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Interesting Electrical Issue Cover Photo
Need someone to properly fix an electrical issue. So I installed a new switch in my bathroom a few days ago. I
Project Cost: $87
Need Large Windows Installed Asap Cover Photo
Need Large Windows Installed Asap I need two windows installed in my home. They are both 72x72 inches each
Project Cost: $1025
Cleaning Cover Photo
35 -4 Hours Every Sunday - Cleaning Looking for someone long term to come in every SUN - dust - clean Toilets
Project Cost: $75
New Roof  Cover Photo
Need a new roof installed. it's a really small house (just under 700 sq ft.) and there are no dormers, val
Project Cost: $6000
Roofing Estimate Needed  Cover Photo
Roofing Estimate Needed Wind blew shingles off roof. I need estimate from license roofer for insurance. See
Project Cost: $5500
Carpet Installed Cover Photo
Need Carpet Installed Need carpet installed in a room 10x11 it's a drop no seams and a standered set of steps
Project Cost: $297
Replacing odd sized door. Cover Photo
My bathroom door is old and in need of replacement. However it is a strange size. It measures 27 1/4in x 80in
Project Cost: $250
Kitchen Cabinet Fell Cover Photo
Kitchen cabinet fell off wall. Need reattached
Project Cost: $625
Central AC Outside Fan Cover Photo
I have a central air unit. We replaced disconnect box and freon has been refilled. Well then the fan on outsid
Project Cost: $75
Garden Trim And Haul-Away  Cover Photo
Looking for someone who can trim small trees (most just shrubs) and haul away small brush. Also, I have a base
Project Cost: $642
Downspout Repair Cover Photo
I have a really small repair job. The downspout has come loose from the eave spout on my home, but I cannot re
Project Cost: $67
Carpet Installation Cover Photo
Project Cost: $1500
Interior Painting Cover Photo
painting. Right now its approximately 3'x3'... need to scrap loose paint and then repaint ceiling. So it can
Project Cost: $375
Kitchen Cover Photo
Remodeling kitche
Project Cost: $14250
Lawn Care Cover Photo
Lawn car
Project Cost: $53
Living Room Carpet Cover Photo
Carpeting. Living room has a fireplace, and stairs on each end which also need wrapped with carpet
Project Cost: $120
Concrete Finishing  Cover Photo
Looking to get the steps I made finished by adding concrete steps to the top of each existing step. I would li
Project Cost: $1733
Snow Plow  Cover Photo
Snow Plow Quote for Business Looking for someone to plow snow at our business everyday and salt. I need
Project Cost: $675
Flooring Cover Photo
Kitchen floor
Project Cost: $1649
Snow Removal Cover Photo
Wanted - Snow Removal Looking for someone for snow removal at rental property in Genoa. Parking lot and
Project Cost: $50
Refinish Kitchen Cabinet Cover Photo
Project Cost: $3669
Fencing Cover Photo
fence installation
Project Cost: $1088
Patio Room Cover Photo
Patio/sunroom addition. 16x32 patio room addition 2 doorways 8 windows Scissor truss/ vaulted
Project Cost: $22500
Siding Cover Photo
Project Cost: $7100
Home Repairs Cover Photo
Roofing Plumbing Electricity
Project Cost: $3716
Drywall Cover Photo
Dry walling 1100 sq ft. Finishing only
Project Cost: $1535
Build A Deck Cover Photo
Looking for Someone to Build a Deck I am looking for someone to build a decent deck on the back of my house
Project Cost: $2420
Mulching Cover Photo
Landscaping: Mulchin
Project Cost: $959
Bathroom Cover Photo
bathroom remodel. I just want country style
Project Cost: $3075
Bathroom Cover Photo
Looking for Experienced Person to install Grab Bars in my Father's Bathroom due to "Fall Risk" for him. One g
Project Cost: $178
Bathtub Grab Bars Installed Cover Photo
Need Bathtub Grab Bars Installed Looking for someone "Experienced" to install Grab Bars in Bathtub area of my
Project Cost: $125
Carpentry Cover Photo
Need a base for underneath my bed, similar to box-spring. The dementions are 51" long, 51" wide, 19" tall. Ple
Project Cost: $383
Drywall Cover Photo
Experienced drywall
I need someone to finish a project on a textured ceiling and do another smal
Project Cost: $375
Garage Door Repair Cover Photo
Garage Door Repair Lorain Duplex, We need a repair on ( 2 ) garage door springs ASAP. Call
Project Cost: $195
Painting And Cleaning Apartments  Cover Photo
Painting and Cleaning Apartments As needed work painting and cleaning apartments. Day time hours.
Project Cost: $425
Plumbing Installation Cover Photo
Looking for someone to install a new shut off valve and fix back sink drain
Project Cost: $221
2movers and Truck  Cover Photo
Need 2movers and Truck 2 VERY large VASES, 2 large rugs, small dining room set, and some tables and chairs. On
Project Cost: $232
Moving/Unloading Truck Cover Photo
Movingunloading Truck I have a store delivery truck arriving in Northgate Mall on Sunday morning (10/25/15).
Project Cost: $595
Flooring Cover Photo
wood lamInate flooring
Project Cost: $2300
Interior Paint Cover Photo
Paint walls only
Project Cost: $500
Electric Work Cover Photo
Electric Work Replacing some drywall and there are some wires behind that I need tested and removed. Possible
Project Cost: $350
Kitchen Island Installation Cover Photo
Kitchen Island Cabinet Im looking for a small approx 5 foot wide island cabinet for my small kitchen. Sink
Project Cost: $2950
Need Concrete Slabs Removed Cover Photo
I have 4 large slabs of concrete I need removed. The heaviest one weighs 12000 pounds. We can load on your
Project Cost: $260
Drywall Repair Cover Photo
Drywall repair. Crack in drywall, I have paint to match. It is the edge of wall going up stairway.
Project Cost: $181
Cabinet Painting Cover Photo
Painting cabinet
Project Cost: $1980
Plumber excavotor - Need Estimates for Sewer Line Cover Photo
Looking for estimates - Need a sewer line ran from the sewer department grinder pump to a new construction
Project Cost: $2500
Carpenter for Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Cover Photo
Looking for a carpenter with cabinet and tile setting ability. Steady work all winter.
Project Cost: $20000
Roofer  Cover Photo
Roofer Need a roofer that can lay shingles. Must have own gun. Call or text
Project Cost: $75
Power Wash Cover Photo
Power Wash seal and repair driveway
Project Cost: $580
New Home Cleaning Cover Photo
Professional one-time cleaning for new home, possibly recurring depending on offers.
Project Cost: $153
Shower Cover Photo
I have a stand up shower and I'd like to have it taken out and a tile shower installed
Project Cost: $3015
Basement Cover Photo
basement finishing
Project Cost: $24709
Shingle Repair  Cover Photo
Roofer Needed for Small job I need an experienced roofer to do a Shingle Over job on my garage. I'm supplying
Project Cost: $525
Porch Rebuild   Repair Cover Photo
Porch Rebuild Repair Need my porch rebuilt Base seems to be fine. Might have to add some support beams
Project Cost: $3425
Porch  Step Rebuild Cover Photo
Project Cost: $75
Painter Cover Photo
Painter Need someone to help do some painting in a basement and an apartment. Looking for next week (20 - 23)
Project Cost: $500
Drywall Finishing Cover Photo
Looking for someone to finish some new drywall and patch work and skim coat some rooms. Will supply all materi
Project Cost: $575
Settled Porch  Cover Photo
Settled Porch - Need Help With Some Masonry Please see attached pictures. Let me know if this is a job you
Project Cost: $2500
Repair Deck  Cover Photo
Refinish my front porch. Refinish my six awnings. Scape and paint garage.
