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Full Service Heating and Air Conditioning Services. Repair all Large and Small Appliances. We offer full service yearly Preventive Maintenance plans. Payment due when services rendered. All Work is guaranteed for 60 days.

J.d. Faris Hvac & Appliance Repair in Midlothian, VA specializes in appliance repair, small appliance repair, and heating & cooling installation work. J.d. Faris Hvac & Appliance Repair has worked on projects similar to Weber Grill Repair in Midlothian, Need Estimate For Water Damage in Basement in Chesterfield, and Freezer Repair in Richmond.

Costs for projects in Midlothian, VA can average $2058. Project sizes can range from $150 to over $4400. When planning for your project, make sure to get multiple quotes and compare. Please note these are sample averages and to get accurate prices an estimate is needed from J.d. Faris Hvac & Appliance Repair.

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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

After over $600 paid, several visits and parts purchased, refrigerator still didn't work. Finally bought a new one. Don't waste your money.

Amanda Weaver

Richmond, Virginia
Monday, October 24, 2016

Scheduled an appointment for a fridge repair. When I had not heard from the owner by the end of our appointment window, I tried to contact him and got no answer or call back, even 45 minutes after the end of our appointment window. Interestingly he answered immediately when my husband called him but would not give an estimated arrival time. I called and email to cancel our appointment and scheduled a different professional to come out the same day. I did not hear from the owner until more than an hour after our appointment window, and when I tried to tell him why we had cancelled our appointment he became agitated and said "You know what? You're good. Good luck. F***ing idiot" and hung up on me. I am a professional in a client-driven industry and cannot imagine ever speaking to any client like that. Do not do business with this person.


Richmond, VA
Sunday, September 04, 2016

"People like us" Be careful who you chose to have work done! I will be posting his responses in this as well. My oven was malfunctioning and or not working properly. I called this individual above with the same business card. I was told I needed a new part that costs around $200.00 and then $100.00 to install which I declined. My cousin, currently serving the Army, used GOOGLE to fix the oven in less than 5 minutes. Nothing was wrong with the oven, it just needed to be re-set. Now, here is my email to the owner J.D. prior to making any posting. I have not issued a review as of yet but wanted to share with you my thoughts prior to doing so. We fixed our oven in less than 5 minutes using Google. I choose you based off of quite a lot of good reviews. However, I feel as if I was being taken advantage of by not knowing at the time what was the issue with our fairly new unit. Nothing was wrong with oven, it had switched to "Celsius" and the clock took 15 seconds to fix. I understand the $70.00 fee was a service charge for coming out, which you also stated was $65.00 when we spoke on the phone. You were going to charge us over $200.00 more for a part that was not needed. Again, Google took care of the issues in less than five minutes. You spoke of how long you've been doing this type of work and I hope I'm wrong with what appears to be me being taken advantage of. Now, here as all the responses I have received back. I'm sorry, I'm just getting to this email now. I am confused as to the call that this was. I do anywhere from 15 to 18 service calls a day. So please forgive me if I don't remember exactly who you are. Tomorrow I will get back in my invoice log and try to see what's going on here. However, I have been in business in Richmond for 3 years officially now, would have been invited back to the Better Business Bureau twice and have been A rated 5-star with Angeles for two years and a plus rated 5-star with home advisors for one year! I am a born again Christian who had a radical change in that manner a marine who served our country 41 enlistment 5 years and honorable discharge 2 times honorable promotion with two tours in three pumps and 2 combat tours. This started as a Ministry and this is the first time I have ever had somebody say that statement to me. I am shocked, beside myself and absolutely Blown Away! At the end of the day my reputation precedes me and if you think that I was taking advantage of you for whatever reason you are sadly mistaken! I'm assuming your assumption would be the gain of money. However money is never my goal obviously. This is the reason we don't mark up parts you pay what we pay it and as a discounted rate as contractors. Most of my labor never exceeds $100 whether I have to get out driving pick up the part or spend 2 hours on the repair. We are Beyond, Beyond more affordable than any of the competition here in Richmond as I work for A&E / Sears for 4 years I am quite familiar with the regional rates for service around here! The measly $200 I'm assuming would not have even been for me but the part! And I am more than throw again more comments than not explain how thorough I am with a customer explaining every concept and approach to them so that they are clear about everything that they are getting out of the deal, what's going on with the machine, how this could have possibly happened to the machine, how to prevent this from happening again and NE other options that I can do to help them in the future I let them know I'll be there for them! Again I have to be careful because I'm not a hundred percent on the Dynamics and specifics of this ticket though, but no how I run my business and my heart! I am not judged by no man but God himself Judges me it keeps me in constant conviction of doing the right things because although we are Service Company I am helping people and that's what I love to do! I feel like you should have probably called me and spoken to me on the phone personally to get this addressed instead of doing this over an email. However I have 4 kids and I have built this business as I said from the ground up as a Ministry, while I worked part-time at Sears going to Seminary School here in Richmond. I did work for members of my church who heard that I did heating and air and Appliance, Plumbing, electrical whatever I could help somebody with I would and it became the monster JD Faris HVAC & Appliance Repair. I have built this business off of Word of Mouth alone not a single dollar spent on Advertising and you would think this! I believe that in your heart and in your life people have taken advantage of you and therefore you would think negative over something positive. I am completely the opposite I always believe the best in people and until I prove, "ABSOLUTLY PROVE" that it is the other that is when I address it and typically sever ties. This is definitely not the best means of addressing this! Again, I think especially with an accusation as hurtful and as strong as this you would have spoken or ask me to come back to the property in person to resolve this! I'll tell you this much this past year has been a very trying year for me without a doubt! I run this business with my heart and people and folks like you 2 are so quick to make such harsh negative statements Blow Me Away! It affects my peace my ability to sleep and overall mind as to why I'm doing this at points! I don't do this for money but as I said before this is the reason I have to do so many calls a day and work so hard and be away from my family so that I can please people for their appliances... LOL in America we have become a culture that is so dependent on their luxuries and want everything done their way, right now without any error. Encourage you to think about this with this line Encourage you to think about this with this line of work that I mean this is the only job where there is no room for error. I'll get one shot to go into a home set a good atmosphere present myself in a good manner diagnose a machine that operates under "theories of operation" just like "Medical Practice". The reason that both of these services are called this is because there are no guarantees. We go to school for all this time to learn the basic functioning and operation of these components that work in series to operate a piece of equipment. There is never a guarantee that that piece of equipment will run in this manner as the "theory" is stated because after all it is a "man-made" machine. Tomorrow I will look into this thoroughly. And I am sorry that you feel this way and did not give me an opportunity to address this in person! It just really hurts me honestly I'll be frank! I work so hard, so hard to make this reputation that I have! Honor and integrity lies in how we handle situations they don't quite go our way in the least, the least you could have done was direct me personally instead of taking advantage of you is just really ridiculous!!! I'm here to help people, not take advantage of them! what a pathetic person that would be, what a pathetic life that would be! I sleep well, well at night because I do the right thing, day in and day out in spite of people like you.... My response: People like me is where you went wrong. I'll be more than happy to now write your review. I will also copy your choice of words and add that into the review so people like me know what they are getting. More responses from the Owner J.D. So let me get this right you're not even going to give me a chance to see the invoice to properly defend myself, and give an explanation to your harsh accusation??? Well then sir I am exactly right... People, like, you! Your negative energy, you're a negative person and you get negative results good day! One more thing, I'm going to respond to you're ridiculous, rude statements! This is America, you don't have the right to call me up and make accusations on my Integrity as a human and a business and not expect me to respond! So I don't need you telling me not to respond back! I'm not your child, I'm not your subordinate nothing like that! You called me, I helped you... you pay the measly fee and you're complaining about that! I wanted you to understand this... you said people like me is where I went wrong??? For your information... if you analyze this situation, unbiased... I've done nothing wrong sir! You, YOU on the other hand are completely in the wrong in all matters. Both the way that you are viewing this issue, the way you have decided to address it, and then you dare to get offended because I say" people like you" once again something is on your heart there sir! If you take offense to that you must be "those people"... and so you can post this those people would be rude, selfish, self-centered, self-seeking, arrogant, after personal gain and the last thing you would do is look for ways to help others! You live a self-centered life! Don't forget to post that! And just FYI you know I will be responding to your post as well! Unlike this situation I actually get a chance to defend myself... LOL What you have here is someone on the defense with their conscious taking over as we have brought religion into the subject where it is not needed and or required as well as his military service.

