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Simply Pure Water Treatment Systems ( )mission is providing Florida effective, reliable custom Water Softeners, Water Treatment, Water Purification & Air Purification Equipment Solutions to the contaminated water crisis, only installing treatment products Not Found in big name water treatment system retailers that are still using technology developed 30 years ago designed only for profit margin. Today's available technology is alive in our line of products providing proven better water treatment and purification results. Backed by a lab water test (not with a pool test kit) before and after we install our system. Ask any other company to do that!

Simply Pure Water Treatment in Riverview, FL specializes in water filtration, and water softeners work. They have been in business for 12 years.

Costs for projects that Simply Pure Water Treatment work on in Riverview, FL can average $680. Project sizes can range from $500 to over $900. When planning for your project, make sure to get multiple quotes and compare. Please note these are sample averages and to get accurate prices an estimate is needed from Simply Pure Water Treatment.

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Simply Pure Water Treatment

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Dilton Davila
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John Santana

Sun City Central, Florida
Thursday, February 22, 2018

First time owning a water softener and I was very impressed on how much knowledge Dilton has about the systems. They explained how the systems works and answered all my questions. I highly recommend Simply Pure Water Treatment Systems.

Gladys Johans

Valrico, Florida
Monday, February 19, 2018

Fast, reliable and great service.

Terry White

Tampa, Florida
Friday, February 02, 2018

Dilton from Simply Pure Water has taken care of my well water issues water was staining all my toilet bowls sinks cloths ECT not on my for 1/4 of the cost that other companies wanted to charge me but he has left my household with quality drinkable water dilton takes his time I explaining everything to you untill you totally understand .a

Marcos Acevedo

Wimauma, Florida
Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Great service and afordable prices. Honest and puntual.

Mario Carannate

Wimauma, Florida
Wednesday, January 31, 2018

I'll recommend spwt to any who wants their services Dilton is very knowledgeable he explained everthing Well good installation and service I'm very happy with it great job👍

Roberto Swing

Dover, Florida
Friday, September 29, 2017

Great customer service. Responded on time each time he came to my house. Explained everything I had to do in great detail. Price is amazing. Great quality of work and very friendly. I would recommend this company to any of my family and friends!

Ricky Figueroa

Seffner, Florida
Saturday, March 11, 2017

Very professional and very knowledgeable, was able to answer ALL of my questions and I had done my research. During installation, I was walked through the whole process as my system was custom built right in front of me. Since my installation, they call me for service, I don't have to worry about scheduling services.

Frank Weiri

Riverview, Florida
Friday, September 15, 2017

After having been a client of another local water services company, I was forced to seek out a new water purification service provider, because my existing provider who I had been using for multiple years, told me that I would have to wait a week before they would have any available human resources to address my rotten egg smelling, rust colored water problem. I then contacted Dilton at Simply Pure Water Treatment Services. Dilton listened to my tale of woe, and immediately explained what my options were to eliminate the water problems I was dealing with. Within one hour of our conversation, I received his detailed quote via Email. Having researched possible options, I had gained a great deal of knowledge about the possible options and their costs. Right out of the gate, Dilton's pricing was more than competitive. It was easy to identify that the focus of his quote was not only eliminating my water problems, but at a price point that required no haggling. He promised that he would he would be able to do my install within two days. He promised that he would he would be doing the installation, not some subcontractor. He promised that he would spend some time to educate me about the new system that would be installed. And most importantly, he guaranteed that my existing water problems would be eliminated. I'm writing this review because Dilton of S.P.W.T.S. kept EVERY promise and guarantee!!! I highly recommend doing business with Simply Pure Water Treatment Services!!!!!! Dilton, I cannot thank you enough!!!

Leonard P.

Apollo Beach, FL
Saturday, August 13, 2016

I originally inquired by phone and got professional service in helping me order the exact filters I needed/wanted. After placing the order for the filters. they came in short order. I installed the new filtering system and they work like a charm. I'm glad to find a company that represents a true product and a product that does what it is supposed to do. I highly this company and the products they sell

Kim Y.