Project Cost: $2368
Drywall Finisher Cover Photo
Drywall Finisher I need someone to finish some drywall this weekend may be a few sheets to hang works is for
Project Cost: $800
Thermostat Installer Cover Photo
Looking for someone to replace my old thermostat (house furnace, air conditioner), with a new digital thermost
Project Cost: $93
Shower Remodel Cover Photo
Shower remode
Project Cost: $3833
Ceilings  Cover Photo
Ceiling re texturing
Project Cost: $200
Gas Water Heater Repair Cover Photo
Need to repair gas water heater
Project Cost: $307
Staples Home Cover Photo
Hardwood flooring
Project Cost: $3018
Electrician Needed  Cover Photo
Electrician Needed to Update Panel Re-wire House Hello I need find a quality electrician to replace my 60amp
Project Cost: $1766
Brick Layer Needed For Small Masonry Cover Photo
I'm looking for someone who can rebuild a small lamppost base. It is 2.5 bricks by 2.5 bricks, 8 rows/layers h
Project Cost: $583
Mowing - Landscape - Lawn Cover Photo
Mowing - Landscape - Lawn I need our lawn mowed and trimmed. About 3/4 acre of area. Please provide cost
Project Cost: $70
Remodel Cover Photo
complete home renovation
Project Cost: $71160
Window Seat Cover Photo
Build wooden window seat / bench
I need someone to build a window seat / bench. I'm want 2 p
Project Cost: $1250
Need Roof Shingler Cover Photo
Need Roof Shingler In need of a roof shingle tomorrow shingles only and I have tools if you need to use them
Project Cost: $2000
Leaking Roof Repair Cover Photo
Leaking Roof Repair Needed 4 year old roof needs leaking stopped. Issue is in one section. Happens only when
Project Cost: $175
Moving Service  Cover Photo
Looking for someone who owns a truck (or has to access to one) to move Sofa, Recliner and 5 Ft Credenza, 5 dr
Project Cost: $167
Draining Problem Cover Photo
Plumper Clean Trap or Snake Bath tub slow draining needs either snake or easy excess to trap under neath
Project Cost: $150
Snow Contractors Needed Cover Photo
Looking for experienced companies to take on Commercial Snow Plowing, Ice Control, and Walkway contracts. We h
Project Cost: $2175
Need 2 Experienced Drywall Mudders Cover Photo
Need 2 Experienced Drywall Mudders Need 2 experienced drywall mudders $10-11/ hour Job: Downtown
Project Cost: $1770
Landscape Project job Cover Photo
Landscape Projectjob we have a smaller that needs done very soon-we have the need to have a hedge row that
Project Cost: $275
Roofing Cover Photo
Need Roofing Laborors Need a few guys to help on roofing project. Should last at least a month.
Project Cost: $4500
Roof Needed Cover Photo
Roof Needed Need complete tear off and reroof. This is a rental. Must be able to pull permit in south Euclid.
Project Cost: $3633
Furnace Repair Asap Cover Photo
Furnace Repair Needed Asap Furnace repair needed ASAP Blower went out. Property located in Cleveland on
Project Cost: $95
Deadbolt Installation Cover Photo
Deadbolt Installation Needed Needing a new deadbolt lock installed on an old wooden door. I will purchase the
Project Cost: $91
Drywall Repaired Cover Photo
Need Drywall Repaired I have a small bathroom (50 sq. ft) in need of cosmetic wall repair. Just removed
Project Cost: $1925
Garage Power Cover Photo
Help get in my Garage Power Issue i think my plug came lose on my opener help me get inside thrue window or
Project Cost: $50
Tub Drain Snake or Clean Trap Easy Excess Cover Photo
Tub Drain Snake or Clean Trap Easy Excess tub clogged little snake out ot=r trap in basement easy to get to
Project Cost: $129
Roof Repairs Cover Photo
Small Roofing job I have a small roofing job 7 ft by 11 ft on the second floor of house. You need your own
Project Cost: $1000
Sewer Line To Street Needs Replaced  Cover Photo
We need much of the sewer line to the street replaced. Property is on corner lot. Some concrete needs broken u
Project Cost: $2087
Roof Repairs Cover Photo
Looking for someone to help tear off shingles and replace shingles. We will clean up all shingles that hit the
Project Cost: $2000
Lawn cut Cover Photo
Lawn cut I need a lawn cut I would like a pre cut picture sent and then an after shot of lawn on three
Project Cost: $20
Carpenter And Painter  Cover Photo
I have some work that needs done on a home
Project Cost: $3500
Torpedo Heater Needs To Be Repaired  Cover Photo
Torpedo Heater Needs to be Repaired I have a heater I need repaired. I think the igniter is bad do you have
Project Cost: $800
Concrete Driveway Widening  Cover Photo
Concrete Driveway Want pour concrete to widen my driveway by 850 sq ft
Project Cost: $5450
Electrician Needed for Redo an Industrial Transformer substation Cover Photo
Electrician Needed for Redo an Industrial Transformersubstation We are in need of an electrician who can redo
Project Cost: $750
Front Steps Repair  Cover Photo
Looking for someone to get estimates on having our front steps replaced. Currently they are brick with sandsto
Project Cost: $1500
Light Electrical Cover Photo
Light Electrical Hanging lights, fans, changing switches and plugs...
Project Cost: $675
Yard Cleaning Cover Photo
Looking for someone to clean up my lawn and surrounding woods on the property. Leaves raked up, twigs picked
Project Cost: $85
Ceramic Tile Installer Cover Photo
Ceramic Tile Installer Need ceramic tiles put in common entry and hall area of apartment buildings. Hours and
Project Cost: $100
Electrician Looking for Driver-helper Cover Photo
Electrician Looking for Driver-helper Hello my name is David. I am a licensed Electrician with a lot of work
Project Cost: N/A
Painter Cover Photo
Painter Craft painting is looking for an experienced painter 10 years minimum please contact Charles at
Project Cost: $2500
Window Install  Cover Photo
Window Install i need 3 double hung windows installed. ground floor low/step ladder work 32 by 54 install
Project Cost: $600
Iso Couch Mover Cover Photo
Iso Couch Mover I need to purchase a couch within the next week or so and I don't have any way of moving my
Project Cost: $125
Roofing Contractor Needed  Cover Photo
Local real estate investor looking for a roofing contractor to give estimates and complete work at two investm
Project Cost: $175
Furnace Light Polite Check  Cover Photo
Project Cost: $148
Floor Sanding Cover Photo
Floor Sanding need estimate on floor sanding and staining How much a square foot.
Project Cost: N/A
Basement Cleanout Cover Photo
Basement Clean Out
Need some help cleaning out a basement and make ready for paint... Need someo
Project Cost: $292
Replaced Concrete  Cover Photo
Need Apron Replaced Concrete Cement Need driveway apron removed & replaced. Must be done next week. A sqft
Project Cost: $3000
Mailbox Installation Cover Photo
i need a post and mailbox installed.
Project Cost: $153
Licensed Plumber  Cover Photo
Licensed Plumber I need a licensed plumber who can pull a permit in seven hills. I need an estimate on a
Project Cost: $2100
Carpet Installation Cover Photo
Carpet Install I need carpet, pad, and tack strip installed 13x 14 room 8 x 4 closet. I will get the material
Project Cost: $300
Paint Shutters Cover Photo
Looking for someone who can clean and paint the decorative shutters that are on a single window above my gara
Project Cost: $100
Fence  Cover Photo
A backyard fence
Project Cost: $40
Basement Waterproofing And Repair Cover Photo
Basement Sealing Needed I have a basement that needs sealed. I believe some wall repair will be needed.
Project Cost: $1866
Roof Repair Cover Photo
Need Roofer Need roofer for some patches on flat roof and downspot work
Project Cost: $612
Home Cleaning Cover Photo
home cleaning; 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath 2 stories, apartment (duplex)
Project Cost: $138
House Cleaning Cover Photo
Project Cost: $145
Waterproof-Drylock Cover Photo
Simple waterproof work surround the building
Project Cost: $581
Paver Restoration Cover Photo
I have a paver area off of my deck. Approximately 19' x 12' some of the pavers are pushing up, one area drops
Project Cost: $1740
Move Out Cleaning Cover Photo
Move out cleaning. 3 floor townhouse 1700 sq ft in great neighborhood with 3 rooms (2BR bonus room), 2.5 bath.