Business Owner

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Hired the company to repair our walk in freezer and ice machine, when i called to inquire about the service that we already paid for upfront because he needed money to get the supplies (which should have been our first clue this wasn't going to end well). When j called to inquire about the status of repairs I had asked if the wall on was good to go, he said "no it will probably break in the future". Then when I asked about the ice machine I was told he was waiting on another gallon of cleaner and he would SHOW us how to clean it...not sure why we would be paying labor costs for someone that was going to show us how to do something that we hired him to fix?? Over all in my 2 minuite conversation I was berated and talked down to, not a very pleasant person and would not recommend. Basically swindled out of $500 and nothing to show for it


Sunday, March 06, 2016

After spending $320 and waiting 2 weeks our appliance still didn't work. They told us it was going to be another $250 to fix the problem at which point we decided to buy a new washer. I asked them if we could return the part, which they said we couldn't. I asked them to give me the box and receipt so I could at least try to return, and they couldn't produce either one. Not sure why they couldn't produce one or the other the very next day after installation- definitely didn't seem to make sense to us. Almost as if they way overcharged us for the product and didn't want me to find out. I will be doing some research on that tonight and will let everyone know. Would have been happy if they even offered to split the cost of the product with us and they refused to do anything to right the situation. Oh yea, they did offer to help us out on the price the next we use them- very funny- why would I use them after this experience. There are too many options out there to take a chance on using these guys again. I'll have an update on the part and the rest of our story at a later time.


Monday, January 11, 2016

Don't recommend him for plumbing repairs from my experience. Does not guarantee work from toilet and sink leaking after 1 month of repairs. Rather than assessing the property to see what the problem is, he told me an additional service call we be charged. Rather than discussing in a professional matter, profanity was used and raised voice loudly, and I didn't get 2 words in the conversation. Used him many times in the past but will be the last since he told me not to call anymore.


Richmond, VA
Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Very helpful and price matched on a tank less hw heater. Complained a lot. Had to come back several times to fix things that weren't done right.


Q. Why does your work stand out from others?
A. Because we provide the same quality work at a fraction of their costs.
Q. What do you like most about your job?
A. I love to help people.
Q. Describe three recent jobs you've completed.
A. We just completed a huge project on an apartment remod. We do complete retro installs on a weekly basis.
Q. Describe the most common types of jobs you do for your clients.
A. Both service and installation.
Q. How did you decide to get in your line of work?
A. It was my MOS in the Marine Corps.
Q. What is your greatest strength?
A. My leadership qualities.
Q. Do you do anything to stay up on the latest developments in your field?
A. Absolutely, continued education is a must!

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