Ruskin, FL
Sunday, May 29, 2016

I purchased the carbon filter and water softener combo for my new home in May of 2016. It's been a great investment. The water is clean and softer and I've had no loss of water pressure at all. I started shopping these systems back in late 2015 and had numerous discussions with Simply Pure Water who kept in touch and didn't pressure me at all. Once I closed on my house, I bought it and had them install it. I am very pleased with it and would recommend this product to anyone! Thank you very much Mr. Davilla!!!

Latisha T.

Land 0' Lakes, FL
Saturday, August 20, 2016

Love, Love this whole house water system. Clean water everywhere shower,drinking,cooking. We are in an area that where water is really bad, this filter system is a must have, I feel sorry for the people in my area drinking dirty water and they don't even know it. This company has amazing service. I would highly recommend them!!!

Edgar F.

Lutz, FL
Wednesday, August 17, 2016

We needed a well treatment system, Sulfur removal system, Sediment filter, Carbon filter, and softener; we purchased the UV air Disinfectant system too. We have great clean fresh water at our house and the barn. We are quite happy with the system and we are sure our water is safe to drink.


Holiday, FL
Sunday, August 21, 2016

Very disappointed from the poor customer service, the owner of this company doesn't care about the customer satisfaction at all, he never replied to my complaint. I have been waiting for this company to finish there work for over a month now and they took all the money upfront and never finished the job, they never answer the phone, or text. And the promise 7 years warranty, what a joke. You can't even get any one to answer you or return your call. Very very disappointed and hope to help some one not to fall in this trap

Robert Q.

Orlando, FL
Saturday, July 30, 2016

We live in an area where the water is terrible. Even the water that comes out of the water treatment facilities has some problems. It's high in chlorine. So, we were looking for a water treatment system. Simply Pure Water rep, Mr. Davila, came out and did a presentation. He was very personable. He did his job really well. It was very easy to convince me because I knew our water wasn't good. He still showed it through their water test. Also, we had a very antiquated system that was not providing us with the level of water quality that we wanted. He hit us at the right time, so we purchased their Pro Series system, that allows us to wash the clothes with cold water and with a little soap. They said we'll use the detergent for the scent and it works fine. We got the whole nine yards from them. Free reverse osmosis and one year of VIP Service salt and filters. Simply Pure Water product is good and their people were professional. They presented their information and gave some facts. So we decided to do it. It wasn't a hard sell at all. We signed the contract two hours after their presentation. A gentleman came to install and he's physically a good sized man. He said he could put the system in but he can't fit underneath the very narrow subfloor of our house. His boss came with him the next day and he installed the system. They were polite, did a great job and cleaned up after themselves. After having our system installed, our water is completely different. It tastes good. They claim that it's as good or better than most bottled water and I agree. We used to have big cases of bottled water everywhere but now we're using it straight out of the reverse osmosis and it taste great. The showers are much different because of the soft water. We feel much more comfortable after a shower. We don't feel that dried out feeling of hard water. Our clothes are cleaned with cold water and we don't heat the water for the washer at all. We're happy with it. The price was nearly half of what others had offered and the water in our house is better than ever. We really thought about it and as we go through life, we have at least one thing picked off that's healthy for us. It was a very good experience overall.

Cynthia E.

Plant City, FL
Friday, August 05, 2016

There had been no problems when the guys went through installing our Simply Pure Water Treatment System. They told me what they were doing and they replaced some things that needed replacing. They were informative. It was really good all the way through, so I was very satisfied.

Mathew L.

Apollo Beach, FL
Friday, June 10, 2016

The water that we had where our house is real hard. We had an incident where we had to replace the flapper valve that controls the hot water heater after only about six months because it was already about one-third restricted with calcium deposits. We decided to have it checked up and the plumber that replaced it recommended Simply Pure Water Treatment. Their sales representative tried to work our schedule and then showed us some things about water and he explained to us about what soft water does and how it treats toilets, dishes, faucets, and surfaces. It was really different, especially when I took a shower with soft water that doesn't smells like chlorine and taste awesome. Great experience and service offered to us.

George M.