Project Cost: $311
Downspout Replacement Cover Photo
Replacing a 20 feet downspout
Project Cost: $155
Dish Removal Cover Photo
satellite dish removal from first story roo
Project Cost: $79
Insulation Cover Photo
Project Cost: $1900
AC And Furnace Install Cover Photo
HVAC-need new ac and furnace installed
Project Cost: $4533
Inground Hoops Cleveland Cover Photo
Delivery and installation of Inground basketball system. Need a contractor that can install 5-10 of these per
Project Cost: $337
Bedroom Ceiling Cover Photo
bdrm ceiling, 10x12, need hung, taped and textured. Will pay 250 labor, will need drywall picked up from hd
Project Cost: $320
Mover  Cover Photo
moving wicker furniture, installing some AC unit
Project Cost: $684
Carpet Cover Photo
Carpet cleaning
Project Cost: $138
Brick Steps Cover Photo
I need my brick steps repaired or replaced. I can buy the new sand stone. Need done very soon
Project Cost: $2200
Build A Shed  Cover Photo
I have a shed and I need an assembler
Project Cost: $1383
Glass Repair Cover Photo
Leaded Glass Repair job Need broken leaded glass in cabinet door repaired. please quote pric
Project Cost: $246
Drywall Installation Cover Photo
Looking for someone to hang a drywall, tape and finish a 4,000 sqft board.
Project Cost: $1402
Large Tree Taken Down  Cover Photo
We have a big tree in what I believe is a maple that needs taken down and hauled away!!! It is a full filled o
Project Cost: $2350
Tree  Trimming Cover Photo
Project Cost: $1025
Gutters Cleaning Cover Photo
Need the front only gutter cleaned on my house
Project Cost: $78
Gutters Cover Photo
Project Cost: $600
Garage Door And Man Door Cover Photo
Garage door and man door outdoor TRIM replacement with azek or comparable trim material
Project Cost: $562
Lawn Seeding 6 X 350 Cover Photo
Lawn seeding 6' x 350'
Project Cost: $691
Flower Bed Cleanup Cover Photo
Landscaping . I would like a quote for removing the ground cover and weeds from the flower bed in the photos.
Project Cost: $628
Mulch Cover Photo
Black wood mulch installed for a 205 square foot flower bed
Project Cost: $426
Three Tier Deck Cover Photo
Install a deck 19ft.x10ft. With an add on of 11ft.x11ft. Three steps from the ground and with two stairways
Project Cost: $7234
2 Car Garage Cover Photo
build 2 car garage
Project Cost: $14308
Furnace And Water Tank Install  Cover Photo
Furnace and Water Tank Install Looking for a contractor whose able to install water tank and furnace. Permit
Project Cost: $6400
Bathroom Repainting Cover Photo
Looking for someone to do some touch up and repainting to finish the bathroom.
Project Cost: $450
Free Wooddebris To Be Removed Cover Photo
Free Wooddebris to be Removed FREE WOOD and debris that needs to be removed. Please give us a call with for
Project Cost: $2250
Tree Cutting, Brushing & Chipping  Cover Photo
Have a tree that needs to be cut down and probably topped before just dropping and a pile of brush that needs
Project Cost: $757
Tile Floor Installation Cover Photo
Foyer Hallway floor. 140sqf
Project Cost: $1072
Floors Cover Photo
I need a woodenfloor, sanded and finished in libindroom and dinning room dont have pictures yet or measurement
Project Cost: $1001
Hardwood Flooring Cover Photo
Hardwood Flooring Working For The MASTER Hardwood Flooring looking for help
Project Cost: $50
Bottom Panel Garage Door Cover Photo
Bottom Panel Garage Door Looking for someone that can install a wooden bottom garage panel door.
Project Cost: $258
Home Remodeling Cover Photo
Home Remodeling Alot of small remoding projects taking down a wall removing a tub. Must have knowledge of
Project Cost: $3500
Painting Cover Photo
Painting a bathroom
Project Cost: $339
Tile Insataller Cover Photo
I Need Handyman to Install Ceramic Floor Tiles I need handyman to install ceramic floor tiles in a basement
Project Cost: $1102
Basement Tile Cover Photo
ceramic tiles in a basement roo
Project Cost: $1366
Master Bathroom Cover Photo
Master bathroom. Looking for a good contractor to do the updat
Project Cost: $6800
Expand Laundry Room Cover Photo
Connecting a closet in my current laundry room/mudroom and a storage area off of my garage so that we end up
Project Cost: $3072
25 Acre Snow Plowing Estimate  Cover Photo
25 Acre Snow Plowing Estimate We are looking for a contractor to plow a 25 acre parking lot, clear walks and
Project Cost: N/A
Kitchen Lighting  Cover Photo
I have a 20'x13' kitchen with 8.5' ceilings, and I'm needing to have lights installed. I'
Project Cost: $1325
7 Chain link gate Cover Photo
We have a 7' gap between our home and our neighbor's chain link fence. I would like a gate to close off the b
Project Cost: $1125
Flooring Cover Photo
Floating laminate wood style floor installed about 1000 sq feet.. Click together no nails or glue.
Project Cost: $1726
Kitchen Upgrade Cover Photo
upgrade kitchen Looking to install all new cabinets Please see pictures
Project Cost: $7887
Kitchen Remodel Cover Photo
kitchen remodel. Looking to install all new cabinets, countertops, flooring, area is around 12 ft sqft
Project Cost: $12390
Experienced Mason Needed Cover Photo
Experienced Mason Needed Need a Experienced Mason to repair concrete cracks and resurface. Area of
Project Cost: $1187
Patio Cover Photo
masonry patio repair. Looking for a good contracto
Project Cost: $300
Home Improvement  Cover Photo
removing wallpaper in three bedrooms, mud room, bathroom, and hallway. and paint those walls. Also paint basem
Project Cost: $3744
Driveway Cover Photo
Project Cost: $2502
Flooring Cover Photo
Engineered hardwood floor installed on a slab. 700 square feet
Project Cost: $2006
Driveway Cover Photo
Project Cost: $4279
Gas Fireplace Cover Photo
Gas line-we would like to add a gas fireplace to our wood burning fireplace. Need gas line run to fireplace
Project Cost: $450
Tile Installation Cover Photo
Install tile in laundry
Project Cost: $1925
Washerdrainlaundry Cover Photo
Install a drain under the washer and run the pvc to the exterior of the house
Project Cost: $313
Faucet Work Cover Photo
Bathroom faucet replaced
Project Cost: $139
Bathroom Cover Photo
The carpet will be done through Home Depot, already on order. How much would you charge to complete the foll
Project Cost: $2742
Drain Line Clearing  Cover Photo
I have two underground gutter drain line that need clearing. They are clogged near the street and undoubtedly
Project Cost: $225
Sprinkler System Cover Photo
Winterize/blow out irrigation system, fix damaged sprinkler heads, adjust sprinkler heads
Project Cost: $109
Interior Painting Home Cover Photo
Project Cost: $1506
Szabo Cover Photo
Concrete patio 350 square feet of concrete
Project Cost: $2090
Exterior Painting Home Cover Photo
Exterior paint
Project Cost: $4616
Patio Cover Photo
Stamped concrete Or Paver patio
Project Cost: $5444
Upgrade Cover Photo
Project Cost: $16500
Landscaping Cover Photo
Landscape Needed
Small bungalo ready to flip needs some fill dirt and grass seed open to mulch around
Project Cost: $925
TV Installation Cover Photo
Just moving in and need a professional that can install 2 flat screen TVs; a 32 inch and 48 or 52 inch. We hav
Project Cost: $133
Repair Windows Cover Photo
a person to replace a window (glass only). we have ordered the glass (we are still on warranty) and it arrived
Project Cost: $177
Eviction Move Cover Photo
m. to help with an eviction.
Project Cost: $374
Plumbing  Cover Photo
Plumbing Akron Need to have a plumber install new gas pipe from meter back to furnance, hot water tank and
Project Cost: $1500
Central Air Installation Cover Photo
Need Central air Installed Friend gave me a working central air system and need someone to install it. I will
Project Cost: $507
Contractor Needed To Fix Stairs Cover Photo
We are seeking an experienced contractor to replace 2 existing wood stairs at one of our rental properties. Th
Project Cost: $750
New Door Install Cover Photo
Need to have a new entry door repaired and installed correctly. My dad helped me put a new entry door on the
Project Cost: $175
Plumbing Cover Photo
Plumbing Akron Need to have a plumber install new gas pipe from meter back to furnance, hot water tank and
Project Cost: $1000
Need Outside Of 2 Story House Spray Painted Cover Photo
Need Outside of 2 Story House Spray Painted Need someone to paint outside of 2 story house. Must have sprayer
Project Cost: $3500
Building Garage Cover Photo
Building 18th Garage need experienced installer to install new garage over existing 18x18 concrete pad.
