Vents Cover Photo
Im Looking for Someone to Vaccum my Heating Vents in my House I'm looking for someone to give me a Estimate
Project Cost: $257
Repipe My Home Cover Photo
Currently copper, repipe w/ Pex, all walls to be exposed, adequate crawl space. 3 Bedroom / 2 Bath
Project Cost: $5400
Pipe Repair  Cover Photo
repair plumbing in bathroom
Project Cost: $226
Replace Shower Valve Cover Photo
Replace shower valve. This is the cartridge type and because of location would have to go in from the tub
Project Cost: $550
Heating & Cooling Cover Photo
Insulate heating ducks install one new heating duck
Project Cost: $1500
Fixture Installs Cover Photo
I need the following installed: 1) 2 new toilets 2) 2 bathroom sinks 3) install kitchen sink, sink valve, ins
Project Cost: $676
Heat Pump Cover Photo
A new heat pump my old one is outdated and i was told my A/C lines needed repair and i figured that i needed a
Project Cost: $3500
Ac Help  Cover Photo
Need a 12,000 btu split air unit charged and checked. Everything installed already to go, need your skill and
Project Cost: $291
Heating & Cooling Cover Photo
Install a Hot Dawg HDS Gas Fired Unit Heater 75,000 btu - Single-Stage Liquid Propane Burner in a shop
Project Cost: N/A
Need Hvac Quotes in Dayton  OR Cover Photo
Project Cost: $6266
Furnace Cover Photo
Requesting a quote for furnace
Project Cost: $6000
Propane Tank Cover Photo
I need information on a propane provider so I can have a new propane tank installed 250 or 500 gal. I am curr
Project Cost: N/A
Ducts Rerouted  Cover Photo
I am looking for somebody that knows how to do HVAC work. I need to reroute few vents and ducts in my house
Project Cost: $162
Replacement Cover Photo
Replace old gas furnace and air conditioning
Project Cost: N/A
Shower Leak Repaire Cover Photo
I have a slow shower drip, I think it's the valve on the cold side that has gone bad which means the drywall w
Project Cost: N/A
Plumber Cover Photo
Requesting a quote for dry raught in shower & around toilet
Project Cost: N/A
Shower Door Install Cover Photo
Shower Door installation neede
Project Cost: N/A
Hvac Tech Cover Photo
I need and HVAC tech to help me charge and install the ducted bryant mini split that I have
Project Cost: N/A
Need Fireplace Specialist Cover Photo
Gas fireplace has push button starter but not working properly and blows out when wind comes down chimney. T
Project Cost: $340
Home Project Cover Photo
Project Cost: N/A
Ductless Ac Installation Cover Photo
I'm looking for an installer who knows how to install ductless AC units
Project Cost: N/A
Air Conditioner Cover Photo
Requesting a quote for ductless mini split
Project Cost: N/A
1968 Furnace Removal Cover Photo
I need a qualified person to uninstall/remove/haul away a old furnac
Project Cost: $511
Outdoor Faucet Needs Repair Cover Photo
Project Cost: $90
Furnace Repair Cover Photo
Need experienced technician to help diagnose/repair/replace furnace blower motor (230v 1/6 HP 3 speed motor)
Project Cost: $300
Licensed Hvac Needed For NEW Furnace Install Cover Photo
LICENSED HVAC NEEDED FOR NEW FURNACE INSTALL. - for remodeled house. 2 bd / bath upstairs, 1 bed / bath /
Project Cost: $5500
Smoke Detector Cover Photo
Requesting a quote for smoke detector
Project Cost: N/A
Heat Pump Cover Photo
Purchase and install HEAT PUMP. Looking for someone to instal
Project Cost: $5750
Plumbing Cover Photo
need to have water testing done
Project Cost: N/A
HVAC Diagnosis And Repair Cover Photo
Need someone with experience diagnosing and repairing heating and air conditioning systems. Must know what you
Project Cost: $88
Heating & Cooling Cover Photo
Complete replacement furnace and A/C and ducts
Project Cost: N/A
HVAC System Cover Photo
HVAC system
Have a small 1000sq foot home I have remodeled. I need a small used, or new HVAC sy
Project Cost: $4750
Faucet Replacement Cover Photo
Faucet replacement - we have a leaky kitchen faucet in need of replacement. We have many other plumbing jobs
Project Cost: $82
Hvac Cover Photo
Project Cost: N/A
Plumber Cover Photo
I need a plumber to fix a broken pipe.
Project Cost: N/A
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