Frequently Asked Questions

Pro education is important to us, please use the topics below to locate the answers to your questions. If you can't find what you're looking for, you can always send us an email or a support message.


How does Smith Work?
Join Smith and boost up your professional profile. Once you are matched with a consumer for their home project, you will be notified to provide a quote based on the project details provided which is viewable from your mobile device or computer. On average, a homeowner receives 3 quotes, though in some markets it can be up to 5. If you are interested in making a guaranteed connection with the homeowner, you simply use the credits to view their contact info and for scheduling an appointment.
How is Smith different than other lead/referral service?
It's free to receive leads and quote online. You only use credits for a guaranteed connection with the homeowner. Depending on the job size, a guarantee connection can be as low as 1 credit. 1 credit is just $8.
Home Advisor Thumbtack Smith
Receive quote requests $$$ Free Free
Quote online $$$ Free
Guaranteed Connection $
Refund Hard Hard Simple
Perks Follow up
Concierge Support
Free Website
Free Business Tool
How much do I need to pay?
There's no monthly fee and it's free to quote online. Credits are only used for a guaranteed connection with a homeowner to view their contact information and set an appointment. The number of credits needed depends on the job size and category, view the Credits Per Category breakdown for more info.
How do you find new pros?
To locate pros who are closest to the homeowners needing assistance we utilize online listings, review sites or a company’s website. We have a team of home assistants that will personally reach out to new pros to see if they’re interested in joining Smith to help homeowners with projects that match their service categories.
Where does Smith's homeowner come from?
Homeowner requests originate from a variety of sources including our Apps (both on Apple & Google), SEO, Google, Facebook, online classifieds and searches, as well as Partner referral services.
What do homeowners think about Smith?
Glad you asked. Check out what homeowners say about us

Getting Started

Here are some best practices for using our program to connect with homeowners:
  1. You’ll receive a new job notification by text or email
  2. Visit the link provided to review the project details
  3. Accept the lead, we guarantee a connection with the homeowner
  4. Call the homeowner the same day you receive the new job notification to set up a time to meet
  5. If you are unable to reach them, provide a rough estimate and warm intro using our platform
  6. Be sure to follow-up with the homeowner by phone, text or email at least 3 times on different days
  7. Refund requests can be placed within 7 days of accepting the lead if you are unable to connect with the homeowner after the three required attempts
How do I get matched to a job?
We use a proprietary algorithm based on advanced computer learning models to match your skills and specialties to relevant jobs. We also take in to account your settings on service location and availability.
To maximize your chance of success, we strongly recommend boosting your profile by uploading project photos, happy customer testimonials and completing all areas of your free online profile.
Will I always be alerted when new jobs become available?
Whenever Smith matches you to a job, we'll notify you by email and/or text message about the opportunity to review the job and quote a price.
Is my online quote binding?
No, online estimates can only be as accurate as the details that are provided by the homeowner. You only need to give a rough ballpark, then firm up the estimate once meeting with the homeowner. The goal of the warm intro and estimate is to introduce yourself to the homeowner, this ensuring they know you are interested in their project.
What if I charge by the hour?
Please give a ballpark figure (minimum and maximum) that you will be charging.
Does Smith pay me for the job?
No, the homeowner will pay you directly after you complete the service. Smith does not collect money from your customers.

Credits & Billing

Where can I see how many credits I have?
The total credits you have available is displayed on your account dashboard. You can review how your credits have been used by visiting Credit Usage.
How do I buy more credits?
Credits can be purchased from your account dashboard, look for the “Buy” button at the top next to your current credit count. We offer discounts on volume purchases, to more you buy the more you save. Credits never expire and our system prioritizes accounts with positive credit balances.
How does billing work?
Each time you indicate you are interested in a project and would like to make the connection with the homeowner, you will use credits to release the homeowners contact information. If you do not have enough credits on file and have Easy Pay enabled, your payment method store with Stripe will be charged to purchase the credits needed to secure the guaranteed connection.
How do I request a refund?
Rest assured, we guarantee a connection with the homeowner so if you don't reach them you can request a credit refund by visiting Credit Usage. You have up to 7 days to request a credit refund for non-responsive homeowners. Our team will review the refund request within 48 hours.
What is a guaranteed connection?
We want to ensure you are completely satisfied with the service we provide; therefore we guarantee a connection with a homeowner by their preferred method of contact or we will refund the applicable credits back to your account for use towards your next job. Preferred contact methods can consist of a phone call, text or email to discuss project details and schedule a time to meet. We value your time and know that nothing is more frustrating than not being able to reach a homeowner.
How do I change my payment method?
For your convenience, your payment method is stored with to make it easy to purchase the credits needed to make a timely connection with a homeowner. You can adjust this setting under your Billing Settings. No credit card information is ever stored on our servers. We use, one of the most secure and reputable payment processors available. All card numbers are encrypted on disk with AES-256 and decryption keys are stored on separate machines. In other words, your credit card details are safe! For more information, you can visit Stripe's security policy.

Tips for Success

How do I quote a price without an on-site meeting with the homeowner?
We send you qualified jobs that typically include enough details about the project so that you can provide a rough estimate. Try your best to quote remotely because you may be more likely to win the job. If it's just not possible, then you can simply request an on-site estimate with the customer instead of providing a price quote.
Here are a few ways to submit an estimate:
  1. If it is a straight forward job, then just submit the price
  2. You could send an average price and in the warm into area include a note to inform the homeowner that this is an average price based on XYZ materials and that you will give them a firm price after discussing the details
  3. You can submit a $0 estimate and in the warm into area include a note to inform the homeowner that you will give them a firm price after meeting and discussing the details
Watch our online training videos:
We have compiled a series of short videos to help walk you through our system. Take the time to learn how to successfully use the Smith platform to save time and connect with homeowners more effectively, Get started


How come I'm not receiving any emails from Smith?
They may be going to your SPAM folder. Please add and to your safe senders list or address book to ensure reliable email delivery.
I'm stuck. Where can I get help?
We offer phenomenal support by text message, just send your question or issue to 76484 and we will reply promptly. You can also reach us by email at or call us at 1 (855) 700-5093.
Why am I prompted to enter a PIN when calling the number provided for a homeowner?
If you call from a phone number other than the one used to set up your Smith account, you will be asked to enter the pin to ensure we connect you with the right homeowner. The pin is generally your 10 digit mobile phone number. You can confirm your pin by visiting your dashboard and selecting Profile, locate Mobile Phone and update if necessary.