Project Cost: $10666
Ruby Cover Photo
New roo
Project Cost: $3021
Moving M&D Cover Photo
Project Cost: $429
Roof Repair Shed Overlay Cover Photo
Roof Repair Shed Overlay 4/12 walkable shingle over. Plywood repair. Nothing difficult ASAP material is
Project Cost: $655
Need Minor Siding Repair Cover Photo
Need Minor Siding Repair I've got several places on my vinyl siding that need repaired. Need it done to get
Project Cost: $250
Snow Plow Wanted it Garfield Cover Photo
Snow Plow Wanted it Garfield Look for someone to plow a lot in Garfield every 2 inches
Project Cost: $333
Basement Remodel Cover Photo
finished basemen
Project Cost: $3343
Landscaping - Grading  Cover Photo
Landscaper - grading. You will supply equipment and materials.
Project Cost: $1223
Power Rewiring Cover Photo
Electrician Cost to rewire power back to garage from an electrician, everything is there but b4 I moved in
Project Cost: $375
I Need my Drains Snaked out From Outside Cover Photo
My pipelines are backed up and I need someone to snake them out from outside. Please email me a quote. Thank
Project Cost: $375
Home Project Cover Photo
Project Cost: $100
Dishwasher Cover Photo
Dish washer installation? Some demolition is required for installation!
Project Cost: $375
Unclogg Drain Cover Photo
My footer drain is clogged. I tried using an electric snake and was not able to punch through. I am thinking
Project Cost: $270
Ceramic Tile Install  Cover Photo
I am seeking someone with experience to demo and replace the ceramic tile floor in our bathroom which is appro
Project Cost: $1087
Paint Living Room Cover Photo
Living roo
Project Cost: $18
Garage Project Cover Photo
New garage roof
Project Cost: $1290
Tile Flooring Cover Photo
Rip up old kitchen floor and lay new tile floor.
Project Cost: $991
Downspout Drainage Cover Photo
Installing downspout drains underground from house to front ditch (about 30 feet
Project Cost: $1283
Remove Dirt Cover Photo
remove 8 yards of dirt, estimate
Project Cost: $541
Cabinet Repair  Cover Photo
Looking for someone to fix a 6-8 cabinet doors that need sanded an stained on the inner part of the front of
Project Cost: $900
Masonry Work Cover Photo
Masonry Work I have two homes on Arden Rd in Clintonville that need have the chimneys tuck pointed at the
Project Cost: $125
Replace Countertops Cover Photo
Replace counterto
Project Cost: $1769
Living Room Cover Photo
Living roo
Project Cost: $1900
Plumbing Cover Photo
Install toilet, sink and shower valves
Project Cost: $357
Plumbing Cover Photo
Project Cost: $1118
Need A Tree Trimmed Cover Photo
Need a Tree Trimmed I have a 15 foot Japanese maple in my front yard that needs shaped. Also a weeping cherry
Project Cost: $500
Bathroom Remodel Cover Photo
I am looking to do a complete bathroom remodel.
Project Cost: $4761
Hardwood Floor Installation Cover Photo
Looking for someone to install about 2400 square feet of hardwood or engineered hardwood. Either going to use
Project Cost: $4500
Moving Service Needed Cover Photo
I will pay you $25-30 for you to help me pick up a refrigerator about one mile away from where I live and
Project Cost: $45
Commercial Building Renovation Cover Photo
I have a commercial building that I would like to have renovated.
Project Cost: $22000
Basement Floors Cover Photo
Installing laminate flooring
Project Cost: $1578
Black Mold Cover Photo
black mold removal/eradication whole home- 1000 sq ft and full basement
Project Cost: $2244
Shed Installation  Cover Photo
I have an 8 x 10 metal shed I need installed
Project Cost: $1137
Tile Repair And Caulking Cover Photo
Need a handyman to repair some bathroom ceramic tile and caulk the bathroom and kitchen. I have replacement ti
Project Cost: $1250
Whole House Generator Cover Photo
I have a whole house generator that need to be hooked up, looking for qualified company to do the job. Must be
Project Cost: $1000
Tree Cutting And Stump Removal Cover Photo
Tree Removal Must be insured. The smaller tree to the left needs to come down. It's heavy hardwood and
Project Cost: $1012
Weather Head Replacement Cover Photo
Looking for some estimates to replace a weather head that was pulled from the house when a tree branch fell on
Project Cost: $367
Welding Cover Photo
Welder needed for minor repair to iron gate on outside fence. Victorian Village area of Columbu
Project Cost: $250
Chimney Repair  Cover Photo
Looking for someone to do chimney repairs and tuck-point etc...
Project Cost: $265
Hauling Services Cover Photo
Looking for someone to haul approximately 30 garbage bags.
Project Cost: $417
Haul Away After Cleaning Concrete Cover Photo
I need someone to haul away pieces of concrete, old fencing, scraps from new fencing, and a few branches. Majo
Project Cost: $450
Minor Plumbing Work Cover Photo
Minor Plumbing Work Need 2 hose spigots and some drain work under tub.
Project Cost: $412
Roof Eave  Cover Photo
Fix roof eave box and soffit, recover or paint , rehang gutter
Project Cost: $3000
Eaves Painted Cover Photo
I need to have the roof eaves painted on the front and back side of the house as well as the front of the porc
Project Cost: $550
Roof Cover Photo
Project Cost: $900
Build In Porch Cover Photo
Build in porch to an additional roo
Project Cost: $14250
Re-Floor House1 Cover Photo
Floor install
Project Cost: $4743
Exhaust Fan Cover Photo
Bathroom Exhaust Fan Older fan, motor died, parts not available, whole unit needs swapped out (9x9 opening).
Project Cost: $186
Room Remodeling Cover Photo
Mirrors and changing out light fixtures in 2 rooms
Project Cost: $225
General Handyman  Cover Photo
General Handyman Need someone to hang wire shelving in three closets. Bid the job....
Project Cost: $275
Rotten OSB Replacement Cover Photo
Looking for someone to tear off bad OSB and replace it. Would like to have the rotten OSB removed and replace
Project Cost: $550
Exterior Facelift Cover Photo
Exterior facelift and possibly add a bedroom. I want to modernize the exterior ans maybe add a master suite to
Project Cost: $11522
Kitchen Facelift Cover Photo
Kitchen makeover on a budget
Project Cost: $12785
Small Stump Grind Cover Photo
Stump grinding
Project Cost: $469
Suriano Driveway Apron Cover Photo
New Driveway Apron and Sidewalk panels x 4
Vinyl Siding Repair Removed front porch railings and left these holes. Just need a few pieces replaced to matc
Project Cost: $437
Campbell Cover Photo
Project Cost: $6037
Freshen The House Cover Photo
Project Cost: $1013
Electrician Cover Photo
Electrician Must be state licensed, bonded, Insured and registered with Geauga County. New residential build.
Project Cost: $1500
Stone Mason for Small job Cover Photo
Stone Mason for Small job Seeking experienced mason to apply faux stone to home exterior. 2 chimneys plus
Project Cost: $4526
Wall Paper Removal  Wall Preparation for Painting Cover Photo
Wall Paper Removal Wall Preparation for Painting Looking for a professional to remove old wallpaper and prep
Project Cost: $280
Asphalt Or Concrete Driveway  Cover Photo
Looking for an asphalt driveway quote. I'm sure concrete would be a lot more expensive. Current asphalt drivew
Project Cost: $3300
Carpet And Installer  Cover Photo
I am looking at replacing the carpet in 3 rooms in my house, Beige color mid grade. with pad too. Also need
Project Cost: $1434
General Labor Cover Photo
General Labor amp Tile Setters General labor & Tile Setters
Project Cost: $425
House Painting - Exterior Cover Photo
Looking for someone to paint the exterior of a 1 floor ranch house to prepare and paint a wood sided house. S
Project Cost: $2371
Need Exterminator For Groundhogs  Cover Photo
Have groundhogs nesting under house. Need someone with experience to take care of them
Project Cost: $256
Carpet Installation Cover Photo
I have a house that I need the carpet removed and installed. Specs.: 350 yards basically 5 bedrooms and closet
Project Cost: $2110
Need Light Bulbs Changed On Parking Lot Light  Cover Photo
Need Light Bulbs Changed on Parking lot Light There are 4 light posts, see picture for height. Please let me
Project Cost: $1450
Concrete Driveway Repair Cover Photo
Concrete pad Removed and Repoured hi, I have a home that needs a concrete pad poured. Its 10 foot by 16
Project Cost: $3200
Gutter Repair  Cover Photo
I need someone with a ladder to repair/reattach a section of gutter on the back of a 2 story house
Project Cost: $287
Shed Installation Cover Photo
I have an 8 x 10 metal shed I need installed
Project Cost: $475
Trim Carpenter  rehab Cover Photo
Trim Carpenter Rehab Need trim carpenter comercial and residential must have some tools, also rehab work ,
Project Cost: $85
Carpenter Cover Photo
Carpenter Needed I have two jobs need to be done this week looking for someone to replace 9 floor joists and
Project Cost: $1800
Need Someone To Re-Finish Hardwood Floors  Cover Photo
Need Someone to Re-finish Harwood Floors I have a place that needs the hardwood floors refinished it's 850
Project Cost: $2916
Fence Post Needed Cover Photo
Fence Post Needed I am in need of several wood posts(4 x 4 x 8) installed that will be used for a privacy
Project Cost: $50
Not Valid Project Cover Photo
Roofer PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. Our home is in need of a roof. It leaks in several places, it's just old and
Project Cost: $1000
Drywall Installati on Work Cover Photo
Two walls need dry wall reinstall. See pics.
