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Gas Line Plumbing  Cover Photo
I need a gas line run about 50' from our utility room to a pad outside the house for a 350k btu heater.
Project Cost: $250
Plumber Cover Photo
New flooring in bathroom, new baseboard trim, demo and replace vanity, toilet, vanity light and mirror,
Project Cost: N/A
I Need Plumbing Repair Cover Photo
I have a 1920s house that has low water pressure to the tub faucet. The sink next to it has good pressure.
Project Cost: $169
Licensed Plumber Needed in Minneapolis - Asap Cover Photo
Need licensed plumber in Minneapolis to hook up water heater, toilets, etc. tonight or tomorrow Please reply
Project Cost: $575
Plumber Cover Photo
Clearing the main drain of roots.
Project Cost: N/A
Need gas Line Connected Cover Photo
I have a new gas range that I need installed. I had an electric range. I have run 1/2 OD soft copper from the
Project Cost: $100
Plumbing Needed Cover Photo
Have some light plumbing work to complete. need someone to replace flex pipe in kitchen and bath fixtures. 4
Project Cost: $216
No Hot Water Cover Photo
Project Cost: $146
Plumber Cover Photo
fix the pipe you broke
Project Cost: N/A
Need Plumber Cover Photo
I had water leaking at my house (in eagan) in basement. i turned off the water or now. looking for some body
Project Cost: $1125
Plumber Needed To Fix Leak Cover Photo
I have replaced the bushings and o rings twice now and unable to make my outdoor faucet to stop leaking. My ma
Project Cost: $116
Install A Bathroom Sink Cover Photo
Fixing up the home, the boys removed the sinks in bathrooms, and are still wondering about how to connect the
Project Cost: $145
Install Faucet Cover Photo
Bathroom Fauce
Project Cost: $116
Need Plumber - Water Heater Gas Valve Cover Photo
I need a plumber to replace the gas valve on the water heater. part of the valve was damaged, but the water
Project Cost: $280
Waste Line Plumbing in Slab Cover Photo
I am looking for someone to install waste lines and venting. 3 bed,1 bath home on slab. Concrete is open. 1
Project Cost: $48
Tub Installation Cover Photo
Looking for someone who can install a standalone tub in the master bath.
Project Cost: $930
Water Leak Repair Cover Photo
Looking for someone who is experienced to repair the water leak from upstairs bathroom and have a small secti
Project Cost: $275
Install A Water Meter Cover Photo
plumbing- I need to have a city water meter installed for a commercial building sprinkler system
Project Cost: $1450
Water System Cover Photo
Installing a complete home water treatment system. I need system and installation
Project Cost: $925
Plumber Needed- Clogged  Pipe  Garbage Disposal Cover Photo
Hello, I am in need of a plumber in Richfield. I have a property in Richfield and my tenant has a clogged
Project Cost: $90
Plumber Cover Photo
Plumber Needed I need a plumber ASAP, I have a stopped up toilet. Email me please.
Project Cost: $154
Home Project Cover Photo
gas fireplace install: We have wood-burning fireplace on our main floor and would like to install a gas
Project Cost: $720
Replace Toilet Cover Photo
toilet Installation
Project Cost: $189
Toilet Repair Cover Photo
toilet repair (new works in tank)
Project Cost: $127
Plumber Needed Cover Photo
I need a plumber to run approx 150' of 1" PVC (shcd 40) in a commercial building. It will be used for 80psi o
Project Cost: $1300
Frost Proof Cover Photo
Install an outdoor frost proof Prier Sillcock 12", and a 3/4" port prat ball valve.
