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While tight budgets may suggest "patching" a roof when it leaks, common sense points to the shortcomings of this approach. The natural aging of a roof that caused one area to leak has worked just as long on other areas. Treat only the current point of water entry and neighboring sections of roofs can leak tomorrow. The "patch and pray" method of roof maintenance means constant, unplanned attention to roofs which distracts you from the profitable enterprise of your business. Roof replacement is the budget-breaking result of ignoring the roof even after extensive patching. Once the rain, oxidizing effects of the sun, and snow have taken their toll on the root mat and turned it into a dry, lifeless sponge, you are prey for a roofer's bid. His figure includes complete tear off and replacement of the existing roof - labor being the most expensive part of the job. Much of your "waterproofing dollar" goes into his overhead with relatively little going into the materials that actually waterproof your roof. With our Exclusive System of ROOF RENEWAL, you put an end to your patching and replacement. It's the cost effective option! With high strength roof reinforcement materials and penetrating coatings, Our ROOF RENEWAL System builds upon your existing roof base. Its life is extended. Virtually every penny or your waterproofing dollar goes into materials that do the job. Your building is kept watertight without the interruption to your business or risk of fire that can result when reroofing work is done. SEAMLESS SPRAY is the only sensible intelligent method open to a building owner, if he hopes to control his roof maintenance expense. SEAMLESS SPRAY is a necessity -- born out of inflated roof replacement costs. Just the other day a there was a job where the roofer quoted a price of $385 a square for putting down a three-ply new built-up roof. This was in an area where labor costs are not considered excessively high, so it is reasonable to assume this same job would be quoted at $425 to $450 per square elsewhere. The joke is that on this job -- and so many like it -- the roofing company is not just charging the new super-inflated price for the labor for putting down the new roof -- but he is also figuring the bill for labor for tearing off the old roof and disposing of these materials before the new construction begins. Based on our years of experience, less than 5% of all roofs have surveyed had a base that was so far gone that replacement with a new built-up roof was recommended. So right there, by saving the old roof with our SEAMLESS SPRAY you save a great deal of money, even if you were to go the route of brush or roller application. But with SEAMLESS SPRAY you can utilize your own help, while borrowing our equipment (absolutely free). Cost? On the average job (depending on the surface and product used), the total cost of both our materials and labor will run about $1.50 per square foot, or $150 per square. (This includes cost of roof preparation, cleaning, reinforcing weak areas, flashings, parapets, etc.) That means a savings of up to 75%. Every factory -- hospital -- school -- church -- nursing home -- city, county building -- apartment house -- property management concern with a roof NEEDS this product. This is not complicated equipment -- in most cases you will have at least one man with average mechanical "know-how" to head the crew so that the operation will proceed smoothly. If you have only one man available, this man can supervise two or three unskilled laborers who can be hired through a local labor pool. Friends, relatives and neighbors are good sources too. College and high school students, carpenters, handymen and painters also make excellent crewmen. Advantages of Seamless Spray -- Why Seamless Spray Revolutionizes Roof Renewal Methods With SEAMLESS SPRAY, roof renewals that required weeks to apply may now be completed within a few days! With these 9 advantages!! (1) SEAMLESS SPRAY pumps direct from ground level right up onto the roof. This eliminates entirely lifting of pails or drums up onto the roof level. Save Labor! (2) SEAMLESS SPRAY applies more even coating than conventional brush or roller application. Greater customer satisfaction. Eliminates overlapping by conventional methods. Save Labor! (3) SEAMLESS SPRAY recommended on larger jobs (10 barrels or more). Smaller renewals may be handled by conventional brush or roller application. SEAMLESS SPRAY is so fast (empties barrel of material in approximately 30 minutes). The larger the job - - the more you save! (4) SEAMLESS SPRAY applies Fast - - one man operates pole gun on roof. One man tends hoses on roof, keeps hoses behind pole gun operator for faster spray application. Third man at ground level transfers pump from empty to full drums for continuous spraying without time-consuming interruptions. Save Labor! (5) SEAMLESS SPRAY slashes application costs. After roof preparation is done, three men can apply 15,000 to 30,000 sq. ft. per 8-hour day. Save Labor! (6) SEAMLESS SPRAY is easy! Complete operating instructions accompany each unit. Any maintenance man without previous experience easily masters use of equipment with outstanding results! Save Labor! (7) SEAMLESS SPRAY package is complete. Everything you need to easily hook up to your own air supply. Everything you need except the air! Save Labor! (8) SEAMLESS SPRAY hooks up fast. Allow 30 minutes to one hour to hook up - - and you are ready to Spray! Save Labor! (9) SEAMLESS SPRAY cleans up easily - - complete instructions