Project Cost: $972
Gutter Repairs Cover Photo
Gutter Repairs Needed I am looking to get some quotes for repairs on my home. Our rear gutter is currently
Project Cost: $1083
Hauling Services Cover Photo
Need Items Hauled Away I have a washer and dryer that don't work and an old couch I no longer want. I just
Project Cost: $105
Painter Cover Photo
Painter in/exterior painting start tomorrow
Project Cost: $25
Roofing Service Tech Cover Photo
Roofing Service Tech I am looking for a 1 or 2 man team to do roofing repairs and services to finish out the
Project Cost: $500
Exp carpenter Trainee Cover Photo
Expcarpenter Trainee truck,tools a must send full info
Project Cost: $3000
Need Granite Countertops Installed Asap  Cover Photo
Need Granite Countertops Installed Asap I have the granite and just need someone with experience to cut,
Project Cost: $1812
7-Locations Snow Removal  Cover Photo
Needed Snow Removal services for 7 business area Columbus area. Similar size to a bank branch.
Project Cost: $755
Looking for a Licensed Electrician Cover Photo
Looking for a Licensed Electrician I'm looking for a licensed electrician for a high end residential home
Project Cost: $55
Track Lighting Installed Cover Photo
Track Lighting Installed I need someone to install 6-8' of track lighting in my living room. Currently have 2
Project Cost: $1317
Builder Wanted Cover Photo
Builder Wanted Hocking Hills I need somebody to build me a log cabin or help me build a log cabin in the Hocki
Project Cost: $100
Concrete Driveway Repair Cover Photo
Concrete Driveway Repair Hi There, I am looking for someone to make concrete driveway repair at one of my
Project Cost: $3150
Needing Granite Countertops And  New Sinks Cover Photo
I am looking to get estimates on having my kitchen and bath counter tops upgraded to granite. We also want
Project Cost: $1679
Tree Cut Down Cover Photo
I Need 2 Trees cut Down This Weekend Approx 30'' diameter x 30' tall. Ash. Need topped out first. No power
Project Cost: $1700
Finish My Basement  Cover Photo
I am looking for someone to finish my basement rec room, laundry room and workout room. Framing, drywall wal
Project Cost: $1783
Laundy Room Cover Photo
My wife would like a laundry sink, in the location of picture 1 installed. Looking for a good contractor to d
Project Cost: $350
Mold in the attic Cover Photo
The previous owner did not connect anything to vent moisture from their bathroom fan. There is some evidence o
Project Cost: $831
Smooth Ceiling Finish Cover Photo
Looking for someone to refinish the ceiling. There is 2 areas in the house that need done
Project Cost: $256
Framing And Dry Wall  Cover Photo
Looking for a framing and dry wall expert. Would prefer to give out both jobs together as we need this done by
Project Cost: N/A
Rental Repairs  Cover Photo
In Need of Handy man for Rental Repairs I need a handyman who can help with a quick job at a rental property.
Project Cost: $591
Handy man for Various Small Jobs Cover Photo
Handy man Needed for Various Small Jobs I got few electrical, plumbing and physical labor jobs. Need a
Project Cost: $1800
Install Water Softener  Cover Photo
Need someone to install a Culligan Mark 89 water softener. Included some pics of where it would likely tie in
Project Cost: $359
Welding/Welder Cover Photo
I need to melt some silver down into a graphite mold. There is 360 grams total. Ideal MAPP torch is necessary
Project Cost: $75
Custom DVD Shelf Cover Photo
Looking for someone to make a DVD shelf. Can discuss the design.
Project Cost: $900
Ceiling Fans Installed Cover Photo
Need 2 Ceiling Fans Installed in Place of old Ones Kitchen and Master Bedroom Best Bid gets the job. Start
Project Cost: $200
Asphalt Repair  Cover Photo
Possible repair of concrete threshold to street as well.
Project Cost: $2500
Basement  Cover Photo
Project Cost: $14166
Front Door Installation Cover Photo
Measure and Install Front Door I'm clueless when it comes to doors. Looking for someone to come out possibly
Project Cost: $165
Interior Painting Cover Photo
Living room
Project Cost: $339
Gutter Cleaning And Repair Cover Photo
Gutter Cleaning and Repair I am taking bids for gutter cleaning and a four foot section that is attached but
Project Cost: $143
Mann Rd Cover Photo
Shower head plumbing; water coming out in a trickle.
Project Cost: $237
Commercial Building Renovation  Cover Photo
I would like to have store front windows and doors updated and the electric and plumbing updated along with re
Project Cost: $12000
Experienced Chimney Person TO Install Chimney Liner And Masonry Job Cover Photo
Project Cost: $100
Handyman Cover Photo
Concrete and stucco wall repair. repair of a concrete wall. having trouble with the interface.
Project Cost: $4200
227 Paint Cover Photo
Re-paint entire exterior of house inclusive of trim.
Project Cost: $3257
Kitchen Sink And Faucet Cover Photo
I am looking for a good plumber. I am looking for a plumber who can fix the kitchen sink and faucet
Project Cost: $187
Franklin House Electric Project Cover Photo
I have purchased a two family where the electric has been vandalized. There are two newer breaker panels alre
Project Cost: $1106
Drains Snaked Out Cover Photo
Project Cost: $175
Drywall Job Cover Photo
I need one small room 12 x 12 dry walled. It is an older home with uneven ceiling joists and will require an
Project Cost: $1178
Carpet Install  Cover Photo
Carpet Install I'm looking for someone to install pad, carpet and tack strips in a room that is about 12x17.
Project Cost: $250
Basement Drywall Cover Photo
Basement drywall celin
Project Cost: $4000
Tree Removal Cover Photo
Removing tree with a maximum diameter of 12". The tree is approximately 20-25 feet tall and close to the hous
Project Cost: $350
Slab Foundation Repair Cover Photo
Minor slab foundation repair on a converted porch (separate from main house foundation). Mostly edgework.
Project Cost: $200
Sink Cover Photo
Right handle in bathroom sink seems stuck and won't budge. It's the hot water side and will not turn anymor
Project Cost: $241
Door Cover Photo
Need a double door scraped, sanded and painte
Project Cost: $200
Windows Cover Photo
Project Cost: $227
Carpet And Garage Door Opener Cover Photo
I have a rental property that needs basic carpet removed/ basic new neutral carpet installed (we do not have t
Project Cost: $990
Drywall Work Cover Photo
Drywall Work I have little drywall work to be done. 2 rooms one a 10×14 & 10×10 one needs pount up & the
Project Cost: $1084
Refinishing Help  Cover Photo
Need a good hand that knows a little about sanding and finishing
Project Cost: $45
Electrician  Cover Photo
Electrican needing electric ran from house to detached garage. Would like to get job done before it gets to
Project Cost: $725
Fireplace Cover Photo
Fireplace Surround. Paint wood mantel white. Remove green stone surround and replace with tile/ stone.