Lithia, FL
Saturday, July 23, 2016

I knew my water wasn't the best quality and it was very hard to begin with. So, I wanted to see what a test would show us, we call Simply Pure Water Treatment to perform a test in our water, they told us that they will perform a lab test, they took two samples one outside and one inside. The next day they provide us with a full spectrum analysis of our water, they explain the results and what they recommended for treatment based on what we wanted all specs of the system was explain in details and they provided us with research links for knowledge. It caught us by surprise when they recommended to call other companies to compare what they offered against what they offer. First the companies we called came and took a sample a tested like it was a swimming pool, they put some drops and tell us our water was not safe and that we have bacteria in the water, so they had to treat it to make it drinkable. What a scam they wanted to sell us a water softener which only takes out the calcium and magnesium out the water for $4,200.00. Setting up the consultation with Simply Pure Water Treatment was very easy and I enjoyed the conversation very much. The rep was very knowledgeable and explain that they will built the unit right in front of us so we can learn what each of the components worked in conjunction with each other. They included some discounts for been over 55 and new customer no one else did this, they include the reverse osmosis under the sink free and one year of VIP Service included (salt, cleaning solution for the system and filter changes for the RO) and all that for almost half of what the other companies had to offer, we had a good time putting it in a learning experience for us. The installers were very pleasant to talk to and everything worked out to my satisfaction. The difference is amazing now. I would recommend Simply Pure Water Treatment to anyone. It was a very enjoyable experience dealing with the people, finding out about the quality of my water and taking steps to resolve the problems that we had. It's the best move I've made as far as the house in quite some time.

Dale F.

Tarpon Springs, FL
Saturday, May 28, 2016

We have had the Simply Pure Water softener and RO system in our home in Tarpon Springs, FL for a few months now after replacing a 3-year-old Culligan softener that they wanted to replace for a new one I was not paying over $5,000 again. A friend recommended this guys and I can tell you that now I know more about what the water had in it. When Culligan came they took a water sample and tested right on the house with a pool looking testing kit at that point I thought nothing of it of course they were checking only for hardness and chlorine content and sold me an overpriced unit that after the year it wasn’t working right, call numerous a time for service call and payed over $120 six times for labor for equipment that was still in the lifetime warranty… Oh but just to let you know labor is not included. Mr. Davilla explain that there a lot more than just calcium and magnesium in the water that will affect the performance of the systems resin. They took a water sample and send it to a lab and got a full report on my water before and after the existing system. Wow I almost fainted to find out what is the water that supply my house. They design a custom system with different type of resin and minerals and built it right in from of me so I knew the purpose of everything inside. They a trade in amount for the existing Culligan system just to open it and show me if it had the same minerals in it. Now I can see, feel and taste the difference in our water on a daily basis. When I run my hands under the faucet it actually has a silky feel to it. I noticed a difference in my hair right away. It feels softer and is more manageable. Even my dogs fur feels softer and fluffier. Even the coffee tastes better. And at fraction of what I paid for my previous system. This company gives great service which isn't always easy to find these days. If you need help with hard water give this company a try. Your dishes, sinks, shower doors and hair will thank you.

Frank N.

Largo, FL
Wednesday, June 08, 2016

I've used Simply Pure Systems since 2006 and I love it! I would truly miss the water softening if I ever had to stop. We have the service where salt and preventive maintenance every 3 months or so now we can feel the difference. It's great to not have the harsh water marks on glassware and shower doors not to mention what it does for skin and hair. You will never go back to hard water once you try SPWTS! :-)

Bruce J.

Wimauma, FL
Thursday, March 03, 2016

We bought softener system and reverse osmosis system about 3 months ago. When we had questions about maintenance, they have response timely. they visited our house on weekend and explanined what we need to know. And good news is this system maintains itself for most part and needs very little maintenance. Reverse osmosis is once every six months changing cartridges - maintenance service they provide for free with all included even salt they come every 3 months and take care of it.

Dana T.

Largo, FL
Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Simply Pure Water Treatment Systems crew did a nice job for us. Got the water softener and RO system installed quickly, and everything turned out just as they said. On install day the crew was professional, friendly, and they followed up to check on the work immediately after. When it was time to get our garage epoxy done, I contacted them, they came over to move the softener out of the way, and put it back later as promised. It's about 6 weeks of use so far and the systems are doing a good job for us.

Ryan B.