on how to use the pump itself to pump solvent for "self-cleaning" of pump, lines and pole gun. Save Labor! FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: QUESTION: What is the SEAMLESS SPRAY system? ANSWER: A complete unit (Pump, Spray Gun & 200 feet of Hoses) especially designed to apply SEAMLESS SPRAY roof coatings. QUESTION: Does the customer need any special equipment other than the SEAMLESS SPRAY Unit? ANSWER: Yes -- Adequate air supply to be furnished by the customer. Air compressor must be capable of delivering a minimum of 150 CFM (cubic feet per minute) at 120 PSI (pounds per square inch). These compressors are available through local rentals. QUESTION: What will SEAMLESS SPRAY do? ANSWER: Pump SEAMLESS SPRAY coatings direct from ground level up on to the roof where coating is then easily and quickly sprayed onto the roof. QUESTION: How fast is SEAMLESS SPRAY? ANSWER: A three man crew, even without previous experience with SEAMLESS SPRAY Equipment will apply up to 30,000 sq. ft. in an 8 hour day. QUESTION: Is a skilled spray man needed? ANSWER: No -- Complete directions simplify setting up and operation of equipment so that professional results are obtained with unskilled labor. You need just one reliable man to supervise the SEAMLESS SPRAY job to get professional results. This man sets up the equipment, then handles the pole gun, which is where you need the most savvy. The other men (one at the pump, the other moving the hoses on the roof) can be hired from a labor pool. QUESTION: How does a three man crew operate SEAMLESS SPRAY? ANSWER: Ground man operates compressor and SEAMLESS SPRAY pump. He transfers SEAMLESS SPRAY pump from empty to full drums for continuous operation. One man can handle pump. But since it weighs 150 pounds, transferring from barrel to barrel is easier with two men. QUESTION: What do the other men do? ANSWER: Second man on roof tends air line and material line. Keeps lines out of sprayed areas so that spray gun operator is free to operate the gun at maximum capacity for fast application. QUESTION: What does the pole gun man do? ANSWER: This man is the key to fast and easy application. It's virtually automatic to get the knack of handling the spray gun. Very little adjusting of material flow is ever necessary. QUESTION: What about wind and spraying? ANSWER: This is seldom, if ever, a factor. It takes a wind of unusually high velocity to blow the spray any great distance. On days of high winds, people do not do roof work, even with conventional methods. Of course, common sense should be exercised in parking cars so precautions are taken in the event a wind develops during the application. QUESTION: How is "free time" on loan agreement determined? ANSWER: See your agreement form. The size of the order determines the length of free time. QUESTION: What if weather of other factors delay starting until free time has run out? ANSWER: Savings through the use of SEAMLESS SPRAY equipment are so great that nominal rental charges are not a factor when compared to these savings over conventional hand application methods. QUESTION: What are advantages of SEAMLESS SPRAY over hand application besides cost savings? ANSWER: (1) Speed in application allows true "SEAMLESS" coating. Complete roof is done so quickly that coating sets and cures as one continuous roofing film. (2) No buckets, pails or barrels hauled up on to roof surface. Saves labor as all material is pumped direct from ground level. QUESTION: Is equipment easy to set up and use? ANSWER: Definitely -- Our directions are simple and completely diagrammed to enable quick assembly for operation. QUESTION: How about interruptions -- coffee breaks -- lunch hour? ANSWER: No special requirements -- restart equipment when you're ready to resume. Follow instructions in spray manual. QUESTION: How about overnight shutdown? ANSWER: Pump material out of hoses and gun with solvent (mineral spirits or kerosene). Easy directions included for overnight shutdown and for cleanup prior to reshipping SEAMLESS SPRAY back to our designated Re-Conditioning Station. 550 Gal. minimum requirement for the Sprayer. All others only need rollers supplied by the company to complete the job. Call Now for a, No Obligation, FREE ROOF SURVEY, Quote and Demo of the product: We sell Roofing and Driveway Sealants In all states including: Alabama · Alaska · Arizona · Arkansas · California · Colorado · Connecticut · Delaware · Florida · Georgia · Hawaii · Idaho · Illinois · Indiana · Iowa · Kansas · Kentucky · Louisiana · Maine · Maryland · Massachusetts · Michigan · Minnesota · Mississippi · Missouri · Montana · Nebraska · Nevada · New Hampshire · New Jersey · New Mexico · New York · North Carolina · North Dakota · Ohio · Oklahoma · Oregon · Pennsylvania · Rhode Island · South Carolina · South Dakota · Tennessee · Texas · Utah · Vermont · Virginia · Washington · West Virginia · Wisconsin · Wyoming - Washington, D.C.

Commercial Roof Sealing in Boca Raton, FL specializes in asphalt sealcoating work. They have been in business for 8 years. Commercial Roof Sealing has worked on projects similar to Asphalt Sealcoating in Pompano Beach, Driveway Restoration in Pompano Beach, and Driveway in Fort Lauderdale.

Costs for projects in Boca Raton, FL can average $1060. Project sizes can range from $850 to over $1300. When planning for your project, make sure to get multiple quotes and compare. Please note these are sample averages and to get accurate prices an estimate is needed from Commercial Roof Sealing.

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