Project Cost: $912
Master Bathroom Cover Photo
Bathroom finishing upgrades. The flooring, bathtub surround, and shower surround to be replaced with
Project Cost: $7021
Fence Cover Photo
Project Cost: $3463
Cleaning Exterior Vinyl Of House Cover Photo
Small house needs cleaned just the outside ,power washing and heavy scrubbing required vinyl siding
Project Cost: $273
Install Metal Roof  Cover Photo
I need a metal roof installed on a single story house in Burton. This will also include any wood rot repair.
Project Cost: $6000
AC Cover Photo
Air conditioner replacement
Project Cost: $3600
Repair Clogged Sink Cover Photo
Clogged sin
Project Cost: $149
Plumbing @ Lollipop Cover Photo
We are looking to hire a plumber ASAP for a clogged sink at our business in Grove City. Must be experienced an
Project Cost: $196
Need 2 Professional Movers Cover Photo
We need 2 professional movers that knows packing boxes, wrapping furniture and loading a truck. Must have movi
Project Cost: $1500
Bathroom Cover Photo
New bathroom floor. I think the floor boards need to be replaced. Then put tiles on the floor I have new
Project Cost: $1099
Build Custom Furniture  Cover Photo
Carpenter to Build Custom Furniture I am in the process of building a lounge and I need someone with
Project Cost: $25000
Tile Floor in Kitchen Done  Cover Photo
Need Tile Floor in Kitchen Done I have a small kitchen that needs the tile put down. Should take less than a
Project Cost: $833
Roof And Porch Repair Cover Photo
Need Roof Done in Canton - Need Permit I have a house that needs the roof and porch done. It is in the city
Project Cost: $75
Bathroom Wall Tiling Cover Photo
Bathroom wall tiling. Everything else is ready, just needs mortar and tile. 12x12 tiles with a 4 inch border
Project Cost: $963
Gables Cover Photo
I have three gables to be painted, I have the paint supply
Project Cost: $946
Bathroom Installation Cover Photo
Bathroom install
Project Cost: $1650
Electric Wiring Cover Photo
Electric wiring for ceiling light fixture and light switches
Project Cost: $340
Roofing Labor Wanted  Cover Photo
Roofing Labor Wanted Dayton Small repair, single story home, materials supplied, 2 valleys cut out and
Project Cost: $600
Skim Coat Ceiling  Cover Photo
I have a angle ceiling that is 875 sq ft. Currently textured and want it to be skim coated smooth. You must do
Project Cost: $1547
Heating And Air Check And New Electric Service  Cover Photo
Just put my house on the market and I'm wanting to get my heat and central air serviced and also need a new el
Project Cost: $519
Heating Furnace Cover Photo
I need a heating furnace installe
Project Cost: $2566
Fencing Cover Photo
Fence install
Project Cost: $7500
Fireplace Tile Cover Photo
installing green onyx title around the fire place. we would like clean cuts with no grout between the tile.
Project Cost: $406
Tile Kitchen Floor Cover Photo
Laying tile in a 175 sq ft kitchen. We will provide tile and grout so just looking for labor.
Project Cost: $1450
Vinyl Floor Install Cover Photo
Looking for experienced handyman to install vinyl flooring in a 12 foot by 15 foot kitchen area. Must have tru
Project Cost: $261
Kitchen Cabinets Cover Photo
Kitchen cabinets
Project Cost: $3500
Hardwood Floor Cover Photo
Hard wood installment . For more than 1000 s
Project Cost: $2501
Water Softener And Filter Install  Cover Photo
Installation only of water softener and whole home filter. We have purchased the units: "Whirlpool
Project Cost: $392
Bathroom Remodeling  Cover Photo
Help Bathroom Remodel Started a remodel project, it has become more than I bargained for. This is the only
Project Cost: $5500
Needed Exterior Door Installation Cover Photo
I need a new exterior door ( front door) installed. I already have a new pre- hung door just needs installed.
Project Cost: $268
AC Unit Replacement Cover Photo
Central air Unit Need 2 ton central air unti replaced. Looking for bids from someone willing to do it on the
Project Cost: $2611
Install Furnaces Cover Photo
Need a HVAC guy to pull permit and install
need licensed HVAC person to in stall two 90plus 100k
Project Cost: $7754
Remodeling Help Cover Photo
Looking for dependable labor with well rounded experience.
Project Cost: $30
Electrician Needed Cover Photo
Investor Looking for Dependable Electrician Investor finishing property to list on market- need electrician to
Project Cost: $25
Barn Roof Repair Cover Photo
Barn Roof Repair 78x24 I have a backside of the barn roof that needs to be fixed. It has been sheet metaled
Project Cost: $5875
Install Concrete  Cover Photo
Install Concrete Interior Floor Install 10 x 10 concrete floor, over dirt and trenched plumbing, in
Project Cost: $500
Roof Repairs Cover Photo
Small Roof Repair I have a small hole in my roof. I have the shingles, and ladder, wood, and nails. I just
Project Cost: $256
Concrete Steps Repair  Cover Photo
Need a set of concrete steps rebuilt. Pictures attached.
Project Cost: $1475
Faux Painter And Venetian Plaster Cover Photo
Seeking an experienced and talented faux finisher. Glazing of cabinetry. And venetian plaster. Have a job to
Project Cost: $1000
Residential Electrician Cover Photo
Residential Electrician I need my home electric panel upgraded from a 100 amp service to a 200 amp service.
Project Cost: $2000
Install new Tile Over Concrete Floor Cover Photo
Qualified personnel needed to install 550 sq ft of ceramic tile. Must have references and evidence of skill
Project Cost: N/A
Looking for Someone to Help Upgrade Electrical Panel Cover Photo
Looking for someone to help upgrade electrical panel from 100 amp to 200 amp I will provide materials
Project Cost: $550
Pressure Washing Cover Photo
Pressure Washing Have your own pressure washer gas powered no electric and all hoses nozzles needed Has to
Project Cost: $92
Moving Service Needed Cover Photo
Project Cost: $635
I am on a Well and my Water Softener Looked at Cover Photo
I am on a Well and Need my Water Softener Looked at I have a water softener that has not been on in a couple
Project Cost: $79
Glass Window Installation Cover Photo
Install Two Block Glass Windows Need someone to install two block glass windows on ground level. Replace
Project Cost: $100
Mold/Possible Leak/Concrete Erosion Cover Photo
Basement closet mold/possible leak/concrete erosion. Need someone to check it out and take care of it. So i
Project Cost: $390
Install Mini Split Heat Pump And AC  Cover Photo
Install 3 new Mini-Split units. Must have references and evidence of competency.
Project Cost: $7000
Hauling Away Yard Waste Cover Photo
Hauling away yard waste
Project Cost: $190
Project Cost: $3500
Yard Cleaning  Cover Photo
Project Cost: $200
Flooring Cover Photo
Hanydman Flooring We are in need of vinyl flooring installed in a basement on concrete. The area is roughly
Project Cost: N/A
Need Furnace Installed Cover Photo
Need Furnace Installed I need a furnace installed asap. Please call Scott @ Have cash!!
Project Cost: $1866
Need Help With Soffit Framing And Roof Sheathing Cover Photo
Need Help With Soffit Framing and Roof Sheathing I need to frame out the underside of the roof soffits, add a
Project Cost: $3500
Ballast Replacement Cover Photo
Looking for someone to have a few ballasts replaced.
Project Cost: $150
Replace Water Line  Cover Photo
Project Cost: $2000
Living Room Cover Photo
Flooring: 12 mm laminate 5". 500 square feet.
Project Cost: $1039
Exhaust Fan Cover Photo
Installing exhaust fan in bathroom to vent steam from shower to the outside of house
Project Cost: $275
Garage Painting Cover Photo
How much would you charge me to paint my 16x8 garage door 2 coats (no prep) if I supply the paint
Project Cost: $222
Tile Cover Photo
Tile my bathroom
Project Cost: $513
Need 2 Trees Trimmed  Cover Photo
Need 2 Trees Trimmed I have two trees that need to be trimmed. The dark green shorter tree with the tick
Project Cost: $1225
Gutters Need Cleaning And Repair  Cover Photo
Gutters Need Cleaning and Repair Pictured in a two story home with upper gutters that need to be cleaned out.