Tarpon Springs, FL
Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Great service & advice on water treatment systems. they have took the time to explain the options I had. they offered a solution for water softening my water as well as taking other issues i didn't know they where present and included a purifying option for free, that have been the peek on my installation of our system. now I'm enjoying the results of their visit to my house and can't be happier about it.

Kathy G.

Plant City, FL
Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Was Looking for a water softener after a couple of quotes, this guys knowledge of water treatment, they explain what is in my water test and how i can resolved and get purified water. Installation went smoothly, really impressed with the service and the results.

Carlos R.

Tampa, FL
Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Great service, system woks great , never had better water in my house!!

Johanna S.

Brandon, FL
Monday, March 07, 2016

Yo y mi novio decidimos instalar un sistema de suavizador esta compañía hizo un excelente trabajo en explicarnos el proceso desde el principio, durante la instalación fueron detallados y se ve perfecto, mi agua ahora está en perfectas condiciones, el pelo y mi piel se siente diferente y el sabor del purificador de agua creo una gran diferencia. Total satisfacción.

Dillon A.

Riverview, FL
Sunday, December 13, 2015

After shopping around for over a month we decided to go with SPWTS, they custom built our treatment system based on our water test. We decided to go with their hybrid system option since works as a water softener and harsh chemical blocker, with the purchase of the system they added a free reverse osmosis system that they placed under the counter and a faucet for cooking used my fridge is also attached to this system. Really informative, they really know about water treatment. I didn't know how bad our water was till know I can't smell the chlorine any more when I shower. Even the coffee taste a lot better now. I'll highly recommend these guys. We are really happy with my system.

Wilson M.

Riverview, FL
Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Was Looking for a water softener replacement got several quotes and a friend recommend this company researched the reviews on Yelp' and call them for a quote, they where on time and what caught my attention was that this guys knowledge of water purification, they took the time to explain what is in my water and how I was under sized on my previous water softener and why it only lasted 7 years, after quoting the equipment they offered several discounts and free a RO system. Other companies where charging for this option. During installation I had a lot of questions they took the time to explain how everything was going to work and walk me through the whole process, really impressed with the service and the results I've been getting out of the system. I give 5 stars cause they deserved it.

Jose B.

Tampa, FL
Monday, March 28, 2016

These gentlemen came to my home and did a fantastic job installing the softener system and I'm very happy they came through to help out. I will always recommend these gentlemen if someone is in need.


Q. Why does your work stand out from others?
A. Voted best water treatment company in Florida that guarantee to out preformed any system in the Florida market.
Q. What do you like most about your job?
A. Provide the health and savings benefits of efficient water treatment to families in Florida protecting property and health.
Q. Describe three recent jobs you've completed.
A. Installed a new Water Softener, Well Water Treatment, Reverse Osmosis & Air Purification for the Cardin family in Ruskin, Florida, Correcting the sulfur "rotten egg smell" in their well water supply. Installed a new Well water treatment system, water softener and reverse osmosis system installed for the Sanchez family in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Correcting the sulfur "rotten egg smell" and iron "red stains" problem they they had in their well water. Installed a new SPWTS Pro Series hybrid 4 in 1 water softener and Reverse Osmosis system for the Fleshner family in Fish Hawk, Florida. Eliminating 98% of all organic and inorganic contaminants in the water they consume in the household.
Q. Describe the most common types of jobs you do for your clients.
A. Custom build water treatment systems based on lab water test results to maximize efficiency & result. we offer 1 year VIP preventive maintenance plan free with every system installed; plan includes salt delivery, system check and replacement of RO Filters replacement at no extra cost. all our systems are guaranteed for 15 years (labor and parts).
Q. How did you decide to get in your line of work?
A. Certified Water Treatment Professional with over 25 years of experience wanting to offer better treatment systems to families in Florida.
Q. What is your greatest strength?
A. Extensive knowledge on how to apply the right type of treatment to any water condition, A real affordable custom build solution, based in science not big brand name companies sales gimmicks that sale fit to all applications leading customers to believe they have better water checking it with a pool test kit.
Q. Do you do anything to stay up on the latest developments in your field?
A. Continuous education, following current water conditions studies, re-engineered equipment to current water treatment technology and methods that provide an affordable, reliable, effective equipment that by design will out last any other system in the market. Guaranteed

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