Project Cost: $228
New Door And Toilet Cover Photo
I need to have a new door and toilet installed
Project Cost: $524
Plumber Cover Photo
Estimate to replace polybutylene pipes than run just to the exterior spigots
Project Cost: N/A
Toilet  Cover Photo
Replacement of toilet inner guts, flapper water fill etc
Project Cost: $113
Leaky Toilet Seal Cover Photo
Toilet ring replacemen
Project Cost: $300
Remove & Replace Kitchen Faucet Cover Photo
I need someone to remove and replace the faucet on our kitchen sink. It is an old deep-bowl cast iron sink,
Project Cost: $192
Plumbing Project Cover Photo
Plumbing - remove old pipes and replace to tub and sink through exposed kitchen ceiling. Advice on bathroom
Project Cost: $1633
Please Fix My Leaky Shower Head Cover Photo
Please fix my leaky shower head!! ;) (mpls)
Kind of silly but I live in an apartment and maintenance
Project Cost: $207
Plumber Cover Photo
Replace 2 toilets in separate bathrooms.
Project Cost: $217
Shower Fixture Cover Photo
I purchased a new shower system (a Kohler tub & shower combo faucet). This requires a behind the wall install
Project Cost: $425
Plumber Cover Photo
Project Cost: $149
Plumber Cover Photo
repair of bathroom floor rotted places near toilet, caused by old leak
Project Cost: N/A
Plumber Needed  Cover Photo
Plumber Needed experienced plumber needed to for some repairs.
Project Cost: $234
Change out Pipe to pex - Need Plumber Cover Photo
There is no water pressure to the upstairs bathroom and a bigger plumbing outfit says its because the pipes
Project Cost: $1000
Plumbing Rough In Cover Photo
I am looking to hire someone to do my plumbing rough in. I need hookups for my sink, toilet, and shower. This
Project Cost: $2200
Licensed Plumber or Licensed Contractor  hot Water Heater Cover Photo
I have a Rheem hot water heater that drips into the burner chamber and it's less then 1yr old, Rheem Warrenty
Project Cost: $124
Plumber Needed Cover Photo
I am looking for a professional licensed plumber to to install faucet, drain assembly and inspect the water
Project Cost: $700
Insulating underneath kitchen cabinets with pipes Cover Photo
Need someone to insulate underneath kitchen cabinets with pipes. Home is a 1900's house. Here is whats goi
Project Cost: $145
Plumber Needed Cover Photo
I need a licensed Plumber to do the following:  Install a new two compartment laundry tub with new fa
Project Cost: $2000
Plumber Needed for my Bathroom Sink Cover Photo
Plumber Needed for my Bathroom Sink I would like help in getting my bathroom sink replaced and piped
Project Cost: $60
Leaky Toilet Fixed Cover Photo
Need Leaky Toilet Fixed Need leaky toilet fixed.! Believe it's the flapper. Already have new flapper. Need
Project Cost: $160
Drain Cleaner Experienced Cover Photo
I need a main drain snaked out by the best experienced pro with a quality root cutter on his pro electric
Project Cost: $195
Bathroom Shower NEW Hardware Installed Cover Photo
Bathroom Shower Needs NEW Hardware Installed Looking for someone with plumbing skills to put in new hardware
Project Cost: $350
Need Plumbing Cover Photo
Hi, looking for an honest plumber, preferably someone retired or looking for a side job to come into my home
Project Cost: N/A
Installation of Undersink Reverse Osmosis Filter Needed Cover Photo
We need an undersink reverse osmosis system installed. The system brand is Little Well. Please reply with
Project Cost: $385
Need a Plumber For a Sink Addition Cover Photo
Hi i need a Plumber to change the sink connections to bring them lower, and also add another sink
Project Cost: $680
Swap Out A Kitchen Faucet Cover Photo
I just need someone to come by and swap out the kitchen faucet. You must bring your own wrenches and have
Project Cost: $170
Licensed Plumber Cover Photo
I'm looking for an inexpensive licensed plumber to do some work on a rental. Side job plumbers are
Project Cost: N/A
Licensed Plumber Needed Cover Photo
Licensed Plumber needed to split the ulitilies in a duplex. Call show contact info for more details!