Project Cost: $501
Exterior Painting Cover Photo
Exterior pain
Project Cost: $1596
House Fence Cover Photo
6' Treated Privacy Fenc
Project Cost: $2883
Drywall Cover Photo
drywall floors
Project Cost: $741
Refinished Hardwood Floors Cover Photo
Project Cost: $1550
Brush And Trees Cover Photo
Bulldoze and haul away brush and trees along fence line 12 x 500 ft. Grass seed and stra
Project Cost: $1440
Pipe Repair Cover Photo
Looking for someone to make some pipe repairs in the basement. I will furnish materials you need
Project Cost: $85
Yard Cleaning And Hauling Cover Photo
Looking for someone to pick up debris in the front yard and haul away. Also looking for the same person to eit
Project Cost: $147
Need An Electrician  Cover Photo
Electrical line detached from my house and lies on the ground on back yard. Need to put line and box back on h
Project Cost: $303
Deck Cover Photo
Deck-remove existing 15x10 deck, replace with 32x14. Rectangular, pressured treated lumber
Project Cost: $10732
Roofing Cover Photo
Easy walkable job need to get finished I have 4 roofs going on this weekend . Basically 17 sq ready to
Project Cost: $2620
Roofing Cover Photo
Roofing Easy walkable job need to get finished I have 4 roofs going on this weekend . Basically 17 sq ready
Project Cost: $2650
Drywall Installation Cover Photo
Drywall Work Start Asap I'm looking for someone to hang 55 sheets of drywall in my home and finish to get
Project Cost: $2500
Paint Interior Home Cover Photo
Painting: Paint all rooms, ceilings, and oak trim of 1,400 sf home. 3bedroom, 2 bath. Carpet will be
Project Cost: $2933
Chimney Seal Cover Photo
Masonry sealing. My two chimneys are leaking. They need pressure washed to remove algae and they need sealed w
Project Cost: $730
Paint Interior Of House And Garage Cover Photo
Paint garage
Project Cost: $1666
Remodel Cover Photo
952 sq. Ft home Paint porch Ground electric Sand & stain wood floors in living room & dining room Int. Paint,
Project Cost: $7250
Complete Home Remodel Cover Photo
Paint porch Ground electric Sand & stain living room & dining room floors int. paint, including basement 3 GF
Project Cost: $2300
Painter Needed Cover Photo
Exterior Painter Need house scraped, sponge washed, caulked, and painted. I will supply the paint, soap,
Project Cost: $3000
Cleaning Lady  Cover Photo
Cleaning Lady Cleaning lady needed ASAP. Easy money not much to clean. 1 bedroom apartment. Bring your own
Project Cost: $15
Deck Cover Photo
Removing deck tile and thin set, then the concrete needs an epoxy to cover it
Project Cost: $1582
Tile Pro Needed Cover Photo
I need someone to lay about 200 sq ft of 12 inch tiles asap. Some backer board is needed, some is on concrete
Project Cost: $402
Central AC Unit Installation Cover Photo
Need 25 Central air Unit My unit went out over the summer. Been using a wondow unit. Hoping i could slget
Project Cost: $1930
Install New Toilet Cover Photo
Need to have new toilet installed
Project Cost: $149
Tile Work Cover Photo
Tile work-Must be licensed, bonded, insured
Project Cost: $250
Tile Cover Photo
Tile wor
Project Cost: $2350
Hang Ceiling Boards Cover Photo
Hanging Ceiling boards- I have a great deal of tongue and groove ceiling boards to be cut, and hung. Roughly a
Project Cost: $2002
Concrete Installation Cover Photo
Concrete- I need an approximate 20x20 (possibly 2 20x20 rooms) room poured with concrete. I will provide all t
Project Cost: $2800
Electrical Cover Photo
speaker wiring
Project Cost: $400
Antenna Removal Cover Photo
Antenna removal Please see picture
Project Cost: $408
Gutter Cleaning Cover Photo
Gutter cleaning Please see pictures
Project Cost: $200
Store Painting Cover Photo
I need to paint a store. 2500 sf need it painted white.
Project Cost: $3023
Tree Stump Removal  Cover Photo
Looking for someone to remove a tree stump.
Project Cost: $350
Hauling Yard Debris Cover Photo
Looking for someone to haul away some yard debris. Just a pile of trimmed bushes, weeds, leaves and ornamenta
Project Cost: $98
Hwd Bedroom Cover Photo
install only on hardwood floor. currently hardwood base no carpet
Project Cost: $616
Roof Installation Cover Photo
Looking for experienced installer of a metal roof .
Project Cost: $4392
Concrete Finisher  Cover Photo
Concrete Finisher Looking for someone who will give me an estimate on how much they will charge to finish a
Project Cost: $1550
Drywall Cover Photo
Replace 6' x 6' piece of drywall in ceiling in Bathroom
Project Cost: $325
HVAC Cover Photo
New heatpump installed. Currently have a 21 yr old trane unit. 2.5 ton downflow handler on a crawlspace. 1600s
Project Cost: $4918
Manchester  Cover Photo
Paint foundation Paint window sills Need garage door? Replace siding on front of the house Paint porch Need do
Project Cost: $2500
Tile  Installation Cover Photo
Looking for someone to install the tile in my kitchen room 10x9 going on top of hardwood floor
Project Cost: $720
Tree Removal Cover Photo
Tree Removal I have a large oak tree I'd like to have taken down or possibly trimmed. Tree is close to
Project Cost: $2750
Build 18X18 Pole Barn  Cover Photo
Build 18x18 Pole Barn Need an experienced contractor to build an 18x18 pole building garage. It will be built
Project Cost: $9000
Cole Living Room Cover Photo
Hardwood flooring in living room
Project Cost: $3112
Install A Toilet Cover Photo
Toilet replacement
Project Cost: $145
Roofer Asap Cover Photo
Project Cost: $2200
Living Room Drywll Cover Photo
Installation of Dry wall (plus mudding/sanding) for a ceiling Dimensions: 19ft 6inches X 11ft 10in. Wanting
Project Cost: $1133
Living Room Wall Cover Photo
Building wall and closing window: I am interested in closing the outside window and the "hole" to its right.
Project Cost: $1500
Build A Roofed Structure Cover Photo
Build a Roofed Structure to Cover my Patio I have a concrete patio that I would like to have covered and
Project Cost: $3000
Carpet Installer  Cover Photo
Carpet Installer install carpet and tack strip in 3 b/r's,hall,and l/r approx 75 yds install approx 11/19 or
Project Cost: $1312
Level Patio Cover Photo
Looking for someone to level my patio paver and relay my pavers. Patio size is about 14x12 I do not have the
Project Cost: $1278
Leaking Tub Cover Photo
Plumbing from tub is leaking n its old pipe
Project Cost: $250
Drywall Replacement Cover Photo
Dry Wall Replacement We have a few panels of dry wall in the basement that we need removed and
Project Cost: $450
Masonry Cover Photo
Mason to repair approx 5 sq brick veneer hit by car...
Project Cost: $776
Basic Drywall And Painting Cover Photo
Looking for a handyman for basic drywall, painting, trim, etc.
Project Cost: $35
Gutter Roof Repair Storm Damage  Cover Photo
I have some storm damage that I need remedied, gutters have been taken down and smashed, and the roof vent has
Project Cost: $689
Concrete Coating Cover Photo
patio coatin
Project Cost: $1230
Chip Wood Or Haul Away  Cover Photo
Need Someone to Either Chip Wood or Haul Away Please give me a rough estimate. Would prefer to have chipped up
Project Cost: $233
Power Wash Home And Deck Cover Photo
Power Wash Home and Deck Need to power wash and clean the outside of my home and deck. You will be
Project Cost: $562
Painting Cover Photo
Interior Paint I have 4 bd rm house 2000 sqf
Project Cost: $3333
Bathroom Remodeling Cover Photo
Looking for someone to remodel a tiny bathroom, floor tiled, a new vanity installed, and a new toilet instal
Project Cost: $2075
Carpet And Toe Molding Installation Cover Photo
Looking for someone to install carpet and toe molding
Project Cost: $203
Painting Cover Photo
Painting. 3 walls in that room need painted as shown in the vide
Project Cost: $191
Need Someone To Hang A Chandelier  Cover Photo
I need someone to hang a chandelier in my vaulted ceiling entry. It appears to be about 20 feet in the air. Ma
Project Cost: $656
Kitchen Remodel Cover Photo
Project Cost: $1825
Flooring Cover Photo
laminate flooring
Project Cost: $2175
Kitchrn Update Cover Photo
Kitchen flooring and kitchen counter, and light updat
Project Cost: $5500
New Fence Cover Photo
Project Cost: $1000
Carpet Install Cover Photo
Carpet Installer Needed for Stair Runner Install
I need a professional carpet installer to insta
Project Cost: $168
Roof Repair Cover Photo
I have some roofing repairs needing don
Project Cost: $425
Whirlpool Cabrio Washer Repair  Cover Photo
Appliance Repair Tech I have a Whirlpool Cabrio that is acting up. It is flashing the F1 code. Based on what
Project Cost: $173
Small Carpet Repair Cover Photo
Small Carpet Repair $30 for 3 foot by 4 foot repair of bottom 2 steps.( stained spot). needs seamed on top .
Project Cost: $115
Painting Cover Photo
I need to get the shutters, window boxes, and design on my chimney sanded and painted white. They are iron.
Project Cost: $700
Replace Joist and Subfloor Cover Photo
Replace Joist and Subfloor We need someone to replace some joist install subfloor.
Project Cost: $2000
Small Half Bathroom Cover Photo
Replacing toilet with a basic economical toilet. Replace the cheap flooring with economical flooring. This is
Project Cost: $791
In Need Of A Driveway-Remodeling  Cover Photo
In Need of a Driveway-remodeling I have an old original driveway that is about 1800 square feet. I need to
Project Cost: $12600
Drywall Hang And Finish Cover Photo
Drywall hang and finish
I have two 15x13x9 rooms that need drywall hung and finished for paint.
Project Cost: $2171
External Painting Cover Photo
external paint for commercial buildin
Project Cost: $1000
Level Yard Cover Photo
My back yard is not flat and eventually turns into a large hill. I want to level out as much of it as I can. N
Project Cost: $3500
Bathroom Remodeling Cover Photo
Look for someone to remove towel bars and curtain rods in various places and repair the drywall. Also to rehan
Project Cost: $498
Dry Well Installation Cover Photo
Dry Well Installation Looking for someone familiar with dry well installation. Looking to have three or four p
Project Cost: $1516
Electric Dryer Repair  Cover Photo
Looking for someone to fix the electric dryer.
Project Cost: $106
Kitchen Tile Cover Photo
ceramic tile floor in kitchen 189 sqft area what is the total cost
Project Cost: $1837
New Bath Cover Photo
New Bath. a small bathroom remodel
Project Cost: $2366
Vinebrook Rehabs Cover Photo
Single Family Rehabs - Purchasing 300 homes per year in Cincinnati. Need general contractors to perform reha
Project Cost: $2510
Garage Door Opener Repair Cover Photo
Garage Door Opener Replacement Looking for someone to replace my garage door opener. If you have specialized
Project Cost: $201
Drywall Hang and Finish Cover Photo
Drywall Hang and Finish I have 3 rooms in an empty house in need of some new drywall. All material is already
Project Cost: $1434
Fireplace Window Install Cover Photo
I would like a bay window taken out and in its place put a gas fireplace with possible smaller windows on each
Project Cost: N/A
Refinished Deck Cover Photo
Deck staine
Project Cost: $737
Landscaping Experience Cover Photo
Landscaping Experience Looking for someone with landscaping brush removal experience in the northern ky area.
Project Cost: $500
Exterior Painter Cover Photo
Exterior Painter Experienced With 40 Foot Ladder I need an experienced exterior painter. You must be
Project Cost: $4500
Renovation Project  Cover Photo
Renovation Project - Framing Carpentry Tile Concrete Need an individual with experience mainly in framing and
Project Cost: $12500
Demo Of 2500 Square Ft Of Plaster Wall Cover Photo
Demo of 2500 square ft of plaster wall and installation of dry wall in place. 3rd floor locatio
Project Cost: $6476
Bathroom Tile  Cover Photo
Bathroom tile job
Project Cost: $460
Tree Services Cover Photo
Looking for someone to cut down a small tree and cut to a good firewood size.
Project Cost: $850
Organize Pack And Move Cover Photo
Need a moving packing company I'm one step from being a hoarder and now I need to pack and move. I need a
Project Cost: $1795
Window Replacement And Installation   Cover Photo
Need 6 Replacement Windows Installed I am renovating a duplex and need 6 old windows to be replaced as part
Project Cost: $1620
Kitchen Cover Photo
Project Cost: $14631
Move Cover Photo
Manual labor. $15/hour per person, two total people. Moving across the street. Need to strong individuals to m
Project Cost: $95
Seamless Gutter Install  Cover Photo
Seamless Gutter Install Need gutters rolled out in Anderson Ohio approx 60 feet and possible install. Please
Project Cost: $906
Framing and Drywall Cover Photo
Framing and Drywall looking for someone to do some framing and drywall. I have a second floor that needs to
Project Cost: $855
Backyard Fence Staining  Cover Photo
Backyard Fence Staining Please read the entire post: I need someone to stain the fence in my backyard (both
Project Cost: $295
Painter Cover Photo
Painter Looking for a painter to paint half of to rooms and one full room make a offer best price gets the
Project Cost: $333
General Repair And Works Cover Photo
Paint and Drywall Clean 1800 sq ft home needs painting,minor drywall repair, and hardwood floors
Project Cost: $100
Metal Building Assembly  Cover Photo
Need a 24 x 40 quanset metal building assembled. The arches are assembled and ready to stand up and bolt in pl
Project Cost: $800
Various Project Cover Photo
Seeking Handyman for Several odd Jobs About 1 12 to 2 Hours of Work Seeking a skilled Handyman to do several
Project Cost: $112
Electric Panel And Meter Upgrade Cover Photo
I Need an Electric Panel and Meter Upgrade I would like to have my panel box changed from 100 to 200 amps.
Project Cost: $1866
I Need Estimate On Painting My Home Cover Photo
I Need Estimate on Painting my Home I'm looking for estimates for painting my home 5 rooms including bathroom
Project Cost: $1283
Tree Trim Cover Photo
NCH tree trim later raking leaves
Project Cost: $300
Roofer  Cover Photo
I'm needing a roofer that can do chimneys and gutters and shingle
Project Cost: $35
Stump Removal And Hauling Cover Photo
Tree Care Hi. I am looking for tree care for my house. I have 4 stumps to grind out, haul away excess stumps
Project Cost: $100
Box Beam Ceiling Install In Foyer  Cover Photo
Box Beam Ceiling Install in Foyer I have a foyer ceiling (20x10) needing box beams installed. Beams will be
Project Cost: $4000
Painter EXP Only Cover Photo
Project Cost: $35
Landscaping Needs Cover Photo
Looking for Labor Ongoing for Landscape Paint ect Looking for someone to do weeding mulching basic landscaping
Project Cost: $211
Haul Away Trash Pile Cover Photo
Haul Away Trash Pile Need someone to haul small trash pile in Mason. Includes carpet and pad, dirt, leaves,
Project Cost: $550
Sofa Disassemble Cover Photo
Sofa Disassemble i have two piece sectional i need to get to my upper section of my house but i can not get
Project Cost: $101
Chimney Repair Cover Photo
Chimny Crown Patch and Seal i am looking for someone reliable to patch and completly seal my chimmney. please
Project Cost: $2000
Cleaning Cover Photo
Cleaning Need someone to do light detailed cleaning in our apartment. On bus line. We have all supplies. Show
Project Cost: $137
Need Small Leak In Roof Repaired Cover Photo
Need Small Leak in Roof Repaired Need a small leak repaired on my roof. Leak is around a bathroom vent, as
Project Cost: $225
Repair for Drywall Bathroom Ceiling Cover Photo
Repair Needed for Drywall Bathroom Ceiling Repair for bathroom ceiling drywall needed
Project Cost: $350
Hot Tub Repair Cover Photo
Hot Tub Repair Im looking for a repair man that can work on hot tubes for a good price.
Project Cost: $90
Truck Owner With Any Landscaping Tools Cover Photo
Truck Owner With any Landscaping Tools Need a reliable guy right now with a truck to help complete work for
Project Cost: $300
Furniture Disassemble Cover Photo
i have a sectional i need to get moved into my house but i can not get it around small opening, im looking
Project Cost: $70
Deck Replacement Cover Photo
Replacing a deck.
Project Cost: $2975
Carport Cover Photo
Attached carport
Project Cost: $9266
Garage Conversion Cover Photo
Garage converted to family room
Project Cost: $1650
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