Project Cost: $2700
Plumber Cover Photo
Installing waste and vent pipe for laundry tub
Project Cost: $750
In Need of a Reasonable Plumber Cover Photo
Have a leak somewhere coming down into bathroom downstairs I have a tight budget Will help with anything for
Project Cost: N/A
Laundry Chute Clogged  Please Help Cover Photo
Do you have a 5' picker??? I'm on the second floor of my building and my laundry is stuck! Ive tried pulling
Project Cost: $80
Plumber Wanted-easy job st Paul Cover Photo
I need a 1/2 inch copper pipe hole fixed - open basement to pipe, small job so probably a minimum charge tye
Project Cost: $220
Small Plumbing Job  Cover Photo
I need to have a drinking fountain like the one pictured lowered. How much plumbing would this involve and
Project Cost: $800
Plumbing Cover Photo
Gas Piping Is this an emergency? No What is the nature of this plumbing project? Install or replace What ty
Project Cost: N/A
Plumber Cover Photo
change faucet in shampoo sinks
Project Cost: N/A
Plumbing Needed  Cover Photo
Plumbing Needed
I have gutted two bathrooms, and need a licensed plumber to help complete the work.
Project Cost: $3500
Basement Leak Repair Cover Photo
Carpenter Handyman Needed We had water in the basement and need to replace the sheetrock and there was also
Project Cost: $350
Seeking Licensed Plumber Cover Photo
Seeking licensed plumber for extensive home renovation project FLEXIBLE work hours if your price is right I
Project Cost: $500
Plumber Wanted For hot Water Replacement Cover Photo
My hot water heater is leaking and needs to be replaced. Im looking for someone possibly today or tomorrow
Project Cost: $250
Insalling A Shampoo Bowl Cover Photo
Installing a shampoo bow
Project Cost: N/A
Vanity Cover Photo
Bathroom Vanity
Project Cost: N/A
Gas Line For Dryer Cover Photo
Need a line run for a gas dryer in home I just bought.
Project Cost: $265
Pluming Works  Cover Photo
Looking for a licensed plumber.
Project Cost: $100
Quamme Cover Photo
Planning to purchase a HUD home, need a professional to Inspect/evaluate private sewer system. Could possibly
Project Cost: N/A
Replace Toilet Cover Photo
Toilet Instalation , replac
Project Cost: $400
Plumber Cover Photo
would like to have the bathroom faucet replaced and possibly part of the cabinet replaced
Project Cost: N/A
Bathroom Cover Photo
Project Cost: $5150
Toilet Plumbing Cover Photo
Rough Plumbing Move Scope of work: Toilet Drain Plumbing Quantity:
Project Cost: $593
Need Toilet Repair Work Cover Photo
My toilet won't stop running. I have purchased the entire inside the tank assembly, but would like someone to
Project Cost: $160
Faucet Installed  Cover Photo
I need the old one taken out and the new one put in very similar faucets
Project Cost: $218
Sump Pump Drain Tile Cover Photo
Sump pump/drain tile install. Its an unfinished basement, it floods when we have a heavy rain fall. This
Project Cost: $3400
Sewer Line Cover Photo
Project Cost: N/A
Poor Plumbing Upstairs Cover Photo
Shower downstairs is great but upstairs it's not very usable. The water pressure is really bad.
Project Cost: $1198
I Need Licensed Plumber Cover Photo
I need s licensed plumber to run a short drain pipe for shower, toilet and sink, it's only a 6 ft run in
Project Cost: N/A
Plumber Cover Photo
Looking for plumber to install two new tubs. Old ones have been removed. Please let me know when you could
Project Cost: $400
Bathroom Plumbing Cover Photo
Plumbing for a new bathroom. One shower one vanity and one toilet.
Project Cost: $1500
Spigot Repair/Replace Cover Photo
Project Cost: $241
Pipe Fixing Cover Photo
I need a licensed plumber to do some pipe fixing in the basement
Project Cost: $400
Plumbing Cover Photo
Water softener installation and rental
Project Cost: $862
Replace Toilet Cover Photo
Replace old toilet. I will buy from home depot just regular standard
Project Cost: $157
Half Bathroom Installation Cover Photo
Looking for someone to put in a half bath in the basement.
Project Cost: $1500
Plumber Needed-Licensed Cover Photo
I have a condo bathroom which someone started working on but was not professional or licensed and I didn't
Project Cost: $120
Needing A Handyman Plumber Cover Photo
I have a spot in the basement that's wet but I looked everywhere and cannot find where the leak is. I need so
Project Cost: $99
Replace 2 Kitchen Faucets Cover Photo
Need to replace 2 kitchen faucets and prefer someone who also has the skills to install rough-in for fan and
Project Cost: N/A
I Need a Plumber   Pipefitter To Help fix Shower Thread Cover Photo
We are replacing a shower head and it's leaking. I have used plumbers tape and there is still a small drip.
Project Cost: $154
Install Bathtub Faucet Cover Photo
I am looking for a professional plumber to install bathtub faucet. Must have tools and ability to install.
Project Cost: $364
Shower Bases And Wall Cover Photo
Requesting a quote for shower bases and wall
Project Cost: N/A
Plumbing Leaks And Sewer Overflow Repair  Cover Photo
Looking for someone to fix the water leaks from plumbing in the basement ceiling, and this plumbing pipes are
Project Cost: N/A
Lakshmi Cover Photo
Sump Pum
Project Cost: N/A
Toilet Cover Photo
Old toilet is out just need To install new toile
Project Cost: $109
Plumber Cover Photo
I have a 6yr old Hanson House that Sunderland worked on in Maple Grove, 17223 64th Place N.. Having an issue
Project Cost: N/A
Need Help Installing a gas Stove Cover Photo
Hi, need help switching out a gas range. Both are about the same era so should be very compatible. Also
Project Cost: $300
Leakage Cover Photo
Shower drain leaking into family room ceiling below
Project Cost: $186
Go Cover Photo
Garbage Disposa
Project Cost: $140
Toilet Leaking at Base Cover Photo
We have a toilet leaking at the base, I tried to replace the wax ring but may have done something wrong. It
Project Cost: $129
Updaate Cover Photo
Kitchen Sin
Project Cost: N/A
Plumb Cover Photo
faucet install
Project Cost: $284
Garbage Disposal Cover Photo
Replacement garbage disposal
Project Cost: $254
Experienced Handyman Needed for Vanity Install  Cover Photo
Looking for experienced and knowledgeable handyman withbwork examples to remove old bath vanity and install
Project Cost: $450
Gas Line Installation Cover Photo
I need roughly 140 feet of gas line trenched in and connected to the existing natural gas meter at house - wit
Project Cost: $1595
Plummer To Hook Up Gas Lines Cover Photo
I'm looking for a plummer to hook up gas line from my tree to stove and rang it is 5 ft from the tree and hav
Project Cost: $307
Need Plumber Cover Photo
Project Cost: N/A
Plumbing Cover Photo
Replace kitchen faucet and probably drinking water faucet so they match. Also looking for someone to replace
Project Cost: N/A
Plumber Wanted Cover Photo
I have a older home that needs plumbing repair. Looking for a plumber that does side work to possibly fix the
Project Cost: N/A
Toilet Cover Photo
Change a toilet. Need someone to do this
Project Cost: $323
Faucet Replace Estimate  Cover Photo
I need a kohlor shower handle faucet replaced its twisted off. I need a rough estimate if you can do the work
Project Cost: $100
New Toilet Cover Photo
New toilet
Project Cost: $195
Bathtub Repair Cover Photo
Project Cost: N/A
Plumbing Leak Fixed and Reset Toilet Cover Photo
i need galvanized into copper leak fixed ans reset toilet . send bid and phone number and i will call you
Project Cost: $65
Plumber Handyman Cover Photo
Looking for a handyman to do some plumbing work
Project Cost: $50
Bathroom Tub Surround Install Cover Photo
Looking for someone to do a standard bathroom tub surround install. There is a dual handle faucet and will nee
Project Cost: $2233
Need To Hook Up Water Line   Misc Tasks Cover Photo
We have two small plumbing related projects and possibly a few miscellaneous tasks. Need someone to hook up
Project Cost: $200
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